Foodicted Fellow Promotional content HiPi on ZEE5: Filters that are driving Bollywood crazy

HiPi on ZEE5: Filters that are driving Bollywood crazy



ZEE5 has already wooed the audience with its club pack, collaboration with AltBalaji and much more. However, the introduction of HiPi is something unique in its own way. Have you ever imagined something like Tiktok or Instagram reels will be available in an OTT platform? Well, ZEE5 makes it possible through its newest feature. This is so far, one of the best initiatives taken by ZEE5 to engage its community on the interface. The best part is, the filters on HiPi are driving Bollywood crazy and fans cannot stop going gaga about it.

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Image source: ZEE5 (An OTT Platform)

What’s the hype about HiPi on ZEE5

Over the years, Bollywood celebrities have entertained us on screens. But does that mean their reel to real life is mundane? How do they entertain us even when off the screen? ZEE5 has recently introduced HiPi which is a short video feature like Instagram reels or TikTok. It is available with a wide range of filters that one can use for entertainment purposes. Every single filter is different from each other and unique as well. The best part is, a user doesn’t have to bear the pain of reporting inappropriate content. ZEE5 itself flags inappropriate content, preventing it from influencing the audience in a wrong way. How cool is that!

Influencing on HiPi: Ideal feature for creators

A content creator has a hurricane-like routine, every single day. We as influencers often face issues cross-promoting our content from one platform to another. Isn’t it hectic for many of us? What if I tell you about a platform that enables work and entertainment all at one place? HiPi enables creators to post short videos on ZEE5 as well as watch their favourite shows, web-series, movies and news channels in a single platform. No, you do not need to go through tutorials because it is as simple as rice and water. The features are very basic and any influencer or creator would be able to ace it with much ease. Monetization facilities are rolling out slowly so brace yourselves, up.

How to be a part of the HiPi community?

HiPi is completely free for ZEE5 users with relevant advertisements on the platform. You need to be an active user of ZEE5 to be able to use it. Let me know in the comments section, how you feel HiPi will amplify the experience of the audience, watching their favourite shows and influencing their audience by making short videos on the same platform.

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How HiPi short video feature on ZEE5


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14 thoughts on “HiPi on ZEE5: Filters that are driving Bollywood crazy”

  1. I m hearing a lot about this app all across the web and people are using this as a substitute for tik Tok… thanks for sharing more insight about it. I m sure it is a great help for people who love to make short videos.

  2. HiPi filters are super amazing and fun to use. And good to know that there are a lot of celebrities are present on ZEE5 HiPi to interact and engage with audience.

  3. Wow, Hipi seems like the perfect substitute for Tiktok app. People who love creating short video content are definitely joining this app. The best part is the automatic filter of content. However I am quite surprised to see Zee5 join the bandwagon of short video creations.

  4. Even though I have heard of HiPi, I have never used it. I would love to try it and see how the app is. It will be good to try something new and use it as a subtitute of TikTok.

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