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The trend of Hemp Masks: An initiative by Hemp Foundation to empower Uttarakhand villagers


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COVID19 has tried to dismantle the shape of the Indian economy in every possible way. It seems tougher to get away with the heavy loss that has occurred. Keeping aside the urban structure, if you delve into the matter closely, the rural life has been affected the most. Due to the lack of job opportunities, many of them are on the streets today. But as Rabindranath Tagore once said, “Nobody else is above humanity”, there’s always a ray of hope for humans lending a hand for other human beings. The trend of Hemp masks grew rapidly throughout the nation. Read the entire blog post to know more about Hemp masks, its benefits, how Hemp Foundation came up with such an innovative idea and how it serves as a benefit for Uttarakhand villagers.

Hemp Foundation: Mission and Vision

Hemp Foundation is one of the largest traders of Hemp fabrics, seeds and garments. A lot of you might be wondering why am I openly promoting Hemp production as it is entitled to be illegal in our country. Well, Hemp production is very much legal in the state of Uttarakhand as it grows in Shiwaliks or the foothills of Himalayas. The rumours and misconceptions revolving around Hemp created a stir in human minds long ago. Hemp Foundation commits itself to educate every single stakeholder about the value and importance of Hemp.

Due to mass migration, Uttarakhand has seen a huge decline in the population of its villages. Jobs define the livelihood of people and because of the same reason, villagers flee to other regions. As a result, the villages seem to be dead empty or full of children and old population. Animals destroy most of the crops hence 80% of the farmers left cultivation of crops in the foothills of Uttarakhand.

It is quite a tedious job to create opportunities for those who are based in remote regions especially, in the villages of Uttarakhand. I myself can’t imagine spending a night in such remote villages in Uttarakhand where Logistics itself is a difficult game altogether. However, things have changed since Hemp Foundation took birth.

hemp masks, hemp foundation, vocal for local

How Hemp Foundation is contributing to society?

Hemp farming is less labour intensive hence, Hemp Foundation took a wonderful initiative to empower Uttarakhand villages to earn living through to making Hemp masks. Isn’t that cool? Hemp Foundation believes that women are like roots. You empower one and the entire community empowers each other. Hemp Foundation has travelled to a lot of places in Uttarakhand to train women in weaving, sewing, marketing, quality control and making accessories which in turn would help them garner a unique identity for themselves. In other words, the Hemp Foundation gives a platform to the women villagers of Uttarakhand to earn their living in the time of COVID19.

Benefits of using a hemp mask from Hemp Foundation

The commencement of the unlock 1 after lockdown reopened the doors of the economy. However, the transmission of deadly coronavirus continues, no matter what. The only way to lessen transmission is to wear masks. Let us know how hemp fabric masks are safer than that of cotton masks.

  • Hemp fabric mask protects us from harmful microbial organisms. The irregular hollow core of hemp fabric traps the dirt particles and prevents it from getting into your system.
  • You might have noticed how the cotton masks create difficulty for us to breathe most of the time. However, with hemp masks, it is easier to breathe than cotton or synthetic fabric. As a result, people would choose hemp fabric masks over other fabric as it is comfortable to wear for long hours.
  • A lot of products these days are chemically made. However, hemp is organically grown in the farms of Uttarakhand. The masks are 100% organic hence you are safe from the side effects of chemical toxicity.
  • As a matter of fact, the hemp masks have two layers that reduce the vulnerability of exposing oneself to COVID19.
  • I have myself used these hemp masks and the results were great indeed. Hopefully, will probably not switch over to another variant of masks. I have been greatly benefited from the hemp masks. I no longer struggle to breathe or open my masks often due to discomfort. It has been a great pleasure opting for a change that stays with me forever.

How to get yourself a hemp mask?

Friends and folks! If you are wishing to buy a hemp mask for yourself and for your near and dear ones I suggest you contact Hemp Foundation here. Remember that every purchase would secure the life of a Uttarakhand villager who works extremely hard for earning a living.

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  1. I m hearing a lot about hemp masks nowdays. It seems like a great option not only for getting protection from coronavius but also a great way to supporting our local economy. will check out their collection for sure.

  2. I had already read so much about the masks created by the Hemp foundation but I was not aware that they are a means to empower Uttarakhand villagers. Thats absolutely amazing initiative and I would love to buy and contribute a bit from my side.

  3. Hemp foundation is doing a wonderful job by taking this initiative. I am looking forward to this mask as it is comfortable to wear for prolonged hours, otherwise, I feel suffocated wearing a mask.

  4. Yeah the white one doesn’t seem to fit my face properly and is thicker. I like the light brown one better. It feels thinner and it’s breathable without suffocating me.

  5. Im so happy to learn about this inspiring initiative with bringing in sustainable masks & generating employment with hemp . Very rightly stated about masks made of other products , kind of sham

  6. Hemp masks seem to be in these days. They are not only good during corona but also promote local economy. Didn’t know that Hemp was legal in Uttarakhand. Wil check these masks for my family.

  7. Wow, a sustainable mask made out of plant is definitely worth a try. I would love to try these masks as they seem to be very comfortable to the users, plus buying them will help our countrymen. Thank yiu for such detailed posts.

  8. i have been hearing alot about hemp products and its initiatives. thanks you for more insights. love to know that the masks are sustainable quality

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