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Guide to Goal: Paulami Niyogi ConsultingGuide to Goal: Paulami Niyogi Consulting

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There are certain terminologies that we assume the meanings are similar but in reality, they are poles apart. For example, let’s take a comprehensive insight into the words “Coaching” and “Counselling”. Coaching is often described as a process wherein you aim to design and also implement certain changes in a[...]

Ximena Navarrete’s winning answerXimena Navarrete’s winning answer

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A 22-year-old Mexican had won the Miss Universe pageant back in 2010 after enrobing a sweeping red gown and narrating the audience, how it’s important to teach kids family values. Ximena Navarrete’s winning answer startled everyone. Ximena’s one-strap gown flowed behind her like a layer as she walked. Earlier, she[...]

Abacus of blogging: Blog today to prosper tomorrowAbacus of blogging: Blog today to prosper tomorrow

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Blogging is no more a hobby, an activity or just a passion. It is in full bloom to prove itself as a noteworthy source of income. Yes, you heard and perceived it, right. Blogging has taken an interesting turn to become one of the most promising fields, on professional background.[...]

A quest for giving life to my blog #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppaA quest for giving life to my blog #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa

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How wonderful this world of blogging is! It involves a whole lot of creativity, emotions and learning. But did you know, creating amazing content just won’t help to reach you greater heights? One needs to know the tactics to make his/her blog (through several platforms like, SuperBloggerChallenge), rank well and[...]