Foodicted Fellow Web series ZEE5 Club Pack at 365/year: Best Subscription Pack

ZEE5 Club Pack at 365/year: Best Subscription Pack


ZEE5 Club Pack Best Subscription

Lockdown might have disrupted all your plans but it certainly failed, when OTT platforms came into wider significance. The best way to spend leisure time will always be staying glued to the screen and binge watching our favourite series. Among all the OTT platforms I feel that, ZEE5 has been the most versatile one. Why so? ZEE5 caters its viewers with web series, movies, daily soaps, news and other means of entertainment. The best part is, these shows are available in multiple languages which benefits people from every single region of the country. ZEE5 takes care of its viewers’ favourites list and lets them enjoy uninterrupted service. Did you know you can actually customize your channel preferences and that too, cost effectively? Apparently, ZEE5 Club pack has the best subscription plan.

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Access to popular shows on ZEE5 Club Pack

All your popcorn binge daily soaps of ZEE5 such as Kumkum Bhagya, Kundali Bhagya, Guddan tumse na ho payega, It happened in Calcutta, Virgin Bhasskar, XXX Uncensored,etc. are available in ZEE5 Club Pack. The best part is, you will be able to watch it before the official release and be the best gossip monger among your friends. Not only that, but you will also be able to binge watch popular regional shows such as Gattimela, Sembaeuthi, Soudaminir Sangsar, etc. Are you a regular viewer of Zindagi TV and can’t stop drool over Dil Mohalay Ki Haweli and Ishq Gumshuda? Do you have to spend most of the time searching for cheaper plans to get access over Alt Balaji? Let your couch hug you forever and relax. ZEE5 Club Pack has all your favourite shows from Zindagi TV and Alt Balaji and that too, without boring advertisements.

Cost effective and best subscription pack

I fell off my chair when I heard it for the first time. ZEE5 CLUB PACK COSTS 365 INR PER YEAR ONLY. I know my readers are pinching themselves to believe, but yes, it’s true. The best part is, they are available for two screens so you can literally call your 2AM friend and watch your favourite shows together. No, it doesn’t end here. If you miss a day or two or even more, the unused balance will be converted into credits for the next year. How cool is that even? I am literally screaming with joy.

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Get access to over thousands of movies on ZEE5 Club Pack

ZEE5 Club Pack is not only limited to web series and TV shows, but it also offers its viewers with wide range of movies. No, they aren’t limited to Hindi movies only. Your sudden Appam, Biryani, Roshogolla cravings get answered as well.

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I have personally tried ZEE5 Club Pack and I must say it is the best. I mean, why not? Quality entertainment is all about no advertisements, no power cut or load shedding issues. Resting on a couch, you can plug in your earphones and binge watch your favourite shows. No monthly bill payment issues, at all. I can even watch these shows before they are set to release. Wow! I have been hugely benefited by ZEE5 team. When are you purchasing your personalized ZEE5 Club Pack? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. The Club pack is definitely the best subscription plan I have ever come across. its such an economical way to get the best value. I love all the series and movies on Zee5.

  2. Wow! That’s awesome 👌..
    365/year is a quite reasonable price for subscription. Heading to playstore to get one year package for my mom who loves to watch some of her favorite hindi TV shows.

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