Optimistic me


Optimistic me

Being optimistic isn’t a tough job. You can never invoke optimism by running errands or dropping a silver coin into the well. It needs immense patience, determination, desire, and perseverance to stay positive. An individual should understand the laws of nature and start working on his/her own personality to adapt to the most unfavorable situations of life. How I conquered the fear of producing my own thoughts in front of millions? Let’s see.

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I have always been a very shaky child. The reason being, I had always been alienated from participating in competitions. I was always made fun of my shrill voice. But deep inside my heart, I knew I would come out victorious, one day. I realized in my late 15 that, I have to overcome fear by any means. So, I started working on my personality and pursued international courses alongside school curriculum and teaching students. I came out with a winning streak of being a lifestyle blogger, an English mentor, a career counselor and a meritorious U. G. student, multitasking at his best.

The only thing that keeps me going is “Optimism” and being
optimistic is more than just a mere adjective. Being optimistic has become my

bless all!

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  1. Good on you mate. it is never easy being optimistic, espescially when the challenges around you seem to get tougher at every stage. I look back now and have begun to wonder which label I fit in to. I don’t even know if I am an optimist or a pessimist anymore. All I know is, if there is a problem, I kinda have to find a way to get around it. Sometimes it does feel funny how these words change their own internal definition with time 🙂 . But yes, better an optimist than anything else anyday 🙂

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