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Y Cafe & Restaurant: The Most Instagrammable Cafe of Dehradun


Y Cafe and Restaurant Dehradun

Handcrafted with positivity, love and good vibes, Y Cafe and Restaurant shines bright like a diamond from afar. The White House has been the most prominent landmark in Dehradun since times immemorial. But hardly people noticed that there’s a cute cafe adjoining the hotel. Today, we are talking about that very cafe which we might have missed out due to the grandeur and legacy of the White House. I would relentlessly call Y Cafe & Restaurant as “The Most Instagrammable Cafe of Dehradun”.

ycafe, ycafeDehradun, hygienic, sanitized, the best cafe in Dehradun
Y Cafe and Restaurant (exterior)

Marvellous interiors of Y Cafe & Restaurant

The moment you enter, a different world unravels leaving your jaw dropped. The clock, caged flowers, marvellous book collection and the noticeably aesthetic contrast between chairs and curtains. When things go well planned, perfection reflects in every corner. Such is the thing with Y Cafe and Restaurant. The interiors have been meticulously crafted by the White House family, bringing their own ideas into reality. Every single thing is handcrafted from the scratch hence whatever you see, even the minute detail has been flawlessly executed by the founder family.

There’s something for every single individual. Bookworms can vibe well with the ambience reflecting the Victorian era and absorb themselves in metaphorical prose and poetry. On the other hand, the musical spirit in you may play some gold numbers in a corner if you are smart enough finding the guitar. Some might choose to feel a little cosy, warm and introspect about life in front of the fireplace. I adore every bit of the quaint cafe and would urge my audience to visit. Trust me when I say, you would want to visit this place over and over again.

A comprehensive gastronomical journey awaits

Y Cafe and Restaurant Dehradun, The White House
The signature spread

Spread that spreads happiness,
Counts into my bag of endearment.
Hold your burritos with pride,
Their deliciousness need no éclaircissement.

Health meets taste the Greek way,
With veggies, chicken and love we sway.
What’s fun without a slurp,
Shirley temple and we burp.

Aritro Chattopadhyay (Founder, Foodicted Fellow)

Dehradun is blessed with such a cafe that not only has chic interiors but serves delicious food to its patrons. However, it has always been a dilemma after visiting any cafe or restaurant, what to order, what not to order, whether the dish is worth the bucks spent, etc. No need to worry because I’m here to solve the maddening issue.

Tex Mex Chicken Burrito: A signature dish of Y Cafe and Restaurant

The word “Tex-Mex” stands for Texas-Mexican, which implies that such cuisines are widely popular in Texas (United States) and places surrounding it, especially Mexico. Although Burrito has taken birth in Mexico, the moment it got introduced in the US, Burrito became a household name across the globe. I generally draw a lot of similarities among Shawarmas, Burritos, Kathi rolls, Enchiladas, Quesadillas etc. In actual, their appearances are quite similar to each other, if you notice clearly. However, the constituents are absolutely different from each other. This cylindrical beauty is made of flour tortillas partly steamed (or sometimes, smoked) wrapping a stupendous filling of veggies, sauces and chicken.

Y Cafe and Restaurant, ycafeDehradun, hygienic, sanitized, the best cafe in Dehradun
Tex Mex Chicken Burritos

Here at Y Cafe and Restaurant in Dehradun, their Burritos have an exotic filling of slow-roasted chicken, lettuce, jalapeno, olive, salsa, cheddar cheese. It is generally accompanied by nachos. To be honest, I loved every bit of it in spite of not being a wrap person at all. The tortilla seemed absolutely fresh, soft yet a bit crunch at the edges. The filling is a feeling in itself. The chicken had been roasted perfectly, succulence personified. If you just look at it, the colours would overwhelm you from within. I think that’s the kind of Monday hues we need every day. Highly recommended!

Teriyaki Chicken: An emblem of Y Cafe & Restaurant

We have always been excited hopping from one restaurant to another, trying our hands-on different cuisines. But if you ponder for a moment carefully, you will realize we have often been perplexed about risking to try some unknown or new dishes. One such dish has to be “Teriyaki chicken”. This is definitely one of the most underrated preparations of all times despite being a part of almost all the restaurant menus.

Click here to know about my experience in Dehradun’s hottest pub.

Let’s get well acquainted with the term, “Teriyaki”. Thankfully, I have a friend who learns Japanese and is quite an expert in Kanji. So, he taught me the meaning of this term quite briefly. It is derived from three different words, “Teri”, “Tare” and “Yaki”. Teri means, shine that occurs due to the addition of sugar. Tare is actually the heart of this preparation. It is a stupendous amalgamation of soy sauce, sake and sugar. Trust me when I say, the resultant sauce from this very mixture is gold, which is further used to marinate the chicken. Yaki refers to the cooking method which is generally grilling or broiling.

Y Cafe and Restaurant, ycafe, ycafeDehradun, hygienic, sanitized, the best cafe in Dehradun
Chicken Teriyaki

I am bowled over the fact that Y Cafe and Restaurant prepares everything under their own roof from sauces to meat and needless to say that, Teriyaki chicken grabbed my eyeballs and tastebuds the most. Juicy succulent bites, with a sweet and tangy glaze and a hint of garlic that makes you close your eyes and enjoy the flavours silently. It is incredibly delicious and I can’t stop gushing over the pictures on my gallery that I clicked a month ago.

Health meets taste with Greek Salad

The Greek God is here, prepping up for salvation, welcoming its well-wishers with elaborate garlands and heart wrenching notes. Now, that’s the dramatic version of Aritro you saw dragging stuff from afar but can we just accept the fact that happiness resides in simplicity and nothing else?

Y Cafe and Restaurant Dehradun,, ycafeDehradun, hygienic, sanitized, the best cafe in Dehradun
Greek salad

I love the fact, how Y Cafe and Restaurant (with some well-curated master plan) lure me to try this dish every now and then. I have often been tricked to delve my greedy soul into this gastronomical medley of cucumber, tomatoes, colourful bell pepper and onions served in a light dressing. Yes, all the essential nutrients were injected into my stomach that too, without all the nags and brags. You gotta try this stuff if you are in Dehradun, coz who doesn’t want to have “Healthy-not-boring-but-tasty” food.

Green Thai curry: The new-age comfort meal

A comfort meal is just so impossible without the involvement of rice and curry. I have been a Thai curry fan since long and very few places in Dehradun have actually mastered it well. Y Cafe and Restaurant is one of those restaurants in the city of love that serves some really good green Thai curry with rice. Let’s get to know what’s the X factor of this delicacy.

ycafe, ycafeDehradun, hygienic, sanitized, the best cafe in Dehradun
Green Thai curry

I think what makes green Thai curry stand out the most is its exotic look yet simple and subtle ingredients. The intervention of coconut elevates its authenticity with a hint of ginger, garlic and some basic spice powders. The zing of lemon and a distinctive aroma creates a new dimension altogether, exhibiting a lip-smacking creation. Curry it up with steamed rice and feel the language of love.

Unleash the devil within you

I have never seen a devil this sexy in my entire life let alone be, Netflix vampires and witches. There might be a lot of places that serve chocolate pastries, chocolate brownie cakes or similar variants, but this one stands out of them all. I can go head to toe of a mountain to pry over this chocolate devil cake because trust me when I say it’s worth every single bite. Why such a name? Let’s decode it one by one.

ycafe, ycafeDehradun, hygienic, sanitized, the best cafe in Dehradun
Chocolate Devil Cake

The devil’s chocolate cake is much denser, richer and gooey (in terms of cocoa content) in comparison to that of the conventional variant. As you can see the deep dark colour on the picture, it is due to the usage of excessive baking soda. While I tasted a bit of it I realised that the devil chocolate cake is quite velvety letting me bisect it with much ease and comfort. That’s definitely not the same as the conventional chocolate cake or pastry. I think being naughtier has its own perks, specifically with a devil-like this which waves his magic wand to lure big connoisseurs of the town. My fellas should watch out, haha.

Y Cafe and Restaurant in Dehradun follows COVID-19 protocols hence you are in a safe zone. Check this video to have a look at my recent experience at this very cafe.

It is extremely easy to locate Y Cafe and Restaurant in Dehradun. Follow this map to reach this quaint Italian cafe and have a fulfilling meal.

Y Cafe & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Friends and folks! Do not forget to drop in your feedback if you happen to visit Y Cafe & Restaurant, someday soon. Tag me on your stories and posts with @foodicted.fellow on Instagram and let me know your views.

Disclaimer: Aritro Chattopadhyay (I) was invited to try out a few dishes at the café/restaurant. However, the reviews are true to the core and totally based on my personal experience.

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  2. Wow the ambience and food both are looking amazing. I had never been to Dehradun. would keep Y restaurant and café suggestion in mind, when get a chance to visit . really like the way, you had explained everything about the place.

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  5. I absolutely loved the interiors of the Y Cafe and Restaurant and might check it out on my next visit to Dehradun. The food on your table looks so enticing. Your coverage is superb, as always!

  6. I loved the feel and the vibe of this place and the food is also looking so yum. I’ve not been to Dehradum but for sure bookmarking this place to not miss it when I am there.

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