Foodicted Fellow Food,Quick bites Quintessential quick bites at Bikanervala, Dehradun

Quintessential quick bites at Bikanervala, Dehradun


Quintessential quick bites at Bikanervala, Dehradun

Being a food blogger, I find it more as a responsibility to not only hog on to places (like, Bikanervala) which serve delicious food for non-vegetarians. I find happiness in biting paneer as well as chicken. There’s no discrimination between foodstuffs as we all are “Omnivores”. Quite legit, eh? 😃

A few months ago, @foodicted.fellow was out for a quest for exploring three places in Dehradun and found Bikanervala to be one of the most underrated yet, a popular place on his way. I hope you all have tasted savoury momos in different flavours. Right? How about Paneer momos? Have you ever known that there are such momos existing? Well, this is an era of customization and everything is possible. These dumplings didn’t only taste yummy with chutney but those were fulfilling as well. I mean, two heads can consume it wholeheartedly. 😍 (Now don’t judge me. 😂)

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Someone asked me whether I would share these cute little Paneer cutlets or not. OMG! Later did she know that I am lazy to hear long speech and greedy as well, to indulge in such delish savouries. 😂
These heart-shaped little Paneer cutlets are “Chhota packet bada dhamaka” kinda snacks. Initially, I thought it is not enough to satiate my hunger pangs but voila! It did wonders to my tummy and soul. 😍 

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