Foodicted Fellow Food Flavoursome appetizers at Zen Panda Dehradun

Flavoursome appetizers at Zen Panda Dehradun


Zen Panda Dehradun Gnocchi

Zen Panda Dehradun

Zen Panda has proved itself to be one of the most “Out of the box” outlets in Dehradun and its experimental food brings me almost every single time. “Zen Panda Dehradun” has been the talk of the town since a year or so and its owner, Abhishek has maintained its dignity with class and grace. Every time I poured in, amazement and experiment showcased its incarnation. Let us get to know some amazing dishes, which Zen has got to offer.

Three cheese mac: Zen Panda Dehradun’s signature dish

I don’t know why poets have been mysteriously silent on the topic of “Cheese”. I could have created 1000 poems on it, I swear! Nothing says holiday, like a cheese log and guess what! It’s almost Sunday and I am at my favourite outlet to taste their winter special “Three cheese mac”. 

I have always had a special corner for pasta and this very dish has all the potential to make a gloomy day, a brighter one. Let us get to know this dish in brief. Mac n cheese dates back to early 20th century when Kraft company used to put it in a box and every American kid screams with macaroni and cheese on their pretty faces. It got way too much popularity in America, but astonishingly its origin is in Europe (mainly, Italy and England). 

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Zen Panda is an abode for all vegetarians and they make sure to launch something delicious every season. The drained macaroni gave me an instant “WOW” factor when it got covered with the three Goddesses. Well, I meant, mild cheddar cheese, processed cheese and Parmesan. It was so cheesy and yummy, that I gobbled it up almost like a kid. 

Green cigars with Kimchi

Green cigars are shaped like cigarettes, with spinach and bokchoy as the filling inside the thin cylindrical beauty. This dish is purely vegetarian and has proved its unique aura with its delicious taste. I would recommend all my foodie friends, to pair it with their mayo dip and kimchi salad. 

Zen Panda provides unconventional vegetarian dishes which not only looks good but tastes yummy as well.

Gnocchi in roasted bell pepper sauce

  Lets spread the essence of positivity all over the world. I have always admired how @ZenPanda_DDN brings innovation in every dish they curate. Be it a simple pasta or rice, they have always exceeded my expectations and added a pint of yum factor on it. 

Gnocchi stuffed with chicken in roasted bell pepper sauce, not only makes me feel pleased about life but also helps me realise the onset of spring in full bloom. Probably that’s the only reason I recommend it to try in this very season.

What’s a Gnocchi? It is an Italian bombshell made of soft dough dumplings that constitutes semolina, wheat flour, egg, cheese, potatoes and miscellaneous ingredients. This dish needs a lot of time and patience to prepare. The magic lies in the appropriate amount of flour, eggs and salt while mixing with mashed potatoes. The sour yet sweet abstract of roasted bell pepper sauce on it, adds icing to the sugar in my mind. 

I was in my late teens when I had Gnocchi in Delhi. One of my friends from Manila cooks yummy Gnocchi and Ravioli hence, I remember having it with Ricotta and Marinara Sauce. Zen Panda helped me recollect my memories, once again. 

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Do you have certain memories with certain dishes? Why not visit Zen Panda, in Dehradun and relive them? 

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