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Workation on a budget with The Hosteller


The Hosteller Dehradun

Maintaining a work-life balance can occasionally become challenging, if not impossible. Months seem to be slipping by in a never-ending cycle of work, with work hours appearing to increase with each passing day. When there are few opportunities to unwind and detox it is productivity that suffers. Because, let’s face it, the appearance of a cozy Sunday has also become an uncommon event, Sundays are prohibited from becoming a soothing component. On Sundays, I clean up the house and take care of the chores that have been completely neglected all week.

The Hosteller Kufri Shimla
The Hosteller

So, take a break and plan a workation trip alone or with friends, some of the exciting properties that one can visit are:

The Hosteller Kufri, Shimla

When choosing the ideal Himalayan getaway, The Hosteller Kufri, Shimla, is a no-brainer because it is situated just next to the lush Green Valley. With its elegant timber furnishings and contemporary furniture that will appeal to your artistic side, The Hosteller Kufri exudes a pleasantly captivating air.

This lovely hostel, which is ideally situated on the National Highway that connects Reckong Peo and Spiti, is only a short distance from all the adventure activities that Kufri has to offer. 

The Hosteller Kasar Devi

Kasar Devi, a lovely hamlet nestled in the Kashyap Hills, is a haven of serenity. This posh hostel offers 8  opulent individual rooms as well as 2 dorms to accommodate different sorts of travellers. Enjoy a breathtaking sunrise over the mountains nearby as you awaken, then relax in the lush gardens, fantastic deck area, or lovely library. The Hosteller Kasar will feel like a home away from home thanks to its modern amenities that will make your stay hassle-free.

The Hosteller Dehradun
The Hosteller

The Hosteller Dehradun

Living on the same land as the sages allows you to experience calm and a slower pace of life. The Hosteller Dehradun is a unique hostel with great amenities. As the hostel and your soul are illuminated by bright natural light, savour the sensation of inner tranquility. A location where you can genuinely give in to your calm. Celebrate every moment with your friends and other enthusiastic travellers in one of the 5 dorms, 6 private rooms, or other quirky common areas.

The Hosteller provides affordable packages for travellers or workations in far-flung regions to unwind and detox. They build a community where visitors may appreciate the completeness and authenticity of their stay, meet up for a coffee with other visitors, and take in the starry sky or a bonfire on a chilly night.

Book your trip now to Dehradun and have an enjoyable stay:  

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