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How to Spend Your Spare Time on a Train


How to Spend Your Spare Time on a Train

Trains are an important method of transportation in India. Thousands of people use them each day to get to their destinations. Some people have to get on a train to cross longer distances and the first question that arises in their mind is, “How to Spend Your Spare Time on a Train?”. In today’s digital world it’s easy to kill time, you just whip out your smartphone and you’re done, right? Not quite.

How to Spend Your Spare Time on a Train: Use Your Phone Efficiently

Most smartphones are equipped with 4G nowadays so if you’re on a long trip you can use that time efficiently. Businessmen always have plenty of e-mails to deal with and they can go through them while on the train. Bills can also be paid online so if you hadn’t had the time to pay them now would be a good chance. Also, you can call your clients and talk to them before a meeting or you could give your mom, dad brother or sister a call to ask them how they’ve been.

Visit Gaming Sites like Miniclip, Y8 Games, and Others

Gaming is always an option. Most people have a few games on their phones they like to go through, but if you’d like a taste of old school games you can visit many sites that offer such games. They might not have shiny graphics, but they’ll certainly bring back childhood memories.

Punters might enjoy a good online casino game which might be a good way to earn a little extra. Sports fans might enjoy watching a live match or placing a bet to make better use of their time. Both can do this on sites like, LeoVegas, Unibet, Bet365 and many others. Gaming could only be possible of your phone or laptop is charged. You don’t need to worry as there are many ways to keep yourself entertained.

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How to Spend Your Spare Time on a Train: Just Read

People today are too attached to technology, so just imagine a day without your cellphone. Going old school can be a perfect way to pass time on a long train trip. Yes, you can catch up on your favourite TV show or watch a movie, but you can also read. No, not from your tablet. Take an actual book or magazine and go through it. If you have trouble keeping up with one long story then get a book with a few short stories or get a book about art with plenty of pictures. There’s a book on anything these days so you can find one on a topic of your interest.

Enjoy the View

Picturesque views are everywhere around the world and India has some of them too. Whether it’s a business trip or a holiday one you can enjoy the view from your cabin. You can take a walk to change the view anytime.

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Talk to People

If you’re on a trip with your friends or colleagues you can get to know each other better. If you’re alone you can talk to your fellow passenger. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to talk to new people and make friends. The topics you can talk about are endless so make sure to have a good conversation before getting off.

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