Foodicted Fellow Food,Lunch An elaborate brunch session at Unplugged Bar and Tapas

An elaborate brunch session at Unplugged Bar and Tapas


Unplugged Bar and Tapas Regenta Lp Vilas Dehradun

The world of gastronomy unravels its secrets in every possible form. Be it in a restaurant or a roadside eatery or even a jam-packed bar. It is quite a cumbersome job for an individual to hog on to all these different places to enjoy its specialities. Thanks to Regenta Lp Vilas for giving birth to “Unplugged Bar and Tapas”. It has proved to be versatile in its own way. The word “Tapas” is a Spanish way of saying “Appetizers” or savoury dishes with your choice of drink. From street food such as Panipuri, Chaat, Vada pav to fine dine continental dishes, it has all. There is a wide array of drinks too. Unplugged has all those delights to bring a curvaceous smile on your face.

Unplugged Bar and Tapas Regenta Lp Vilas Nanda ki Chowki  Premnagar Suddhowala Dehradun
The entry point of Unplugged Bar and Tapas

A brief overview

Unplugged Bar and Tapas is quite easy to locate, as it is situated at Nanda Ki Chowki in Dehradun. It is prominent from afar because it is a part of Regenta Lp Vilas (a unit of Royal Orchid hotels). It is one of the most well-known properties in Dehradun. A royal treatment while you enter, is frosting to the cupcake. I got to know from the chef that every single ingredient is farm-grown. The sauces are made in-house hence, freshness should not be questioned.

Being a Dehradun resident and not visiting Zaffran or attending a wedding at Regenta Lp Vilas is a serious crime. So many of you are aware of the fact that they have one of the best buffets in the town. They have an ala carté menu for customers to indulge in specific dishes, as well.

Max Fashion Winter Essentials Dehradun Fashion Blogger
Outfit: Max Winter essentials

Interiors of Unplugged Bar and Tapas

The interiors are so inviting that I couldn’t stop myself from clicking innumerable pictures. The moment you enter, you would see walls having a texture like that of bricks arranged one upon another. Super comfortable chairs, yellow lights all over and a well-equipped bar section are some features, worth experiencing. The pattern on the other side of the wall with honeycomb mazes and polygonal structures are just so well complementing the overall ambience. Bloggers’ brunch table is ready. We are going to witness a scintillating gastronomical adventure in detail.

Bloggers Meet Unplugged Bar and Tapas
Bloggers’ table at Unplugged Bar and Tapas
Lights will guide the way
Lights will guide the way

Unplugged Bar and Tapas offers a wide variety of mocktails

Making its way to our brunch table, the first one has to quench our thirst for having a big fat meal, forward. Green Velvet, Italian Fizz, Mint Cooler, Shirley temple, Virgin Colada and Lemongrass mojito were few mocktails to start our comprehensive gastronomical adventure. If there’s any shrine I would like to visit every day for seeking blessings, it has to be the abode of “Shirley”. The offerings here include a generous amalgamation of grenadine syrup, lemon and ginger ale. “Refreshing” and “Rejuvenating” are the two keywords that go well with the drink.

Shirley temple Mocktail Dehradun
Shirley Temple- Mocktail

We start with Talli Golgappa shots at Unplugged Bar and Tapas

Unplugged Bar and Tapas is a place where you can enjoy your favourite street foods in the quirkiest way, possible. Let me introduce you to the Talli Golgappa shots. Divided by states, but united by foodies from every corner of the country, these spherical beauties with a glory hole contains mashed potatoes and chickpeas. You can also inject vodka shots to make your experience worth remembering. If you are a blogger, your religion dictates you to take a boomerang shot before gulping it down, straight!

Golgappa Panipuri Phuchka
Talli Golgappa Shots Regenta Lp Vilas
Talli Golgappa Shots

A must on every bloggers’ table: Burak’s Pita Platter

After a bit of time, we got to witness Burak’s pita platter on the table. Burak or Börek is made of narrow scaly dough, popularly known as “Pita” in European countries. It is served with chickpea hummus and green pea hummus. The salad complements well with the pita dipped in both the hummus dips. I had the best pita platter in The Great Indian Pub (Dehradun) and this one has got the full potential to compete with TGIP.

Lebanese Pita Mezze platter Burak Borek Regenta Lp Vilas Dehradun
Burak’s Pita Platter
Chickpea hummus Burak's pita platter Dehradun food blogger
Zooming in the chickpea hummus

The showstopper: Lucknowi Keema Pao

Alright guys, brace yourselves up because this dish has got all the attributes to get you glued on your chairs till you have the last bite of it. The moment I got to know they serve the authentic Lucknowi Keema Pao, there’s no looking back. Soaring high with its divine and magnificent aura with a simple yet, mind-boggling presentation, I relished every bite of mutton Keema wrapped under sweet buns. The mutton Keema here was prepared just the way I like savouring it. Rich in flavours, these minced mutton pieces are slowly cooked with onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and other spices. Served with sweet buns, this happens to be heaven on a plate.

Lucknowi Keema Pao
Lucknowi Keema Pao
Lucknowi Keema Pao Regenta Lp Vilas Dehradun
A headshot is what we love

Bombaiya Vada Pao, all the way from the streets of Mumbai

“Dekhne mein bhola hain dil ka salona, Bambai se aaya hain, babu chhinnana.” Late Suchitra Sen grooving with her mates on this number is the only scene that floats on my mind while savouring a good Vada Pao. The Mumbai style street food almost looks like a partly open burger with a deep-fried potato ball. The chutneys served with it, add zing to the dish which makes it more pleasurable.

Vada Pav Mumbai street food Dehradun
Bombaiya Vada Pav

Palak Patta Chaat from the rustic colonies of Delhi

Here comes the queen of Delhi street food scenes, crunchy batter-fried spinach (Palak Patta) served with various chutneys like coriander mint chutney, tamarind chutney and garlic chutney, tossed in rich yoghurt, mixed with dry spices and finally, garnished with some Sev. That’s your Palak Patta Chaat waiting to be a part of a scintillating gastronomical adventure.

Palak Patta Chaat Delhi street food Dehradun
Palak Patta Chaat

Fizz it up with a glass of Italian Fizz

To quench my thirst is what I believe in between meals, so my eyeballs grabbed on the menu where it was written on Monocorsiva font, “Italian Fizz”. The shades of brown and a little orangish texture are just the perfect hues, needed for the weekend. Every sip revealed the flavour of lemon chunks, brown sugar, ginger slices and coke. What creation! I would rather name it “Italian Smooch” for a change.

Italian Fizz Mocktail Unplugged Bar and Tapas
Italian Fizz

Crystal dim sums on the table, brace yourselves up

The next dish has to be the rarest gem in Dehradun. It is probably the toughest job to find crystal dim sums in Dehradun but, to put an end to this quest came, Unplugged Bar and Tapas with their exclusive crystal dim sums with a stupendous filling of potato, starch and assorted greens. Although, the covering seemed more opaque to me, yet the three dips of basil, coriander and chilli sauce made me thrive for more.

Crystal dimsums in Dehradun
Crystal dim sums and the three dips
Crystal Dimsum at Unplugged Bar and Tapas
That’s your favourite crystal dimsum- Close-up shot

Honey smoked chicken of Unplugged Bar and Tapas

I have had smoked chicken with bamboo shoots for quite a few times, but this honey smoked chicken has to be a one-of-a-kind dish. Although, conventionally known yet, the team pulled the dish so well that the freshness of well-marinated chicken with the essence of honey and five spices still lingers on my tastebuds.

Honey smoked chicken
Honey smoked chicken

Lemongrass skewers with stuffed chicken are sheer nostalgia

The last time I had Lemongrass skewers with stuffed chicken was at a quaint little eatery in Kolkata. Reliving those days here in the city of love, makes me feel nostalgic. Fried chicken, wrapped on stalks of lemongrass is such a perfect snacking idea. Did you try it with sweet chilli sauce? I swear this is going to be your next addiction.

Lemongrass skewers with stuffed chicken
Lemongrass skewers with stuffed chicken

Lucknowi andaaz mein Mushroom ki Galouti

Mushroom Ki Galouti had to be a surprise on our brunch table. A vegetarian version of Lucknow’s household name, “Mutton Galouti kebab” is just a next-level thing that only Regenta Lp Vilas can pull off. A first of its kind in Dehradun, this dish has successfully left an impression on my tastebuds. Soft, rich, tender, juicy and flavorful galoutis can vanish soon because I am greedy to do so.

Mushroom galouti Kebab Kaba Dehradun Unplugged Bar and Tapas Regenta Lp Vilas
Mushroom ki Galauti

Ghee Roast pancake has to be the highlight of the day

You must have had Mutton Ghee Roast with naan, parantha and roti but have you ever tried having it in the form of a pancake? Sounds interesting? Well, that’s what Doonites specialize in. Originated from Mangalore, now spreading its wings across the country, it boasts of succulent mutton Boti flavoured with ghee and rich spices. The roti wraps up the royal preparation of Ghee Roast. It almost resembles an Indianized version of a pancake. Although I suggested the chef and his team replace it with Keema, yet it has proven to be an amazing innovation, overall.

Mutton ghee Roast pancake Unplugged Bar and Tapas
Ghee roast pancake

Cosmopolitan to quench my thirst at Unplugged Bar and Tapas

My heart yearns for some alcohol now, hence my thirst dawned upon a generous mixture of vodka, orange flavoured liquor, cranberry juice and lemon juice. That’s our very own cocktail, Cosmopolitan ready to make a mark on your appetite and be your BFF while you put your party shoes on. I must say, the choice of songs complimented so well with the ambience and drink. Cheers!

Cosmopolitan cocktail Unplugged Bar and Tapas Regenta Lp Vilas Dehradun

Main course dishes are for the heart, not my greedy stomach

Main course dishes are lungs of any brunch session and it has to be perfect. With Papad Pizza, Krapao, Punjabi butter chicken and Maska Paneer Makhani accompanied with assorted bread, this platter is worth every bite. I liked the idea of wafer-like thin pizza, quite an experimental idea beyond the doughy ones. Crispy like wafer, thin-crust and embedded with fresh vegetables, this one is worth being a heartthrob for every vegetarian.

Something Oriental

We’re moving on to an oriental dish which is very close to my heart. Krapao is popularly regarded as “Pad Kra Pao” in Thai. It is Thai in taste, but international in appeal. Stir-fried vegetables with basil beans and assorted herbs bring a distinctive flavour to the dish. Best enjoyed with steamed rice or jasmine rice, this dish is simple yet, an extraordinary one. The mildly sweet gravy and buttery flavour of the chicken is so overwhelming. It makes me eat more bread than usual and so its vegetarian counterpart. Do I need to say even more?

Papad Pizza
Papad Pizza
Pad Kra Pao Thai food
Krapao- Thai food
Main course dishes Punjabi butter chicken Panner Makhani
Punjabi Butter chicken and0 Paneer Makhani with assorted breads

Bailey’s brownie and honey dry fruit tart stole the show

Let us close the chapter of such an extensive gastro-quest. Now, I would like to spread some light on the sweetest part of the venture. Unplugged bar and tapas serve you with the best brownie and tart as a part of their dessert menu. Brownies here are rich and fudgy. Bailey’s soda and chocolate sauce cover most of it, enough to set your foodgasms high. I couldn’t stop at one but had two tarts, baked with perfection, embedded with dry fruit and drizzled with honey on the top, accompanied with cinnamon vanilla ice cream. Every inch of it is worth, worshipping.

Bailey’s brownie
Honey dry fruit tart with cinnamon vanilla
Honey dry fruit tart with cinnamon vanilla

Friends and folks! Do not forget to drop in your feedback if you happen to visit Unplugged Bar and Tapas, someday soon. Tag me on your stories and posts with @foodicted.fellow on Instagram and let me know your views.

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Disclaimer: Aritro Chattopadhyay (I) was invited to try out a few dishes at the café/restaurant. However, the reviews are true to the core and totally based on my personal experience.

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  1. The interiors of the place is so beautiful… I really love it… The food looks amazing too! 🤩

  2. These are some amazing pictures. Loved the elaborate food coverage. Will definitely visit with family and friends. Once again wonderful photography.

  3. I have been to unplugged in Delhi and stayed at Regenta too, and they both are good. But I never thought there would be an unplugged outlet in Regenta. Will definitely visit on my next trip to Dehradun.

  4. I really like the interior of this place. And the food looks droooooling I will definitely going to visit this place for Lucknowi Keema Pao.

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  6. Ambiance of this place is soo their interior..will definetly visit this place .all the dishes looks so delicious..
    Specialli i like that puchkas and palakh patta chaat..

  7. Ambiance of this place is soo their interior..species seating area.. will definetly visit this place .all the dishes looks so delicious..
    specially i like that puchkas and palakh patta chaat.

  8. I didn’t know Dehradun has some amazing food joints and bars. Unplugged bar seems really amazing through your pictures and food looks so scrumptious and delicious, specially the Bailey’s brownie.

  9. I didn’t know Dehradun has some amazing food joints and bars. Unplugged bar seems really amazing through your pictures and food looks so scrumptious and delicious, specially the Bailey’s brownie.

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