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Personifying the REBEL inside me



Raising voice for something which is not right isn’t a crime. Whatever the consequences might be, one should always remember that tolerating injustice is as equal as committing it. Being a human being, one must ensure doing human things. You can’t be a selfish lad, who protects himself from a disastrous wave but lets the old lady dive into the pool. One can’t be silent when the whole world is weeping and raise a stupid point, “We are able to avail all the facilities and luxuries of life, so we don’t care what others are up to.” This is another definition of cowardice and leaving the war-field. You must be a rebel.

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I am a person who has always fought for my rights. I have never lived somebody else’s life or dreams. Being self-reliant and self-dependent have always been my adjectives. I have always been bullied because of my shrill voice, but has that ever made me emotionally weak? Never have I ever wept on my pillows and shed tears. I always rose strong to fight for a better tomorrow and this is the reason I am standing strong today. “Rebel” is on the very first page of my dictionary.

Let me cite an example. There were certain instances where I pointed out my teacher’s errors and got serious accusations. Why shall I bother? If someone is wrong, it is my responsibility to prove him the same rather than just nodding my head. I have never shied away from opinion ting and producing my own thoughts (provided it is true to the core) and fight for it. My only urge to dear fellow friends and acquaintances is, to raise your voice in the right time and at the right place. Trust me, it creates a difference. It creates a new “Rebel” in every sphere of the world.

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