Foodicted Fellow Food,Lunch Hunger ka Panchnama: Five yummy dishes you MUST EAT at Zen Panda

Hunger ka Panchnama: Five yummy dishes you MUST EAT at Zen Panda


Rice noodles Zen Panda

Zen Panda has proved to be the best cafe in recent times. Dehradun is totally blessed to have an outlet like this, where you can avail international cuisines at budget-friendly rates and amazing taste. Although I have tried most of their dishes yet, there are five things, I would definitely suggest ardent foodies to must eat at Zen Panda.

Pineapple momos are a big surprise at Zen Panda

How about some unconventional yet, super yummy dishes on midweek?  @ZenPanda_DDN nails it, when it comes to experimenting with food and promises connoisseurs with the tastiest and unique dishes. What I have on my table is, a basket full of roasted pineapple momos? Have you ever heard of it? Well, of course not! This is why you should visit this place. They give a new dimension to the food and their dedication is worth appreciating.

These steamed dumplings carry themselves with a stupendous filling of roasted pineapple and kimchi. It goes well with Sriracha sauce. I will definitely recommend it to all fusion momo lovers!

Get set slurp with rice noodles- MUST EAT AT ZEN PANDA

@ZenPanda_DDN has got all the necessities for the uncontrollable ठंड and unpredictable मौसम  that Dehradun, blesses us, with. Rice noodles, being one of the best comfort food in this weather, proved its worth at every slurp.

I loved the judicious amount of paneer with mild yet, flavoured essence of chilli flakes and butter tossed veggies. The broth is the toughest thing to make and this one is worth every sip. Believe me or not, this very dish is itself a wholesome meal.

Lemongrass rice- A medley to cherish forever

When love for food expands its colours, I feel elated. Elated enough, to savour all that comes on my way. This plate full of rice with lemongrass topped with mushrooms, chicken, tofu and in-house sauce just amazed me, how experiments with food can give birth to an interesting medley.

@ZenPanda_DDN reigns with utmost grace and has proved to be one of the most versatile cafes of Dehradun. Are you putting it in your bucket list? 😍

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Thailand in Dehradun? Go gaga over Veg. Pad See-Ew

So what, if your pocket is not friendly to afford flight fares for Thailand! @ZenPanda_DDN has successfully introduced the authentic Veg Pad See-Ew and I cannot help but drool over it, every single time I hover around my gallery. “Thai stir fry noodles” is regarded as the staple street food of Thailand. Remember fellas! There’s a sheer difference between “Pad Thai” and “Pad See-Ew”. Pad Thai is comparatively sweeter whereas, Pad See-Ew is salty, sour and a little bit chargrilled. This is indeed a “Must eat at Zen Panda”.

If you are pondering over the thought, what makes this dish so popular is its amazingly delicious soy sauce, mixed with appropriate ingredients and noodles. I loved the idea of infusing the flavour of peanuts in it. The crunchy munchy affair with slurping noodles is all I need to make my Wednesday, a fun day.

Vegan delight: Veg. Fried Rice in XO sauce

I used to have a bowl of pork fried rice with XO sauce while in Kolkata. It is a pleasure to see @zenpanda_ddn prepare this very dish in its “Vegetarian form”. Lots of veggies and mushrooms constitute the fried rice and it goes straight into your heart to fill it with happiness.





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XO sauce is regarded as one of the spiciest seafood sauce that originates from Hong Kong. Don’t be confused by its mysterious name, because this very sauce is versatile like anything else and can be used as a condiment while adding it during cooking to bring flavour to noodles or fried rice. This is definitely a “Must eat at Zen Panda”.

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What are you waiting for? Hog into these yummy delicacies and create memories. See you soon with another blog post.

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