Foodicted Fellow Food,Lunch Touchdown Kolkata: My Hangout, The Newest eatery in Southern Avenue

Touchdown Kolkata: My Hangout, The Newest eatery in Southern Avenue


My hangout Southern Avenue Kolkata

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Kolkata is my hometown and I get to explore it less than thrice every year. While I had been searching for some new eateries, I stumbled upon this restaurant named “My Hangout”. It is located bang opposite to the renowned bakery, Dariole in Southern Avenue. I adore minimalist approach to interiors and this very eatery has all the prospects to welcome potential customers.

Interiors of My Hangout, Southern Avenue

Quotes are what motivate us and you can find plenty of food-related humorous quotes on the walls of “My Hangout”.  Being a 1.5 months old continental restaurant, it has proved to be one of the most promising new addition to the southern part of Kolkata. Good food is what matters to me. Rest of the world falls apart, when you provide food to an ardent foodie like me. So let’s take a gastronomical tour of what all I had in lunch.

Seating arrangement My Hangout, Southern Avenue
Seating arrangement

Quirky beverages to start with: My Hangout, Southern Avenue

Iced tea has my heart especially during scorching heat and this restaurant has one of the most refreshing iced teas I have ever had in the city of joy. The appeal makes you go head over heels, so is the taste. Peach iced tea tends to exhibit a perfect balance among sweetness, tartness and vibrant colour to the glass it is being poured.

Mango cooler at My Hangouts, Southern Avenue
Mango cooler at My Hangouts, Southern Avenue

Mango cooler is the mother of all the drinks (popularly known as Aam Panna) and one can never miss it in any eateries, irrespective of what the weather is. There were small dices of mango too, floating at the top and the entire gradient seemed to be pretty interesting than anything else.

Cold coffee and summer goes hand-in-hand and My Hangout specializes in preparing the best coffee in the town. The best part is, they roast their own beans which is a turn-on for a caffeinated soul like mine. Perfectly brewed and quantized, this is surely going to garner the public attention.

Cold coffee My Hangout Southern Avenue
Cold coffee at My Hangout, Southern Avenue

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Fish fingers at Hangout deserves accolades

Needless to say, every Bengali craves for fish and I am exactly the one who prefers sea-food more than anything else. Fish finger has a legacy in itself. Clarens Birdseye happens to be the inventor of fish finger in Great Britain. After a remarkable success in the year 1955, the idea of “Fish sticks” travelled overseas. However, Bengalis swear by it and prefers to have it with Muri (puffed rice) and Beguni (aubergine fritters). Nearly every single eatery in Bengal has this dish in their menu. Its immense popularity in West Bengal is because of the residents who take immense pride in culinary treats.

Fish fingers My Hangout, Southern Avenue
Fish fingers: Highly recommended

The fingers here, were crusty and delicious. Those were well-marinated with Garam Masala powder, herbs, lemon juice, pepper and my favourite, ginger-garlic paste, coated with bread crumbs and fried to perfection. Dip it into the mayonnaise and bite it slowly to enjoy its deliciousness. I would totally recommend this dish. Don’t forget to tell your experience in the comment box.

The showstopper of My Hangout, Southern Avenue: Crispy Pork belly

Crispy pork belly My Hangout, Southern Avenue

Porky affair tends to be the highlight of an exclusive brunch. Foodicted fellow, as a pork-addict will always nod his head, if given a plate of crispy pork belly. To begin with, this very dish looks astounding and the presentation itself tempts you to the core. The pork fat or what we call, “Lard” is simple and yummy, lusciously coated with rich barbeque sauce. My taste buds inspected it to be very tender and sublime. The sauce enhances its taste (which is pretty recognizable) from the picture. I would definitely recommend this to my porkaholic friends out there. Hog on!

Flambeed Marinara (Seafood) Pizza: Oh so, stunning

Flambeed Marinara Seafood Pizza My Hangout Southern Avenue
Seafood pizzas are the best

The name “Flambee” implies that the pizza is on flames. Yes! That’s the showstopper for today’s brunch session. Black rum is used to give this very variant of pizza the flavour it should exhibit. “Marinara” indicates the inclusion of prawns embedded in pizza. Thin-crust cheesy pizzas are insta-worthy and one cannot deny the fact. Taste had to be top-notch and would definitely love to try other variants of pizza here.

American Chopsuey steals the limelight at My Hangout, Southern Avenue

Food that looks and smells good, can never deceive human greed. I encountered with my dad’s favourite American Chopsuey after a month. The egg yolk gave me a wide grin with crispy noodles and chunks of chicken. The slurpy noodles were nowhere after five minutes as my friends couldn’t wait longer and gulp it down straight. If yummy has got a synonym, it has to be “Chopsuey”. Am I burping out loudly? The answer will always be “Yes”.

American chopsuey
American Chopsuey

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Grilled chicken with barbecue sauce is a necessity

How can a true foodie go wrong with the father of all dishes, “Grilled chicken with Barbecue sauce”? Guilty pleasure lies in every inch of a chicken-breast and the scintillating veil of Barbecue sauce gives the chicken, a smoky, sweet and tangy flavour. The presentation was top-notch and I am still drooling over the pictures in my gallery.

Grilled chicken with BBQ sauce sauteed vegetables and flavoured rice
Grilled chicken with BBQ sauce

Here’s a fact to know. A lot of people ask me these days, why Barbecue sauce is given a wider preference. Well, it is used as a marinade, basting, condiment or a mere topping for any kind of meat cooked in that particular style.

Served with sauteed vegetables, flavoured rice and cilantro, this will be a hot-favourite for every single food lover.

Match made in heaven: Burnt ginger fried rice and Green chilli chicken

If you want to make your meal fulfilling enough, rice must be treated as a blessing.  Rice in any form, does its job correctly and burnt ginger fried rice is my current favourite. Thinly-sliced stir-fried ginger, onion and garlic are added into boiled rice and then, tossed, stirred continuously unless it turns brown. The garnishing of fried ginger and onion indeed makes my day, a better one.

Burnt ginger fried rice and Green chilli chicken
Green chilli chicken (top) and Burnt garlic fried rice (bottom)

Pairing up with the fried rice is, my favourite green chilli chicken. If you are already guessing that they are using artificial products, let me tell you, the base of this very dish consist of green chillies, mint leaves and coriander leaves. Yes, they are all natural and green. It tastes flavorsome, tender and juicy. I loved every bit of it and would definitely recommend it to my fellow foodies.

A sweet ending: Tutti fruity ice-cream

Tutti fruity ice cream

A must-have at Bengali wedding ceremony that seemed pretty boring and monotonous now looks gorgeous and tempting at the same time. Plethora of fruits infused in vanilla ice cream and presented with magnificent gradients truly can simply change the midweek hues. Do I recommend it? A big “Yes”.

My Hangout Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Let me know your valuable comments and suggestions. Constructive criticism is always welcome. See you soon on my next blog post. Sayonara!

Disclaimer: Aritro Chattopadhyay (I) was invited to try out few dishes at the café/restaurant. However the reviews are true to the core and totally based on my personal experience.

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