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Ubiquitous enthusiasmUbiquitous enthusiasm

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You may happen to notice that people these days, celebrate their well-being. It has often been noticed that today’s youth enjoy being happy all the time. You may encounter the color of happiness, almost everywhere. That’s why I titled my newest blog post, “Ubiquitous enthusiasm”. I believe today’s youth know[...]

Respect: A gift from me to myselfRespect: A gift from me to myself

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“Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.” R.G. Risch In this world of delusion, the true value of “Respect” seems to have perished away. People are getting entangled in the scratch cradles of being self-centred and ungrateful to the environment. As[...]

Personifying the REBEL inside mePersonifying the REBEL inside me

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Raising voice for something which is not right isn’t a crime. Whatever the consequences might be, one should always remember that tolerating injustice is as equal as committing it. Being a human being, one must ensure doing human things. You can’t be a selfish lad, who protects himself from a[...]

Nullifying the void between two soulsNullifying the void between two souls

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What’s the most complicated thing to maintain in life? Diet plan? No. Daily assignments? No. Relationship? A very big YES. It has always been very easy to utter ancient quotes or give long speeches on such a sensitive topic but, when it comes to performing it in real, the balloon[...]

Love is the essence of lifeLove is the essence of life

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I don’t believe in following trends. Rather, I create trends. When I started writing about food, back in 2016, Dehradun had hardly witnessed a voracious blogger who would binge on good food around the city and post on social media. I started an eternal streak of collaboration programmes in the[...]

Don’t value your body over your beingDon’t value your body over your being

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Body positivity is important in this era of body shaming where people spare more than fifteen minutes of their precious time in demeaning others on the basis of physical appearance.  At this very stance, what you need the most is being confident about yourself. You should know that the world[...]