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When Mutton Korma rang the doorbell


How to make Mutton Korma- Step-by-step


When monsoon knocks the door and runs away like a spinster like me, running away from relationships, you know you are confused between Hilsa and mutton. Nevertheless, I, my mom and the maid decided to put a full stop to this confusion and prepare a delectably royal dish, “Mutton Korma”. According to my opinion, this dish deserves a standing ovation to be versatile in nature. Some prefer having it with Posto (Khus khus or poppy seeds) whereas some with yoghurt. We considered the importance of “Peyaaj Beresta” to give this recipe “Life”. A mélange of spices, aroma, curvaceous smile and strong essence of love, results in this enigma. Mutton Korma happens to be one of the most celebrated dishes in our residence. Let’s see how to make Mutton Korma in my latest blog post.

How to make Mutton Korma- Step-by-step
How to make Mutton Korma- Step-by-step


Cuisine: Awadhi

Preparation time:  10 minutes

Cooking time: 45 minutes

Serving: 3 hungry people (Read it as, Khaddoroshik Bangali)


For the marinade:

  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Black pepper
  • Lime juice

For the gravy and mutton:

  • 800g chopped mutton
  • A pinch of salt
  • 5 tbsp Ghee
  • 4 tbsp oil
  • 2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1 Kashmiri Red chilli powder
  • Nutmeg powder
  • Mace powder
  • ½ tbsp cumin seeds
  • 2 onions
  • Sugar
  • ½ Bay leaf
  • Meetha attar
  • Water

How to make Mutton Korma: Step-by-step recipe

  • I tend to get confused in spite of knowing how to cook because the extensive array of ingredients stares at me like anything. Phew… Let’s start with preparing the marinade.
Mangsho Mutton Kosha Mangsho
800g chopped mutton ready to be marinated
  • Add few tbsp of lime juice, oil and black pepper to 800g chopped mutton after washing it properly with running cold water. Oops! Did I forget to add salt?
  • Add grated onion and tomato to play the game of sautéing and stirring. Yes, that’s how I stir my life every single moment.
Onion tomato grated peyaj bata tomato kuchi
Onion and tomato makes the best pair
  • Your regular toothpaste may seem boring but there’s ginger garlic paste that can definitely enhance your taste buds. But how is mere toothpaste even relevant to this recipe? It is definitely irrelevant just like a few of those films with no story and songs with meaningless lyrics.

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  • Nevertheless, how to prepare a ginger garlic paste? Here’s how we prefer things to be done manually. Let the paste cook new stories with tomato and onion for a few minutes. You are definitely allowed to hinder them with a stirrer.
Ginger garlic paste ada roshun bata ingredients
Ginger garlic paste
  • After stirring for a minute or two, when you will be able to notice a slight change in the colour of the mixture. Add sugar and stir it again. Kashmiri Red Chilli powder should not be missed. Sprinkle it with a wide grin on your face.
Ginger garlic paste Adaa roshun bata ingredients
And the ginger garlic paste goes into it

Mutton goes into the cauldron

  • Did you let the chopped mutton marinate for half-an-hour? Of course, you did. Who doesn’t want a good Mutton Korma? Let the chopped beauties stretch their arms wide open to engulf the flavour of the mixture.
Mutton Korma recipe
Mutton loves gossiping with the rest of the ingredients

Important step: Mutton Korma- Step by Step Recipe

  • Now, this is the most important step of the recipe and needs to be done carefully. Without adding water, continue cooking on high flame. That’s what we call “Koshano” in Bengali. Strengthening your Bong vocabulary? Recipes act as the best solution ever.
  • Stir it for the next five minutes. Mix cloves, black cardamom, cinnamon sticks, turmeric powder, cumin powder, nutmeg powder and mace powder. Stir it for five more minutes and feel the essence of culinary magic in your kitchen.
Holud Guro Turmeric powder ingredients Mutton Korma recipe
Let’s add some turmeric powder (Holud guro)

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  • Let it cook for a certain amount of time, till the oil gets tempered with bay leaves and sugar. Patience is the key to an utterly delicious dish.
Cumin powder jeera jeere guro Mutton Korma
Cumin powder makes its way
Mutton Korma recipe step by step
Oh damn!
  • Convention claims that yoghurt is the prime ingredient of Mutton Korma. But what if, it sneaks out of your residence for a brisk walk? Hence, you can replace it with an easy-peasy “Peyaaj Beresta”. What you have to do is deep fry the thinly sized onions in the pan.
Peyaaj Beresta Fried onion paste Mutton Korma recipe
Peyaaj Beresta in the making Part- 1
  • After a few minutes, you will be able to see a brownish effect that exhibits a rather smoky flavour. No, don’t rush to taste it (as I always do) rather, grind it into a thick paste using a grinder. We grind these manually because certain traditional methods yield fruitful results.


Peyaaj Beresta Friedonion ingredients Mutton Korma recipe step by step
Peyaaj beresta in the making Part-2

How Beresta adds the zing

  • Add “Peyaaj Beresta” into the cauldron just like an angel does it with her magic potion. I broke another stereotype by adding Meetha Attar instead of Kewra water.
Peyaaj Beresta Mutton Korma recipe step by step
Peyaaj Beresta looks like a feather on the cap.
  • If the stirring game rather seems a little boring you can definitely switch on your favourite soaps to dissolve yourself into the pool of drama. But just don’t drown. Rather, you should stir the mixture for five more minutes and voila! You are done.
Mutton Korma recipe step by step
Mutton Korma is ready to be served

Enjoy your Mutton Korma with Basanti Pulao or Biryani or steamed rice. I am literally gulping down two dishes simultaneously. Evidently, one has to be Mutton Korma and the other has to be daily soaps. How are you enjoying your dinner? Let me know in comments.

Mutton Korma recipe step by step
Mutton korma is served


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  1. Mutton Korma is my family’s fav when comes to have non veg …this recipe seems so easy yet delicious …will sure try this weekend!!

  2. Being a Khaddoroshik Bangali, I love both mutton and Hilsa! This mutton korma recipe looks yummy and tempting. Good to see you still use shil nora! This thing has almost been obliterated from new-age Bengali kitchens these days.

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