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Guide to Goal: Paulami Niyogi Consulting


There are certain terminologies that we assume the meanings are similar but in reality, they are poles apart. For example, let’s take a comprehensive insight into the words “Coaching” and “Counselling”. Coaching is often described as a process wherein you aim to design and also implement certain changes in a client’s personal and professional life. It promises to help clients to see where they are at present. It also uses goal-setting strategies to analyze and ensure the client’s total understanding.

Coaching also enables a client to explore certain concerns. It also provides opportunities that are pivotal to the goals previously agreed upon with the coach. It helps clients to prioritize issues and guide them through difficult situations, but it certainly does not mean giving advice. Coaching tries to instil long term positive changes. Further, it focuses only on the present and the future. Coaching is a process that helps clients improve their outlook on work and life. It is very much formal, short term and well- structured.

On the other hand, counselling is a therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to a client. A counsellor helps the client to find ways to deal with emotional stress. It aims in increasing an individual’s sense of well-being. It further aims to explore to understand their thoughts and feelings more closely. Counselling is professional guidance by an individual by utilizing psychological methods in collecting case history using various techniques. It is very much retrospective and theory-driven.

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Coaching and Counselling both, are processes that involve providing aid to an individual in leading a better life. Counselling helps people overcome mental and social problems. It involves comprehensive conversation strategies that involve asking questions and trying to delve into the individual’s core problem. It tries to get into the individual’s past in an attempt to better understand their problems and their consequences. A thorough conversation is initiated with an expert in order to get a better understanding of their own behaviour and emotions.

However, coaching looks at an individual’s presence in order to improve their future. It further enhances the individual’s performances and skill-sets. Coaches are mainly concerned with goal settings to improve an individual’s present skill levels. On the other hand, counsellors are trained to diagnose issues in order to help clients deal with their emotional and mental conflicts. Coaching is about enhancing an employee’s performance at work. Counselling is about an employee’s behavioural therapy. It may have an impact not only on his performance but can also impact the morale of the entire team. Hence, counselling is necessary when an individual’s behaviour is affecting the performance of a larger scale of the audience.

A brief overview of Life Coach Paulami Niyogi

Paulami Niyogi is a Kolkata-based certified life coach and counsellor. She bears a corporate background and is today a household name in the field of lifestyle coaching and an individual’s well-being. Paulami is an inspiration for a lot as she portrays a perfect example of successfully putting “Passion before Profession”. She is someone who has followed her heart to pursue her passion, leaving behind a stable career.

Following her goals and dreams, Paulami today is an accomplished life coach and a keen meditation practitioner. She has a clientele base ranging from students to homemakers to business leaders. Paulami’s success story of counselling on various issues like career development, business entrepreneurship, human relationships and general well being is not a hidden fact.

Guide to Goal Paulami Niyogi Consulting
Life Coach Paulami Niyogi

Paulami has initiated a 21 days programme named “Guide to Goal” Season 2.0 that, focusses on various aspects of Life and Business Coaching, as well as nuances of Digital Marketing and Public Relations. It helps individuals (regardless of any social parameter) to find a purpose in life, develop a positive outlook, find a better version of themselves and achieve targeted goals. This is the second season of “Guide to Goal” which is launching in March 2021.

Being a certified life coach and business consultant herself, Paulami has brought a positive change in people’s lives since the time she began her venture. For further details please visit mail her at or call 9836129139 to enrol yourself in this 21 days programme.

Client testimonials: Guide to Goal- Paulami Niyogi

Tamaghna De says:

“She is one of the most humble personality I’ve ever come across and an extremely talented and experienced marketing consultant. Her guidance and approach to making things work out in the best way possible is really amazing. The best thing about her is that she constantly imparts positive vibes amongst everyone and tries to lift up whenever we feel low and less motivated. She keeps inspiring and always enforces us to push harder, that too in the smartest way possible. Best wishes to her and would definitely want her to flourish with contentment and professionalism in every way in future .”

Guide to Goal Paulami Niyogi
Facebook page testimonials

Rohan Gupta says:

“Service is amazing and customer-oriented.”

Amrapali Guha says:

“She is a very good motivational speaker. Very energetic focused and also dedicated. She is very very polite. Highly recommended.”

Guide to goal-Paulami Niyogi Consulting
Facebook page testimonial
Disclaimer: The above-written blog is sponsored but at the same time, I have personally experienced her services and achieved a greater state of inner peace and productivity when COVID-19 was at its peak.

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  1. Being a mental health counselor myself, I also prefer passion before profession… Because it helps us to help others in need. It was a good read about her.

  2. Paulmi niyogi is doing a great job as a life coach indeed. thanks a lot for sharing all details about her. I believe with recent lifestyle more people need help of life coach and she will be helpful for many .

  3. I can say everyone needs Life coach / motivational speakers.
    It indeed helps a lot to think positively & keep us going.
    Will follow her on social media.

  4. Great job. I really don’t have any idea about the difference between counselling and coaching and now I am very much clear. Thanks for sharing this article

  5. Wow that’s so good to read about Paulami. My friend is a life coach and I have huge respect for them. And it’s good to read the difference between coaching and counseling, yes it’s often used interchangeably.

  6. A lovely article – indeed, coaching and counseling are similar, yet, poles apart!
    lovely to learn about paulami and the work she is doing and creating value and changing lives.
    What is the fees of the 21 days program? Going to check out her site for more details.

  7. I had my confusion about the two words too and thanks to you I got a better understanding now. A life coaching is very necessary for everyone as it clears your mind off clutter and guides you in right direction.

  8. I remember at few times in my life I was little confused with what should I do next. It would be good if I can attend her 21 days program named “Guide to Goal” Season 2.0.

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