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How to make cupcakes without oven- Step by step recipe


How to make a cupcake without oven recipe

Desserts are our way to heart and soul. No matter how much appetizers or main course dishes occupy your tummy, there’s always a little space for desserts. The lockdown 3.0 has witnessed stress, restlessness, boredom grow in foster. But there are few positive things that one must have noticed by now. Every single person is trying their level best to cook those dishes at home that they used to savour in cafes and restaurants. But what if, your oven stops working and you don’t have a blender? Seems horrifying? I love baking the world into a better place for living. “How to make cupcakes without oven?” has been a very common question since a very long time. Today’s blog post enunciates the recipe comprehensively. Put your seatbelts on, as we embark upon a scintillating gastronomic adventure.

How to make cupcakes without oven, template

Ingredients: How to make cupcakes without oven

  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda
  • Sugar
  • Eggs
  • Hung curd
  • Water
  • Vanilla essence
  • Cashew nuts, raisins and other dry fruits

How to make cupcakes without oven- Step by Step recipe

1. We all know the art of churning the positive qualities of a renowned personality and apply them in our daily life activities. Sift baking powder and baking soda into the bowl and add a considerable amount of sugar.

Sift baking powder and baking soda, How to make cupcakes without oven
The very first step of “How to make cupcakes without oven”

2. Add two beaten eggs into the mixture we created above and whisk it for a minute or two. I am yawning in between and you can continue doing the same.

Beaten eggs, whisk, cake
This is how the mixture should turn out after whisking for a few minutes.

3. Hung curd is one of my favourite ingredients and so is vanilla essence. I got to whisk both the ingredients along with the mixture while grooving on an item number.

4. Add some water in between and keep whisking until the mixture becomes smooth and consistent. Believe me, it is the most important and tedious job to do manually. But, if you get it right, then the dish turns out to be beyond perfect.

Vanilla essence, How to make cupcakes without oven
Vanilla essence is the heart of “How to make cupcakes without oven”

We are almost done

5. Pour your heart out into the paper cups as in; pour the mixture not the heart, you fool. (Ensure that the cups are half-full)

Paper cups, cupcake
Paper cups are the cutest thing

6. If you thought of using a regular cooker, you are absolutely wrong. We thought to be a bit more innovative with the usage of clip-on cookware. Place the cooking grate inside the clip-on cookware and let it pre-heat for almost 20 minutes.

Cooking grate, pre-heat, clip-on cookware
Cooking grate being pre-heated

7. Add some cashew nuts, raisins and other dry fruits to the mixture while the pre-heating process is going on.

8. It’s time to cast your magic spell but make sure you don’t hurt yourself in the process. Place the cups carefully on the pre-heated cooking grate and cover the clip-on cookware with its lid.

9. Bake your world into a better place for 15 minutes on medium flame and another 15 minutes on low-medium flame.

10. Imagine you are a CBI agent and all you need to do is use a toothpick to ensure the cupcakes are baked properly or not.

How to make cupcakes without oven step by step recipe
Your cupcakes are ready to be served.


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  1. I haven’t tried making cup cakes till date. But your recipe looks worth giving a try and that too without oven. Thanks for the recipe.

  2. These are so cute cup cakes. Shall try as bakingbis giving my kids a great time in this Lockdown. And I liked the way you used paper cups.

  3. Thanks for sharing detailed recipe to make cupcakes. I will going to try this for sure. This cupcakes really looks so droooling.

  4. I was thinking so much if cupcakes recently but my oven went for a toss; am i glad that i found your recipe; looking at the pictures & step by step recipe; i think its doable for me . Definitely making this

  5. I never realized that one could make cupcakes without oven. During this lockdown, you are taking creativity to another level by posting such innovative recipes. Keep it up my friend!

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