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My take on Virgin Bhasskar Season 2: Blog Review


Have you ever realised the contribution of the entertainment world during a lockdown? It is such a gift of God that we all must be thankful for. From series to daily TV soaps and movies, we are able to survive this pandemic with popcorn tub and a smile on our face. Needless to say, ZEE5 has been the best OTT platform to date because of its versatility. From daily news to Bollywood movies and series from different platforms as well, ZEE5 has shown its prowess, since the time it has taken birth. Today’s blog is a review on one of the most trending shows on ZEE5, Virgin Bhasskar Season 2. If the genre is a sex comedy, you can imagine yourself glued to the screen for long hours.

Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 Review
Image source: ZEE5 (An OTT platform)

Tit-bits from the first season

When Virgin Bhasskar aired on AltBalaji, all we could hear was whistles from other buildings. I mean, why not? Ekta Kapoor has always promised viewers with a high dose of entertainment and here she is back with the second season of Virgin Bhasskar. The very first season entailed an entertaining story of a submissive guy named, Bhasskar who aimed to lose his virginity over anything else. He tried tits and bits to achieve his goal to find a girl until he crosses paths with Vidhi Pandey. In no time, they were drawn towards each other in spite of having different opinions. As they say, “Opposites attract”. It is all flowers and butterflies around until Vidhi comes to know about the hidden truth of Bhasskar, who indulged in writing porn stories. This surely doesn’t go well with Bhasskar and alas! He is still a virgin.

What to expect from Virgin Bhasskar Season 2?

The second season is set to tempt the viewers with some interesting twists and turns. Bhasskar continues his quest for the perfect girl until he meets Pakhi. Pakhi seems to be a writer too who was known for her fiery and ambitious nature. After the immense success of Bad Boy magazine, she pens down Bad Girl, which became viral among youth. During the course, she happens to meet Bhasskar, who has been writing A-rated novels since long. Pakhi seems to be his perfect match as both starts to write a book together. People who understand our job, space, values tend to know us better than anybody else. Did Bhasskar finally found the lady love of his life? Did he lose his virginity after penning so many adult stories for the youth? You have to watch the series to break the ice.

Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 Review
Image source: ZEE5 (An OTT platform)


Anant Joshi has been cast as Bhaskar, the protagonist of the show. Ritupanna Aishwarya as Vidhi and Jiya Shankar as Pakhi have been roped for the opposite lead roles. Dhirendra Tiwari and Himanshu Arora are playing Bhaskar’s friends.

Review on Virgin Bhasskar Season 2

I have been a fan of Ekta Kapoor’s shows since childhood. I have never really missed any of her works which she did in past. Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 has already hit the floors and I swear, it is one of her finest works till date. The way Anant moulds into the character of Bhasskar is well appreciated. His acting capability is not bound to be questioned by viewers at all. This season has to be even more successful and the reason has to be steamy and bold scenes which captivate its target audience. Dharmendra aka Mishra Ji deserves a special mention due to his perfect comic timing and appropriate dialogue delivery. Durgesh Kumar did his job pretty well in spite of low screen timing. The chemistry between Jiya and Anant is something that cannot be explained in words. You have to see to believe.

Image source: ZEE5 (An OTT platform)

Overall, Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 promises to deliver an adult comedy with not only bold scenes but great humour to entertain you from tip to toe. Switch on your devices and enjoy the quest of Bhasskar and how he finally loses his virginity on Virgin Bhasskar Season 2.

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18 thoughts on “My take on Virgin Bhasskar Season 2: Blog Review”

  1. to be honest, sex comedies is something that I rarely watch due to the overuse of cliches.
    Reading your review showcases that this program is actually different, and focuses on the comedy and the drama of real lives while being strong in terms of content, acting and script. I will check this out.

  2. I am a huge fan of adult comedies and Virgin Bhasskar Season 2 surely looks like fits the bill perfectly. I have not seen the first season but it might not be too late to start watching this web series from the scratch 🙂

  3. Yes absolutely entertainment has been a boon during these days. So many wonderful and interesting stories to look for. Virgin Bhasskar Seems like a nice watch and an interesting concept. Will try watching it tomorrow.

  4. The concept is pretty similar to Virgin Bhanupriya movie from the look of it.
    ZEE5 surely has helped in killing this lockdown boredom with some fabulous series and movies.

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