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Jogging: Benefits and risks


jogging benefits

How many of you would actually believe that running at a slower pace proves to be a great factor in improving health and wellness? I jog for almost six to eight kilometres, every day and boy; it actually helps me in maintaining myself, physically and emotionally fit. Jogging is less burdensome yet, more effective, consuming lesser energy and hence, it succours for a long time. Jogging is the coolest fitness regime for those people who hate long gym sessions, just like me. It is widely practised by people who warm themselves up and cool down their body while performing vigorous exercise.

Jogging: Benefits and risks
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Benefits of jogging
  • Jogging helps in burning calories. Mere walking won’t help you in the long run of life. It has shed half of my blubber and it will help me shed more in the future. What one needs the most is consistency.
  • Staying physically active has a great role in keeping your mind fresh and healthy. A brisk walk and jog really help us from all the negativities. It lifts up your spirit and pushes you to pursue work, enthusiastically.
  • Jogging is regarded as an extraordinary cardio-vascular workout and it enhances the functioning of the heart. It has a great role in boosting metabolism and preventing cardiac issues. It has a great role in enduring respiratory muscles and also ensures a smooth intake of oxygen using lungs.
Jogging: Benefits and risks
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Risks of jogging
  • American College of Cardiology regards jogging as a bad choice for those who discontinue it or practices it, over time.
  • Excessive jogging may prove fatal to your health. It can even increase the chance of risk of death.

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