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Abacus of blogging: Blog today to prosper tomorrow


Self prosper blog

Self prosper blog

Blogging is no more a hobby, an activity or just a passion. It is in full bloom to prove itself as a noteworthy source of income. Yes, you heard and perceived it, right. Blogging has taken an interesting turn to become one of the most promising fields, on professional background. Besides that, blogging for earning money is a great idea but sustainable development must be taken into consideration too. But how is it possible? Let’s read about the abacus of blogging and how one can blog today to prosper tomorrow.


Have you ever wondered what led the world sow the seeds of blogging with utmost confidence? Have you ever pondered for a moment to realize that “Influencing” million hearts has become a very serious job in the 21st century? Well, probably not! How much time do we even devote for thought processing? Anyways, arguments are endless but my purpose of writing this blog is very well connected with the above-mentioned dilemma.

Abacus of blogging: Blog today to prosper tomorrow
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Why Blogging is nothing, but a perfect choice for today’s youth?

Why do we create lengthy captions or write blogs? The simplest answer is, producing our thoughts, to influence others. Words create people, words move people. That’s the biggest truth. Let me cite an example. Suppose, there’s a fancy restaurant opening up, in front of your college. It is a matter of fact that they want to attract potential customers and the only one who can create buzz organically is none other than a blogger. There are thousands of examples to begin or end with. At the age of 20, I have collaborated with more than 40 brands (food, fashion, and lifestyle) and earned a pretty decent amount. You can do that, too.


A sudden uprise in the world of social media and networking has stormed the youth with the hunger of success and pursuing passion. Every inch you walk, a new brand opens up and attracts the youth. Hence, there are tremendous opportunities for a blogger to promote a new brand to create buzz. But what if, a new brand becomes a popular name and your opportunities almost seem to fade away? Here comes the realm of “New menu launch” where a blogger proves to be the real hero.

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How to make your blog prosper?

Success doesn’t kiss the cloud of your realm, overnight. You have to work hard for it. The blog is your baby hence, nurture it, appropriately or else, it can prove fatal, later. It is always good to consult higher officials for guidance although, there are not many technical skills required for creating a blog. Make sure it is self-hosted and with an SSL certificate. (It may not be listed by your hosting provider.) Prepare a mantra which will work till eternity: “Read, write, engage and share”. The more you read; it enriches your thought process. The more you write; it enhances your creative writing skills. The more you engage; you build your audience organically. (Connecting with people is always a good idea) The more you share; people get to know that you are alive with your ideas. (Who knows? Your ideas may build someone’s life)


Being active on your blog improves its rank globally as well as nationwide. You get more recognition and fetch amazing proposals from brands. Life will be on a full swing and you get to experience a mashup of traveling to places, new clothes to wear, pamper yourself with new makeup kit or binge on good food. Life is beautiful but it’s totally your responsibility, how you make it fulfilling enough for your survival.

Blogchatter has come up with #BlogchatterA2Z hence, there will be 26 blog posts in total for April’ 2019. If you happen to be an avid reader, you can’t skip my posts. I promise you the best content ever. Stay tuned.

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  1. I’ll be reading your posts for sure. I’ve got the basics of reading, writing and sharing going, but still have a long way to go in reaching my ultimate potential!

  2. A must read Content for newbies. Blogging has really changed, and it takes much consistency along with proper knowledge to raise the standards. well written post

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