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Ever imagined a day without a cell phone?


Usage of a cell phone mobile

To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you’re truly wireless.

Ted Turner

The contribution of a cell phone has always been overlooked. I have always felt that certain materialistic things are given less importance although, they deserve to be worshipped. From uploading your latest blog post to calling the ambulance for emergency purposes, cell phones have proved its worth in the 21st century. Cell phones decrease the space among several nations, lives and most importantly, family and distant relationships. Not only mere phone calls or messaging but, an individual gets access to the whereabouts of celebrities, friends, and relatives on a single platform.

Usage of a cell phone
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When cell phones were discovered, those were found to be bulky, over-priced and they had many technical glitches. Earlier, mobile phones were limited to long conversations and text messages. Now, one can actually use a mobile phone for various purposes. It acts like a portable mini-computer which has all the essential features to meet our requirements. I use my mobile for various purposes. Suppose, I am in my workplace and it is not possible to respond to e-mails using enormous structures like the laptop, desktop, etc. Hence, mobile phones act as a savior.

A compact structure with all the required apps and facilities is all I need on my mobile phone. It also helps us in, seeing the weather forecast and climatic conditions to prepare for the day. Banks would have been the second Thar Desert of India without the latest technologies like the mobile phone. Net banking eases our task of not being physically present at the bank yet, completing the task (withdrawal/deposit of a certain amount) on prescribed time. A mobile phone can save numerous lives by letting an individual call, police, ambulance, fire brigade, in seconds. Due to GPS service, one can easily track the user’s location in the case of loss or theft. Can you live without shopping online? I am clearly a lazy person and love window shopping on various apps. It saves a lot of time and lets us buy quality things at a low price.

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Ever imagined a day without a cell phone? I would almost feel like an ape (early form of human beings). The primary means of communication will die and important notifications will be missed. I, being a blogger can’t live without my Instagram, blog, Facebook, and e-mail. How can I miss Rihanna showing off her #OOTD shots and The Rock displaying bomb abs? What will happen to my gossip mongers? I can’t miss Whatsapp and I bet, you will agree with me.

The cell phone has become the adult’s transitional object, replacing the toddler’s teddy bear for comfort and a sense of belonging.

Margaret Heffernan

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  1. The thought is really scary, but there are days when I tke time off my cell phone and try and spend some real interactive time with family and friends. Enjoyed reading your post.

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