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Ubiquitous enthusiasm


Ubiquitous enthusiasm

You may happen to notice that people these days, celebrate their well-being. It has often been noticed that today’s youth enjoy being happy all the time. You may encounter the color of happiness, almost everywhere. That’s why I titled my newest blog post, “Ubiquitous enthusiasm”. I believe today’s youth know the tactics of leading a great life. They have learned from the elderly, what struggle stands for, in literal means. As a result, youth knows how to eat, sleep, what to utter, blah blah blah in the correct time. They are stress-free as they know how to schedule things accordingly.

Because real-life examples define enthusiasm being, ubiquitous

The essence of ubiquitous enthusiasm has been seen in the case of examinations. Earlier, they were a lot of tension, mimicry, chaos outside examination centers but these days, it is all different. I have encountered a very different phase in my college, which shook me. I saw people calmly going to give their scheduled examination and coming back, with zero regrets. They know the importance of keeping the “Real” smile on their faces as life is short. They know how little things make us happy. I come across, positive quotes, written by common men and they signify the real value of life. You know what, life is short. Why make it complicated, when things are as easy as rice and water. Love someone? Convey your feelings. You won’t get killed.

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Also, there has been transparency in politics which is quite empowering. People don’t shy away from producing their opinions. They don’t shy away from being opinionated because they are empowered. They are well-educated and enlightened, too. Body shaming is everywhere, but a lot of people have overcome fear and they know how to tackle such issues and abolish them, then and there. Women have acquired the male-dominated sectors and are performing well. I come across several people who celebrate each others’ success on social media instead of being jealous. Isn’t enthusiasm, ubiquitous, truly?

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