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Kratom causes death to US citizens


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Kratom: introduction, effects, form

Kratom is a tropical tree which originates in the south-eastern part of Asia. The leaves constituting it contains a mixture that can have mind-bending effects. It is also known as Biak, Ketum, Kakuam, Ithang and Thom. It is available in the form of pill, capsule or extract. People prefer chewing it, dry or infusing it with food or a drink. You might have noticed that labelled packets of green powder being sold, addressing human beings, not to consume it. People who intake Kratom have reported amiability, an increment of energy and a sense of vigilance. The effects on one’s health are quite severe. It causes itching, sweating, loss of appetite, constipation, nausea, drowsiness, vomiting and hallucination. The side effects are quite dangerous.

Kratom US killed drug abuse
Image source: Health Europe

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The actual incident, although a very unfortunate one

US Government reported approx. ninety-one deaths caused due to Kratom overdose. This incident took place in twenty-seven US states. Higher officials also stated that they knew only forty-four of them. The victims were involved in, intake of heroin, marijuana, fentanyl and other drugs, but this very drug, topped them all. The mockery lies here: According to the American Kratom Association, between three million to five million people consume it in the United States of America.

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