Foodicted Fellow Fashion,Winter Fashion Comfortably Chic Winter Fashion Ideas for Men- Winter Fashion Trends 2020

Comfortably Chic Winter Fashion Ideas for Men- Winter Fashion Trends 2020


winter fashion ootd men 2020

I have been curating some comfortably chic winter fashion ideas for men, throughout the year. Fortunately, I am able to put it up by the end of this year after a lot of procrastination (blame it on my crazy schedule). But here we are, all decked up to celebrate the winter because it has come with a lot of happiness and positivity. Whether you are staying at home or at some marvellous destination, these outfits are something you cannot ignore. Let’s see #WhatFoodictedWore in this blog.

Beige Parka from the house of Brillante

An out-of-the-box outfit is not just about how long it is, which shade of beige it suits, which fabric it constitutes or whether it is single or double-breasted. This particular trench coat means a lot to me because it is one of the most significant outfits in my wardrobe that signifies, grace, elegance and poise. I saw my idol Priyanka Chopra wearing the longest trench coat pulling off so elegantly in Met Gala 2017 and that inspired me to buy myself this pretty thing. I think I will never get bored wearing this once in a while, during Dehradun winters.

Winter Fashion Ideas for Men, Winter Fashion Trends, Parka for men, Priyanka Chopra Met Gala2017
Parka from Brillante- Inspired by Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala look

If you want to feel comfortable and look one in a million, this long camel-beige beauty is your best friend in cold. With long sleeves and exquisite details, this gigantic parka from Brillanté leaves a mark on your overall personality.

#AirportOOTD from Dehradun’s Paltan Bazaar

What’s my airport outfit all about? I bought the trench coat and sweatshirt from Paltan Bazaar, Dehradun and never actually noticed that they complemented each other so well. The trench coat is effing comfortable, beige in colour and the sweatshirt from Croft and Barrow has to be my personal favourite. Reindeers on it give Christmassy vibes and the olive green shade suits so apt with it.




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Simple and subtle: The H&M way of living

I have a knack towards loosely fit sweatshirts, like who doesn’t. What we want is, to live in comfort and luxury and this round necked soft sweatshirt from H&M is just the thing that adds the X-factor in my winter wardrobe.

Dropped shoulders, ribbing around the neckline, cuffs and hem, this light yellow long-sleeved pullover from H&M is worth every penny. Supreme quality cotton and polyester constitute this loopwheel and it goes well with almost any jeans, trousers or joggers. I chose to pair it with a regular jeans from Max Fashion and hiking shoes from Fila. Bliss lies in how comfortable you are in nailing your OOTD game!

Olive green trench coat for a winter-walk: Winter Fashion Ideas for Men

Love begins with woollen trench coats and this olive green single-breasted beauty is just the thing I adore in Dehradun winters. No matter what I wear, confidence will always be my favourite accessory. It is such a skill-set that acts as a weapon to face the delusional world. Dehradun is blessed with such backdrops that, you cannot miss getting clicked every freaking time while taking a brisk walk.





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A casual yet captivating zoo outfit. You’ll love it.

I admire taking a brisk walk through the Malsi road that leads to the gate of Dehradun Zoo. This is probably the very last place I visited before the lockdown era commenced. I am already flowing through the stream of nostalgia that runs from several places in Dehradun and beyond.
I chose to wear a woollen sweatshirt from Croft and Barrow. It is olive-green in colour and has reindeer on it, giving the outfit a Christmassy vibe altogether. I procured the pair of joggers from Vishal Mega Market and it complemented perfectly well with the sweatshirt. The sports shoes are from Fila and all my eyes are on it. Isn’t it a perfect outfit to be worn at a zoo? OOTD game is on point!

Winter Fashion Ideas for Men, Winter Fashion Trends, Zoo outfit #ootd, sweatshirt, croft and barrow, joggers for men
Sweatshirt from Croft and Barrow
Joggers from Vishal Mega Mart
Shoes from Fila

A dapper combination- Mens Street Style- Winter Fashion Ideas for Men

The mid-length windbreaker loose collar coat seems absolutely comfortable and chic when paired with my regular jeans and sneakers. You can also style it up with a muffler to make you look more dapper. The theme must be a stupendous combination of beige and green. If you know, you know.

windbreaker, paltan bazar dehradun
Mens Street Style
Windbreaker collar coat from Paltan Bazaar Dehradun

Make cardigans look trendy

How can I go out of trend when its winter already? Knitted with love, this cardigan sweater is just the thing I would love to wear every day. Pinning it on my Pinterest feed super soon, coz pairing the cardigan with this pale yellow T-shirt from Oveq actually looks trendy.

cardigan for men, paltan bazaar dehradun
T-Shirt from Oveq
Cardigan from Paltan Bazar Dehradun
Jeans from Max Fashion
Shoes from Vishal Mega Mart

Made Club Factory and Westside collaborate here- Winter Fashion Ideas for Men

From showcasing my extensive wardrobe collection to embracing the nuances of cafes in Dehradun, @foodicted.fellow hops from one place to another with the hope of gathering new experience to inspire people. Winter is my favourite season and there are more than thirteen reasons to celebrate the cold breeze, wholeheartedly. A polyester-made trench coat from Club Factory worn on a super comfy sweater from Westside actually gives me the chilling vibe. Pairing it up with a pair of jeans from Max Fashion and turquoise sneakers from Khadims.

Trench coat, Club factory, Max fashion jeans, Westside Nuon
Club Factory’s trench coat drapes a Westside sweater

Long field trips and worried about your #OOTD? Well.

When it comes to long trips especially field trips, I unleash the comfortably fashionable side of me. Didn’t hesitate even a bit to choose a simple, captivating yet very comfortable outfit for the entire trip of three days. Winter fashion for men is the keyword? You are in the right place, boy.

I am wearing my favourite hoodie from Woodland (Kolkata) which is stretchable enough paired with a completely woollen trouser from Sarojini Nagar Market (Delhi). How I miss Sarojini! I mean, they just have the best stuff at affordable rates. You can pair it with a grey or checkered muffler if cold hits you hard because oh boy! Its Uttarakhand. That smart, compact and at the same time, the multi-purpose travel bag is from Klook. The shoes are procured from Fila and trust me when I say, this time I didn’t fall while walking on snow. Phew!

Closing it with a trench coat from Dehradun’s Indira Market

The season of trench coats and boots is on full swing and my soul is blooming with positivity in December. Materialistic things have got a huge significance in my life because I have never had the privilege to enjoy my life with true friends. I find happiness in things I love, especially when it comes to food and fashionable outfits. Tailoring my life with something splendid, every day. This trench coat embodies one of the most important accessories I carry with me: “Confidence”. I am wearing an elegant trench coat from Indira Market (Dehradun). Its effing comfortable in chilling winters and the fabric is top-notch. The muffler is checkered, complementing well with the entire setting. I am also wearing a hoodie which is very dear to me. You can read more about it here.

Dehradun Indira Market, Trench coat
Trench coat from Indira Market

Disclaimer: I have personally purchased these outfits from above-mentioned sources and the reviews are based on my own experience. Tailor your life with Aritro is not responsible for unavailability or quality of the outfits if any discrepancies are found if bought. However, constructive criticisms are always accepted.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing fashion tips. I really like the Cardigan from Paltan Bazar Dehradun. Looks like you have great collection.

  2. loved your styling. especially I found the Paltan bazaar shopping quite different and adding so much vibrance to winter outfits. You have paired them quite well too.

  3. Ahh in Mumbai, we hardly know what the winter is! My husband desperately misses his sweatshirt and trench coat. He just wishes to go to some hill station where he can wear all these smarty outfits. 😀

  4. All your recommendations make perfect sense to me. The winter season is the best, since you can wear layer of clothing. My favorite from your list was the windbreaker collar coat from Paltan Bazaar Dehradun.

  5. These are really smart and elegant outfits that you have showcased. I really like the trench coats that you have presented here. Especially the olive green one and the beige one.

  6. These are some cool looks for winters. I like men with long black coats styled with some amazing colours of mufflers. So cool!

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