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Best Corporate Gift Ideas To Boost Team Morale


corporate gift ideas digitek

As the boss of your team, you are responsible to ensure that your team members have high
motivation levels and give it their 100% to their work. While the time-tested carrot and stick
policy may still be relevant, modern management gurus feel that employees need to be self-
motivated rather than coerced into doing something. While you may use some pep talk from time to time, gifts can also come handy when it comes to motivating your team members. Let’s take a look at some corporate gift ideas for employees that can help boost team morale.

corporate gift ideas digitek
Specific corporate gift ideas

Electric massager cushion

Employees spend long hours working in their chairs, which causes significant stress to the spine and back muscles. People working in an office environment suffer from back pain issues. If you want your team members to stay fit, you can gift them electric massager cushion that can mimic the hand movements of a professional masseur. The ones with the heating function will be most beneficial for your team members.

Noise-cancelling headphones

Offices are generally silent, but there can still be sounds of people talking, the air conditioner and even noise coming from the outside. For work that requires your team members to listen carefully to every word, for example, interactions with clients and customers, it would be better to invest in noise-cancelling headphones. These gadgets will allow employees to perform their best and reduce the risk of costly mistakes.

Wireless charger: Saviour corporate gift ideas

Carrying a charger to the office every day can be a bit of a hassle. To ensure that your team members can focus on their work and carry fewer things to the office, you can place a wireless charger at every desk. This will make things easier for employees and they will certainly be thankful for your kind gesture.

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Portable projector: A perfect corporate gift ideas

The meeting room in your office can have a dedicated projector. However, not all meetings and brainstorming session will be conducted in the meeting room. Some meetings may occur in the cubicle, manager’s cabin, or even at the client’s or vendor’s location. For such needs, you can buy a portable projector for your team. It will be a valuable asset for the team and help boost their productivity.
The corporate gifts for employees you choose will depend on your available budget. If you want the best quality gadgets at affordable rates, you are ought to contact a corporate gift supplier. These firms have contacts with several manufacturers and can supply good quality products within your budget.


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  1. These are nice gifting options in offices but most of the time budget will be a constraint for such gifts, but they can be budget friendly if considered just as an investment in your workforce rather than gifts. That is what I do :p

  2. The noise cancelling headphone is a great idea . Great ways to boost the team and get the creative juices flowing .

  3. You have really done some in-depth research on this topic and I am very impressed. The massager is a great idea!

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