I love myself


I love myself

What do you see at the corner of your room? You can see a bed or a cupboard. What do you see when you are standing in front of the mirror? Your reflection! For others, it may be just a mere reflection, but for me it is life. I love seeing myself in the mirror. Am I mad? Yes! I am madly in love with me. I love myself. I love my inner instinct. I love my soul. I love my gut feeling. I love the way I eat, talk, sleep, read, blog and what not! I LOVE MYSELF. Self love, reigns!

I love myself Fashion Blogger New Delhi Lotus Temple
Location: Lotus Temple, New Delhi

Self love: Myth or reality

Have you ever fallen in love with yourself? Maybe, not! If love has existed between two souls, it has also existed within you. It is just that it takes time for us to discover self-love. Self love is one of the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. I have always adored nourishing my inner self. Due to shrill voice and introvert attitude, I had always been alienated, while in school. People gave me weird nicknames, played dirty games, performed nasty politics and what not! Though, I have obtained all these heinous acts as tests of patience. I passed all these hurdles, but how? Every single day I woke up, I made sure to say in front of the mirror, “Aritro! You are the best.” At the age of fifteen-sixteen, I was working as a professional cover designer alongside, teaching students and pursuing high school studies. Needless to say, but I was also engaged in an international course from ALISON and several technical courses from NIIT, to enrich my skills. As days passed by, I fell in love with myself as I could trace my growth.

They gon’ say all kinds of things
They’ll make jokes about my name
They gon’ try to clip my wings, but I’m gon fly, I’m gon’ fly
They’ll try to play me like a game
I’ll bet they’re too scared of the fame
But I can see clear when looking at the mirror 
Saying God made me just right

Meghan Trainor (I LOVE ME)

But baby I love me…..

It was 2016 when I moved to college and shifted to a different city. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that, Dehradun would welcome me with her door ajar. The lush green valley of Doon and the snow capped mountains of Dhanaulti, made me fall in love with myself again. I took myself out for shopping, ate at various eateries alone, watched movies and went out for solo dates as well. But how did I become financially able at such an early stage to enjoy what life has got to offer? The question arises because I was only eighteen years old. I have always been a voracious foodie and the scenario of food blogging was not in full bloom at Dehradun. I invested a lot of time and effort in taking quality pictures and writing amazing articles on food, fashion and lifestyle to garner accolades.

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Location: Taj Mahal, Agra

Breakthrough makes me fall in love with myself

Although it took me three years to get established as a blogger, yet I have never stopped loving myself. Self-love has always pushed me to do better. At the age of nineteen, I was in my second year of graduation. Alongside that, I had been indulging in mentoring students in various academies, in and around Dehradun. I was also appointed as a career counselor in a college. Handling all these things together was never hectic, because I have always believed in scheduling tasks. I have always had a great backbone hence I never shy away from voicing my opinions and that makes me fall in love with myself, yet again.

I ain’t waiting on nobody’s call

I collaborated with more than forty brands till date and today, at the age of twenty, I am almost on my way to complete my U.G. studies. This made me realise the importance of self-love and have promised myself to work harder. I have made a resolution to prosper my blog and make it self-sufficient alongside teaching more students and pursuing P.G. efficiently. Although, I don’t know how that introvert guy who was bullied everyday in school grew up so quickly or maybe the reason lies in having faith in my inner self. Aritro didn’t attain Nirvana, rather he smelt the odour of self-realisation, quite early.

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby I was born this way

Lady Gaga (Born this way)

It is the season of self-realisation

This post has not been written to boast about what I have done till date.  Rather, it has been written to acknowledge those people who have chosen their life to love and nurture themselves and understand their inner soul to fulfill several responsibilities. I believe, every single individual should interview themselves in mirror. It helps to know your inner capabilities more than anybody else.

Pro tip: Take more selfies, make Tik-tok videos and be happy for who are you are. You don’t deserve to be rice and dal. Treat yourself like a Biryani. I treat myself as lasagne, but that is a different affair in itself.



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17 thoughts on “I love myself”

  1. The moment you messaged about your wish to join our blogtrain, we all hosts were really looking forward to hearing your story.
    It was quite brave of you to hop on a train full of women😁.
    Honestly I have been following you since quite sometime now and must say that you are truly an inspiration. I see myself in you. I am so glad to have u with us today as we celebrate self love. This was a beautiful read indeed and definitely very inspiring. Wish u all the best for all your future endeavors 🤗.

  2. Loveeeeeddd it babyyyy.. many ways to go..n I’m sure you’ll go with such immense grace. Kudos to you for your every achievements at such an early age. & All the best for more.. & & & proud of u as always. Love you always. & Always there for you.

  3. Loved your post . The way you rose from
    being an introvert guy and accomplished so much at such an early age. At that age we just focussed to cling on our chosen path .
    It’s really amazing to know you .I thank my stars to enter into the world of blogging wherein you meet so many beautiful and equally talented souls.

  4. I loved this post.So very real and straight from heart.It took me 32 years to fall in love with myself but I am glad I did 🙂

  5. Self-love is something that most if not all people indulge in. It is another matter that they may not acknowledge it. Of course one cannot love others if one is not able to love oneself.

  6. This is a great post. I loved reading it. You have written it in a beautiful way. ALl the best.

  7. Self love is of utmost importance. Unless and until you have that you cannot find a foothold in any stream. Loved reading the post. Great job

  8. Self love is what we all need. Love reading your journey of becoming a successful blogger. More power to you

  9. No doubt self love is so important. And one should pamper oneself as it’s boost confidence. Love reading your self love journey

  10. Self love is super important for self esteem and confidence . You are doing a great job Aritro. Keep it up!

  11. There’s comes a time in everyone’s life when self doubt creeps in. If you love yourself then it goes a long way in breaking all those doubts.

  12. Treat yourself as Biryani haha loved how you summed it up like a true foodie. I agree one must love oneself. Rest all comes after that

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