Foodicted Fellow Promotional content Supports Fight Against Coronavirus With Rs 1 Lakh Donation To PMNRF Supports Fight Against Coronavirus With Rs 1 Lakh Donation To PMNRF



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New Delhi – April 01, 2020 Newspatrolling has donated Rs 1 lakh to Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF). They have done their bit to help those who are needy. This is in addition to various other steps that Newspatrolling has taken to support the fight against coronavirus. provides work from home opportunities and monetary support to staff members are among the key initiatives. Mutually beneficial business agreements with partners and other stakeholders have also helped Newspatrolling in this venture. They created a robust ecosystem that can withstand the challenges of the tough times we all are currently facing.

Speaking about the coronavirus pandemic, CEO of Pankaj Bansal said, “The current situation is unprecedented and unlike any other that humanity has ever faced. Overcoming this threat will require collective efforts by all nations and its people. We all can contribute to our own capacities to help win the war against coronavirus. This is by far the biggest challenge we have faced, but I am optimistic that we will eventually prevail if we work together as a team.”

Scientists, doctors, nurses, essential services staff, police personnel, and various other people are risking their lives every day in the fight against coronavirus. A common man can also lend a helping hand in the same. Not venturing out of our homes and following prescribed sanitization and social distancing norms can decrease coronavirus cases. believes that people should also come forward and donate funds so that weaker sections of our society can avail help. Coronavirus pandemic has hit these lives hard and we need to come together to help.T

16 thoughts on “ Supports Fight Against Coronavirus With Rs 1 Lakh Donation To PMNRF”

  1. That’s an initiative which is the need of the hour, we are the fortunate ones safe in our homes; but some ppl need our monetary help more than ever. Doing my bit!

  2. Happy to see that in such a situation everyone is contributing. Distribution of food packets, essential things are being sent to doors. And most importantly people are following all the given instructions . It’s a tough time but together we will get over it. Stay home stay safe.

  3. Thsi is wonderful. It’s very imp for us all to stand together as one nation and support our leaders and help in whatever way we can. Staying indoors and also giving monetary help is very imp. We too did our bit in this. 🙏

  4. I am seeing the best of humanity during this tough time. It feels great that people and organisations are so sensitive towards the nation call.

  5. That’s really so nice of them… In this pandemic we need to work together so that our society can heal… ❤️

  6. That is a very kind gesture to donate a certain amount to PMNRF to fight against corona virus. We too are helping fight the disease, haven’t made any donations but by feeding about 50-60 hungry and needy people daily in the morning.

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