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Gastronomical experience at Café Cibo



Café Cibo is a household name in Dehradun and whosoever stays nearby, never misses a chance to visit it. It is situated very close to Marshall School, which is in E.C. Road. One can easily reach the café by auto-rickshaw or ola cabs, hence the hassles are none. This very quaint café has all the necessities that I require on gloomy days.

Interiors of Cafe Cibo- Books- Souvenirs

Interiors and exteriors of Cafe Cibo

Sitting arrangement in the airy atmosphere is something, every tourist needs on a vacation. The umbrellas make it more beautiful. The entrance of Cafe Cibo is well decorated with green plants and an old dilapidated statue of Buddha. The interiors are well-lit with antique hanging lamps. They have plenty of books sponsored by “Valley of words” for every bookworm. Souvenirs woo my mind and the little cups and cutleries look so apt with the interior design. The seating capacity would accommodate more than twenty people hence; it is a perfect place for family brunch.

Interior seating at Cafe Cibo
Interior seating arrangement
Exterior seating Cafe Cibo
Exterior seating arrangement

Quenching my thirst with some quirky beverages

I am gluttonous to the core; hence I thought to order way too many dishes to serve my greedy soul. I started with some quirky beverages. Java chocolate shake was refreshing enough for Doon summers. The presence of caffeine and chocolate powder was prominent enough and it stood out as a fresh start. Granita is much-required stuff while you meet your fellow pals after a long time. The flavour of Hazelnut Granita contains an immense depth and is strong to the core, giving caffeine addicted people, a great pleasure. The distinctive aroma of coffee, just lands you to a different realm, altogether. This one is a must try for sure. A quirky mashup of lemon, mint, lime, green apple and soda gives birth to Mint Apple Meltdown and I swear to God, this is gonna heal people in summers. I loved it totally and would recommend others to try as well at Cafe Cibo.

Java Chocolate Shake Cafe Cibo
Java Chocolate Shake
Hazelnut Granita Cafe Cibo
Hazelnut Granita

Some lip-smacking starters from the kitchen of Cafe Cibo

Teriyaki, soy, oyster and ketchup gives rise to the mother of all the dishes. Barbeque chicken wings are fiery, yet not so spicy, giving tangy yet, spicy and sweet flavour once chewed. The sesame seeds are to die for and it even makes your wings, instagrammable. Lebanese cuisine is praised all over the world and we Indians reign with diversity to celebrate every single culture regardless of how different they are from us. Lebanon, being our victim from the very first as we all are very partial to its delightful mezze platter. Hummus is basically, a dip made of mashed chickpeas, beans, blended with olive oil and lemon juice. Pita bread tastes brilliantly amazing with Hummus. Although in Café Cibo, the platter wasn’t seasoned properly yet, the picture came out really wonderful. A quesadilla is what we call tortilla wrapped cheese, veggies and spices. It is one of the most well-known Mexican dishes,  that is praised all over the world

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Hummus and Pita Lebanese
Hummus and pita
Vegetable quesadillas Mexican
Vegetable quesadillas

Here arrives the main course dishes

The main course spread consisted of vegetable Lasagne, chicken steak sizzler, pizzas and pasta. The last time I had Lasagne here was, in the year 2016 when I promised myself, I wouldn’t return to this place. Time heals everything. They have worked on their flaws and the lasagne came out beautifully from the oven, this time. It was perfect in its own way. The stacked layers of pasta, alternated with vegetables, condiments and lots and lots of cheese made this traditional variant of pasta give a legendary look. I adored it, totally.

Lasagne Lasagna Cafe Cibo
Cafe Cibo’s special Lasagna

Cafe Cibo specials: Vegilicious Pizza, Arrabiata Pasta and Chicken steak Sizzler

Nothing can beat the drama of a sizzler. That whistling sound compliments really well with the smoky yet, subtle flavours of saucy chicken steak and charcoal grilled and sautéed vegetables with stuffed tomato and mushroom sauce create different magic, altogether. Although pizzas are way too mainstream these days, yet the vegetable pizzas have created a good buzz around the town. I will definitely recommend “Vegilicious” keeping in mind the enormous structure and cheesy affair it carries within. Pasta is a compulsion and we are born to eat good quality portions of pasta. I am not much of an Arrabiata person hence, thought of trying it this very time. I was surprised by its smooth layer, covering the whole of penne pasta.

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Chicken steak sizzler
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Vegilicious Pizza
Arrabiata Sauce Penne Pasta

A sweet ending

The much-awaited rendezvous ended with a plate of Nutella pancake and banana pancake. Both the pancakes were served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. The latter ones were more praised by people as, banana compliments really well with the cinnamon flavoured pancakes. Do visit Café Cibo to experience one of the best gastronomical journeys in Dehradun.

Nutella Pancake
Nutella pancake
Banana pancake
Banana pancake

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