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Watch trending news live streaming on ZEE5 News


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The “New Normal” has created a huge stir around the world. It takes a lot to accept the fact that we will not be able to do a lot of things in the manner that we used to do earlier. Leave shopping malls, eating out or other activities at bay. Have you ever imagined your life without a newspaper? It is unimaginable to imagine life without your daily newspaper while having breakfast tea. Isn’t it? Well, ZEE5 has come up with a distinguished news app/website which breaks the barrier of conventional newspapers, where you do not have to struggle with turning the pages from time to time. ZEE5 News brings trending news in the form of “Today’s Top News Headlines”, “Coronavirus updates” and much more.

Various portals on ZEE5 News

ZEE5 News is versatile in its own way. Not one, but it has a plethora of news portals flashing different kinds of news. The best part is, you can view it in your own language. The moment you log on to, it instructs you to choose your preferred language of news. After you have selected one (or multiple) you are good to go. The portals that appear under LIVE section are namely: Aaj Tak, India TV, Zee News, DD Bangla, 24 Ghanta, Republic TV, India Today, Tez, DD News, DD India, etc. Regional based news portals are also available on ZEE5 to focus your attention on particular region-based news. Few of them are ZEE Rajasthan, ZEE Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh, India News Haryana, and so on.

ZEE5 News, Today's top headlines, Breaking News India
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I have been watching these channels to cross-verify statistical information from one to another one on TV and it has been quite hectic to surf every time. Moreover, in newspapers, we get to see one side of the coin and mostly a significant part of any incident due to limited pages. Hence, ZEE5 enables you to surf channels in a few clicks and obtain the current information with full accuracy. It is important that we should not stick to one news portal for the top trending news but we should be able to go beyond that. Audiovisual broadcasting has always gained more audience than the printed form. It not only serves interest to stay glued to the news for a long time but also makes you understand the facts in a better way.

A one-stop destination for all the breaking news in India

ZEE5 News is versatile in its own way. It covers head to toe of the entire country and broadcasts it in front of your nose. ZEE5 is not only limited to information regarding finances and politics but it also covers other facets of life. It showcases different sections of news as you scroll through the app/website. “Recommended for you” section generally deals with the kind of news you generally watch, depending upon your interest. The next section deals with today’s top news headlines. It generally focuses on the news that covers maximum demographic interest. Be it a famous Bollywood star committing suicide or the head of the state conducting maximum COVID19 tests. No, the story doesn’t end here. ZEE5 covers hot gossips from the entertainment industry too (without blending spices) with much dignity. Be it technology or cricket, politics or finances, COVID19 updates or controversial news and exclusive interviews, ZEE5 covers it all.

ZEE5 News, Coronavirus updates, Trending News
Image source: ZEE5 (An OTT Platform)

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  1. Thanks for sharing. currently staying on top of news has been quite a challenge, now i can just install ZEE5 and have breaking news on my finger tips literally.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information. Currently I am using aajtak app and sometime I feel very irritated with the ads. Will definitely going to install Zee5 now to watch news.

  3. This is so great that it allows you a one stop click to all the important synopsis of news and details . With the current scenario this is a must focus especially with the right filters of facts.

  4. Great to know that Zee5 is providing such filtered genuine news to the viewers. Much needed one this pandemic time. Definitely going to install the app for uninterrupted updates daily.

  5. Following the news is very important right now! Thank you sharing this! I will check this out!

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