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Love is the essence of life


Love is the essence of life

I don’t believe in following trends. Rather, I create trends. When I started writing about food, back in 2016, Dehradun had hardly witnessed a voracious blogger who would binge on good food around the city and post on social media. I started an eternal streak of collaboration programmes in the year 2018 and enlightened several Doonites about various products. From endorsing edible spoons to fancy restaurants and organizing bloggers’ meet, I did it all. I was on a roll. It feels immensely great when brands recognize you and choose you among thousands to promote their products/services. My early achievements persuaded me to fall in love with my own self. I learnt that self-love is the essence of life.

After a few months, I found people messaging me that they visited a particular restaurant, which I promoted on my blog. I found people stalking me on social media for midnight cravings. I found people addressing me as their “Inspiration”. It really means a lot when your hard work, determination, and persistence get paid off. Isn’t it? I realized that I was not only on cloud 9 but I was empowering people around the globe. 🎶 {Imagine “BADAL PE PAON HAIN” playing on the loop}🎶 On the other hand, I am the only 20-year old student in my college who is pursuing graduation alongside, teaching, blogging, and counselling. I have always been addressed as a “Multi-tasker” and pals in my college have immense love and respect for me. This made me fall in love with myself, even more. Sushmita Sen, truly quoted: “Love is the essence of life.”

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My professors have always had faith in me, even if I performed average in examinations. Meantime, I have also engaged myself in some philanthropic work. I used to teach students of a remote rural village of Purulia district via Skype. Although I couldn’t continue that because of a crazy schedule yet, it changed me personally. There were several requests pouring on me, via e-mail/calls to take classes in several academies and that made me wait a minute to ponder that I was creating people, was able to move them and enhance their thoughts, minds and actions. I fell in love with myself, every single day.

Hope this realization helps me, hop from one cloud to another with hard work, self-confidence and determination and influence people around the world. 😊

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