Foodicted Fellow Technology Digitek Brings to You High-Quality Gimbal & Accessories at Unbelievable Prices

Digitek Brings to You High-Quality Gimbal & Accessories at Unbelievable Prices


Gimbal and accessories

Remember the last time you were in a situation where you needed to click an amazing view, and your hands were just too shaky to capture the real beauty of the place? This could happen when you do not have the right item to keep things steady when clicking a picture or watching something on the smartphone. To help you deal with this issue, Digitek, the biggest technology-based sales marketing and distribution company bring to you high-quality Gimbals and accessories at pocket-friendly prices.

What is Gimbal?

A Gimbal is as a pivoted form of support that helps with the rotatory motion of any object over one axis. It stabilizes smartphones and cameras.

Why do you need Digitek’s Gimbal?

Whether you are a photography enthusiast or your bread and butter is based on shooting strikingly vivid videos, you will definitely need a Gimbal to get that pro-level quality. Without a high-quality Gimbal to help you out, creating videos or taking photos might get way too hectic. To get a clear video without any glitch, you need to do several movements like panning, sideways rotation, zooming in, and so on. Doing all this with your hand can tire you out and the results might not be as satisfactory. So, what can you do in this situation? Getting a Gimbal and associated accessories from Digitek’s pocket-friendly collection should be your go-to move. Here is a quick review of the Digitek 3 Axis Gimbal for Smartphone.

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Digitek 3 Axis Gimbal for Smartphone

Available at a pocket-friendly price tag of INR 5,700, this 3-axis gimbal by Digitek is a handy device for all your pro-quality photography and video shooting needs. This handheld gadget is specifically for the storytellers inside us all. Regardless of your passion, this accessory for video shooting and photography will allow you a scope to tell your story in a different and highly professional mannerism. The Digitek DSG 005 is good for filming purposes. All you need to do with this easy-to-install the device is to select the subject of your interest and start shooting.

High-quality built-in sensors back the 3-axis gimbal along with brush-less motors that ensure stability regardless of the motion range required. High-strength material constitutes the Gimbal. It is light in weight, so your hands will thank you every time you carry it for your next shoot. Weighing just 423 grams, you can easily use this device for an entire day without feeling tired. From time-lapse videos to rolling clouds, the Digitek 3-
Axis Gimbal for smartphone lets you do it all and more.

Features of Digitek DSG 005

  • Joystick for Tilt, Speed Control, and PAN
  • Mode Function and On/Off Option
  • USB Socket to allow smartphone and gimbal charging
  • Free apps to allow stunning effects.

So, why wait? Make your video story all the more interesting and professional with our Gimbal. Visit us today to make your purchase. You can also make your purchase at our partner websites: Flipkart and Amazon.

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  1. I am looking to buy Gimbal. Thanks for recommending DIGITEK. I will check out their websites if there prices are cheaper in comparison to other websites then I will definitely going to purchase.

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