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BYJU’S App: One step closer to your dream career


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When it comes to education, there lies no compromise. The coronavirus pandemic might have affected the global economy, but not every single sector has been affected. For instance, the education sector has boomed during the last 5 months and over hundreds of educational institutions have shifted their base to digital platforms. India is home to over 4,450 Edtech Start-ups. However, as per my analysis, BYJU’S app has proven to be the best from the rest. One of the most sought-after jobs in our country are government jobs and therefore the most challenging exams are the competitive examinations and interviews for these jobs. Be it IAS, IPS, UPSC, WBSC, NDA, CDS, etc. BYJU’S has always excelled in providing the best career guidance and comprehensive materials to make the aspirants reach the peak of success. Let us see what BYJU’S has got to offer and why it is unique in its way.

Why BYJU’S over other platforms

I have noticed that most of the educational platforms engage with students verbally. Well, that is fine but not enough. BYJU’S is a platform that not only provides professional trainers to teach students via verbal communication. There are engaging video tutorials, one to one interaction with the trainer, separate doubt clearing classes, weekly tests, and regular assignments.

You must have seen certain websites having a limited number of resources be it, video tutorials, assignments, quizzes, mock tests and so on. Scroll down the page and boom! It is over. But guess what, BYJU’S has unlimited resources that engage you for a longer duration and build interest to pursue any course of study, sincerely.

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The best part about BYJU’S is that the video tutorials seem like that of a web series. Every lesson ends with a question mark that intrigues you till the entire curriculum almost like an entire season of web series. That seems fun, isn’t it? I feel this is the best way to banish your exam fears and pursue your dream career with zero hesitation.

Features of BYJU’S app that makes it a unique platform for learning

Every single course has a well-designed curriculum. Be it CBSE, ICSE, IB or even preparatory courses for government exams. The content available on BYJU’S is well-researched and up‑to‑date in all respects. Each module is carefully curated keeping in mind the current requirement of a candidate and the respective examination he/she is preparing for. Several tests are designed and conducted at the end of each module to assess the candidates’ capability before moving on to the next module. After all, frequent examinations abolish the fear that lies in young minds; for the fear that destroys the ability to dream to take unprecedented challenges in life.

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BYJU’s classes- PC/Laptop interface

Worrying about the faculty members? I know it happens. We have often stumbled down the path dealing with the wrong mentor. But guess what! BYJU’S is a platform where you get the best of the best. Byju himself handpicks the best teachers from across India and the world. What I love about BYJU’S the most is they believe in an adaptive style of learning. They take feedback from students to serve even better. I think this is a big step to finetune and improve teaching methods so that, it suits the needs of children.

How to ace Government jobs through BYJU’s app

Certain keywords rank often on the web. No, we are not talking about Bollywood celebrities or any political agenda. “How to get Government jobs?” has been one of the most trending keywords online and offline. A decent Government job has its perks that can make your life happy and peaceful. But trust me, getting to be a part of such prestigious social circle is a competition. Both central and state government conduct respective examinations in the form of paper-based tests and interviews. But how to prepare yourself to sit for these examinations? BYJU’S offers a comprehensive list of tentative dates for forthcoming examination, pre-requisites, and contact information all on one page. How cool is that!

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BYJU’s app- Mobile interface

BYJU’S app carries a meticulously well-designed plan to ace Government exams. Question papers from the previous years are available at zero cost on their website. One can try their hands on the same and gain useful insights about the pattern of the paper and so on. Video tutorials shape the base of the building of knowledge well and BYJU’S excel in content creation. Relevant pieces of information are sorted together to provide maximum knowledge to the aspirants. Ample mock tests aid the candidates to conquer exam phobia so that, one can forge ahead to face new challenges of life. Most importantly, a special doubt clearing session is organised by experienced mentors and a comprehensive analysis report is provided at the end that focuses on strengths, pain points and areas of improvement.

I am going to recommend BYJU’S to my friends and acquaintances. Are you?

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  1. That’s a very thorough & indepth post about Byju’s app.
    I did know about it & heard many people rave about it as well. But after reading this i now know how well equipped this app is for today’s students. Totally recommending to my siblings.

  2. A very well detailed post about BYJU’s especially in today’s times when online education has become a part of our lives and parents are always on the lookout for apps like these to help their kids study well.

  3. It’s good that byjus is now offering govt exams courses and one can prepare these exams. And this sounds really great especially during covid when platform like these can help in preparing online. Thanks for sharing the article.

  4. Byju app is a trustworthy app and it is good for the students who are specially in to their 9th standard. however it is good to know that now byju is going to prepare and help the government job aspiring students. I have this app for my daughter.

  5. A well written and a detailed post about Byjus app. The app has been gaining a lot of popularity specially in this time I know many friends of mine who have subscribed with byjus for their kids.

  6. This is a very useful educational app and very timely for many of us who are looking for something to do while indoors. My brother will surely love this app.

  7. Seems like a really great app! I love how people get creative and how fast we can find solutions to any issues or concerns that we come across.

  8. Yup BYJUs is good, they are doing great for the kids in their learning endeavour. My son had taken few courses with them.

  9. You’re absolutely right, the pandemic did not exclusively damage the economy, in certain sectors, it also changed it. It won’t be easy to adapt to the new, partly scary situation, but we certainly need to face the world with open eyes. And Apps, Platforms etc. will help us making our life easier.

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