Moti Mahal Restaurant, Rajpur, DehradunMoti Mahal Restaurant, Rajpur, Dehradun

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“The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”Well, there’s a mild difference between good food and excellent food. Situated in the heart of Rajpur Road, Moti Mahal serves THE MOST AUTHENTIC INDIAN CUISINE and of course, it is[...]

BMG- All Day Dining, Jakhan, DehradunBMG- All Day Dining, Jakhan, Dehradun

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The name signifies it all… Whoever arrives here, would forget everything and dine the whole day itself. BMG has a great deal of stuffs to offer. It would literally force you to be its guest.It was a great rendezvous with my favourite pals. Though we had planned earlier, what we[...]

D Velvet Multicuisine Restaurant, Hathibarkala Salwala, DehradunD Velvet Multicuisine Restaurant, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun

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Foodies are born to explore stuffs all around and my oath is to explore every corners of a city and pick the best one out…. haha…As I entered here, I smelt the essence of something….. something which is very important before having your food…. Guess what? I’m talking about the[...]

The Great Indian Pub, Jakhan, DehradunThe Great Indian Pub, Jakhan, Dehradun

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“Cooking with love provides food for the soul.” Anonymous Happiness is, when lip smacking dishes invite beautiful souls in its beautiful garden of life. This pub is a great place, not only for lovey-dovey couples, but also for friends and family.The interiors gave a contemporary essence. The view of the[...]

Pizza hub, Suddhowala, DehradunPizza hub, Suddhowala, Dehradun

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Pizza Hub Suddhowala >> Just imagine…….When you are a new guy in the city…..And you’re in love…..Oh my god!! Haha…. Not in love with a person but…….but……F O O D S……Haha….. That’s it….. sahi pakde!!!!! I’m a foodie…. Yessss!!!! Born foodie!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Hence, one fine day, I went in search…… search[...]