Foodicted Fellow Bakery,Food Cavernous variety of bakery products: Bake a Cake in 123, Dehradun

Cavernous variety of bakery products: Bake a Cake in 123, Dehradun


Bake a cake in 123

Bake a cake in 123

Dehradun boasts of huge varieties of bakery and home bakers are sprawling up, everywhere. One such baker came across my way while I was drooling over some pictures on Instagram. Bake a cake in 123, Dehradun has recently started delivering cakes and pastries all over Dehradun, mainly in Prem Nagar and surrounding areas, such as Ballupur, Suddhowala, Panditwari, etc. My forty-second collaboration remarks sweetness, creativity, and ushers positivity throughout the city. Lately discovered this very talented home baker, who goes by the Instagram handle: “@bakeacakein123” who excels in preparing bakery products including cupcakes, truffles, etc.

Cupcake cake: An innovation from the house of Bake a cake in 123 Dehradun

The above picture depicts, “Cupcake cake”, which consists of sweet little heart-shaped cupcakes. They are gooey chocolaty to the core with frosting on the top. Midweek hues can easily be rubbed off with such a pretty cake. Isn’t it a praiseworthy innovation? Cute little cupcakes, merged together to form a large cake. Wow! What an innovative concept. What about the taste? I love fluffy moist cupcakes with extra frosting. An appropriate amount of sweetness and extra love makes any food, super yummy. Isn’t it?

Fusion cupcakes are LOVE

I love cupcakes with my evening tea hence, there were:

a. Truffle cupcakes

b. Vanilla cupcakes

c. Galaxy cupcakes

d. Pineapple pastry

All these cute little desserts served as a palatable snacking option with black tea. Let me describe you my experience in detail.

Galaxy and truffle cupcakes Bake a cake in 123 Dehradun
Galaxy and truffle cupcakes

For a chocolate lover like me, these truffle inspired beauties are a treat for the soul. Truffle cupcakes are irresistibly good. I prefer them on high-tea occasions or with my regular black tea of Makaibari. The same goes for Vanilla cupcakes and Pineapple pastries where, flavour plays the game, actually. Galaxy cupcakes are highly recommendable. This is full of surprises. It may reflect the colour of your regular aubergine, but to be honest, it is vanilla in disguise. The moment you give it a small bite, you will get to experience a crunchy munchy affair to surprise your wits out.

Pineapple pastry Vanilla cupcake

Milk chocolate hamper

Milk chocolate hamper Bake a cake in 123 Dehradun
Milk chocolate hamper

Trust me or not, milk chocolates have always been my quick-snack option since birth. I am a choco-maniac and chocolate in any form, mesmerizes me. Creamy and smooth in texture, this very chocolate is bound to make your day, a special one. While I had a bite of this white beauty, I realized that the chocolate has been perfectly conched to give it a rich and subtle flavour. I used to have it during my trip to Darjeeling. Darjeeling tea is the best accompaniment with milk chocolate. I must say, Bake A Cake in 123 is doing a great job.

Milk chocolate
Milk chocolate

Blend cake: The Showstopper of Bake a cake in 123 Dehradun

The gastronomical voyage reached its destination with a Blend cake. It is a mixture of two well-known flavours namely, black forest and truffle. It looked so elegant that I immersed in pain while bisecting the cake. As you can see one side of the cake is, totally dedicated to black forest whereas, the other side belongs to the truffle. With the appropriate amount of overwhelming flavours and good taste, this one is sure to create a buzz around the city. Trust me or not, I am still drooling over this picture displayed below.

Blend cake Bake a cake in 123 Dehradun
Blend cake

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  1. I just love truffle cakes. They are just awesome. These pictures uffff.. Feels like eating them all at ones.
    And yes I loved the gift hamper. Send me one, please. Keep growing brother

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