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Y Cafe & Restaurant: The Most Instagrammable Cafe of DehradunY Cafe & Restaurant: The Most Instagrammable Cafe of Dehradun

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Handcrafted with positivity, love and good vibes, Y Cafe and Restaurant shines bright like a diamond from afar. The White House has been the most prominent landmark in Dehradun since times immemorial. But hardly people noticed that there’s a cute cafe adjoining the hotel. Today, we are talking about that[...]

An elaborate brunch session at Unplugged Bar and TapasAn elaborate brunch session at Unplugged Bar and Tapas

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The world of gastronomy unravels its secrets in every possible form. Be it in a restaurant or a roadside eatery or even a jam-packed bar. It is quite a cumbersome job for an individual to hog on to all these different places to enjoy its specialities. Thanks to Regenta Lp[...]

Quintessential quick bites at Bikanervala, DehradunQuintessential quick bites at Bikanervala, Dehradun

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Being a food blogger, I find it more as a responsibility to not only hog on to places (like, Bikanervala) which serve delicious food for non-vegetarians. I find happiness in biting paneer as well as chicken. There’s no discrimination between foodstuffs as we all are “Omnivores”. Quite legit, eh? 😃[...]

Mouth-watering snacks and daily gossip at Dehradun’s Goli Vada PavMouth-watering snacks and daily gossip at Dehradun’s Goli Vada Pav

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Introduction It all started in the year 2004 when Venkatesh Iyer made a clear vision of launching an ethnic fast food brand which is mobile, simple yet has the potential to reach masses. What’s Mumbai without a humble portion of Vada Pav? Hence, the notion of launching multiple stores selling[...]

Comfort begins with Thenthuk- Tibetan Noodle soupComfort begins with Thenthuk- Tibetan Noodle soup

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Food, like a loving touch or a glimpse of divine power, has that ability to comfort. Norman Kolpas Brief overview- Thenthuk Tibetan Noodle soup- Meaning, History and whereabouts The term “Thenthuk” isn’t very tough to pronounce. Of course, it is not, “Worcestershire” or “Isthmus” that you need a special course[...]

Dineout #MonthOfMore Offer: Here’s all you need to know #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppaDineout #MonthOfMore Offer: Here’s all you need to know #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa

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Dineout was founded in the year 2012. What is it about? A table reservation app which allows diners/foodies to reserve a table of their choice at selected restaurants in a particular city. Dineout account holders get access to more than 40,000 restaurants in India. The users save a whooping 30%[...]

Sweet and savour your way with Silk Route CafeSweet and savour your way with Silk Route Cafe

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When it’s Dehradun, it has a certain magic embedded inside its arms. Hug and feel the warmth. Not only its atmosphere, but these beautiful cafes capture souls from every part of our country. Recently, I came across one such café named as, “Silk route cafe”, which is located in Birgirwali,[...]

Birthday brunch at Cafe Ivy Landour, MussoorieBirthday brunch at Cafe Ivy Landour, Mussoorie

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I strongly believe that, certain things are just planned by the almighty to make your day, a pleasurable one. 19th October, 2018 was one of those days. My 20th birthday turned out to be really special in Mussoorie’s very own, Café Ivy. Yes, you heard it right. One of the[...]

Dinner haul at Barbeque Nation, DehradunDinner haul at Barbeque Nation, Dehradun

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Barbeque Nation has a long legacy. They have more than hundred outlets across India. It is a blessing that Dehradun has an outlet as well, which is performing quite good, since a very long time. It is easy to locate this place. Barbeque Nation is situated on the first floor[...]

The realm of wellness- Isha YogashalaThe realm of wellness- Isha Yogashala

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सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः । सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु । मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् । ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ।। It was probably 8 or 9 A.M. I heard my mobile vibrating from afar. Whenever I wake up, early in the morning, I make sure to read all my messages. Hence, I started reading those just like my daily newspaper. Suddenly a[...]