Foodicted Fellow Food,Lunch Inculcating love for sandwiches at Zen Panda

Inculcating love for sandwiches at Zen Panda


Sandwiches at Zen Panda

Sandwiches at Zen Panda

Sandwiches at Zen Panda are the only option which pops in my mind when I am hungry, broken and super late for classes. A sandwich has the supreme power to fulfil your appetite (regardless of the merciless time). I prefer my sandwich, well-customized and @ZenPanda_DDN fulfils all my wishes at a go.

Cheesy pineapple sandwiches at Zen Panda

While Lord Buddha is high on His sanity of mind, I chose to perform the sin of putting these amazingly flavoured cheesy pineapple sandwiches in front of Him. The moment you bite it down into pieces, you will be able to feel the taste of cheddar and cheese slices and a mild yet, effective flavour of pineapple, giving you the utmost pleasure of life. I loved the concept of infusing pineapple in a sandwich and I bet, you will keep licking your fingers.



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Egg sandwiches at Zen Panda

Egg sandwiches that contain no veggies and only egg tempt my soul more. Sandwiches at Zen Panda are more than just being palatable. The fact that this very eatery exceeds at every level is, they use authentic products to curate their menu. I have never encountered any sandwich that has boiled eggs with cheese and mayo (perfectly seasoned), before. This one truly deserves a praiseworthy mention.

Vegetable sandwich

A vegetable sandwich is boring. Read it again after seeing this post scripted above. Not so boring, right? The veggies are tossed with mayo and then put inside the two mighty pieces of bread. A single crunch can land you to heaven. Visit Zen Panda and grab your sandwiches too.

Thanks for reading my blog post. Zen Panda has launched customized sandwiches on April’19. Please visit them and you’ll be amazed by their hospitality and food.

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