Foodicted Fellow Food How Koka won my heart? #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa

How Koka won my heart? #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa


Satay Koka noodles

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A fierce couple gave birth to Tat Hui Foods in the year 1985. Mr. and Mrs. Lim Hi Lay brought these instant noodles into existence. Surprisingly, their invention displayed the unique trait of Singaporean cuisine. Their vision was very simple: “Getting a generous fan-following who is genuinely passionate about noodles.” You can very well judge their authenticity with the high-quality of noodles they produce. Koka noodles has evolved through the years from Tai Hui foods to No MSG products and continuing to amaze us with its wide variety of products. But you must have been questioning in your mind, how Koka won my heart all of a sudden, besides Maggi, Top Ramen or other hyped brands. Here goes the detailed review.

For an enriching experience that comes hand-in-hand with well-known Asian recipes, KOKA’s Signature range is the perfect pick. Made with carefully selected herbs and spices, every bite promises an explosion of authentic flavours that will have you falling in love instantly.

Laksa Singapura: What sets it apart from your regular noodles

Laksa Singapura Koka Noodles
Laksa Singapura with Lays Hot ‘N’ Sour

I prefer my noodles dry, but you shouldn’t. The gravy has settled already in the bottom (which is very much visible in the picture) but you must take a moment to sip the gravy. Why so? Well, how can you even miss this interesting fusion of Malay and Chinese cuisine! Laksa is a traditional soup noodle served with a milk-based curry, mainly consisting of coconut and a zesty broth (I repeat, broth, not your regular soup) spiced with tamarind. From food trucks to five star restaurants, Koka has a fan-base everywhere around the world. The rich creamy taste gets enhanced with shrimp, herbs, veggies and spices. The flavours intermingle with each other enough, to ensure that you avail the best gastronomic experience altogether.

Satay Koka noodles: Where meat plays the game

Chicken satay Koka noodles
Satay Noodles (Image courtesy: Koka’s website

Who doesn’t love skewered meat marinated in earthy and amazing flavours of cumin, turmeric and lemon grass? I love it, immensely. Hence, Koka came up with this delicious Satay noodles which is a vegetarian version of this meaty affair. No! You won’t feel bored for the reason being very distinctively clear. Koka Satay noodle is, a mashup of aromatic herbs and spices with the evergreen essence of chicken satay. This flavorful variant of noodles will be your current obsession and there’s absolutely no doubt about it. You bet!

Matter of fact: Koka noodles price is around 40 INR to 50 INR and you can easily find them in any convenience store. Go and buy yours and thank me later.

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40 thoughts on “How Koka won my heart? #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa”

  1. I had always been eating Maggi over two decades now…I think it’s high time I shoukd try Koka ..looks interesting..

  2. I love noodles but have not tried the koka ones. They are easily available in any shop and I must try soon. I like the sound of both broth version and satay one.

  3. I never heard of Koka noodles . Next time I go mall, I will search for it.

    Hope it is as tasty as u have said or else I will take my money from u. Lol.

  4. Have not tried the Koka brand of noodles. But seeing that they are free from MSG, would like to give them a try. Will check out the nearest convenience store for some veg variants.

  5. Milk based curries are my favourite… Will try Laksa noodles for sure! I know I would love it! Thank you for sharing about this!

  6. I’ve never tried the koka noodles, but this Chinese and Malay combination of spices sounds delightful

  7. Though I am a foodies, I didn’t know about different types of noodles. You have done good research on them. Doing research on food you eat is really good thing to do.

  8. I have never tried this and frankly speaking not even heard about this but as you said I will definitely go for a try, It sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I came across this brand a couple of month ago, but didn’t pay much attention. But now I guess with your review in my mind, I will definitely get some to try and taste.

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  11. I never heard about this noodles… I will definitely going to try this noodles for sure. Good to know that Koka Noodles are available in a variety of flavours such as Chicken, Curry, Masala etc…

  12. Hey nice pick and suggestion to try this koka noodles. I am so fed up of same old maggi. I need newness and good perspective with it. Will give it a try

  13. This sounds really tasty and different! We love our noodles but only have the popular brand options so it is good to know about something new – definitely going to try it out.

  14. Wow I have never tried the Koka noodles but they surely look yummy. Maybe I should try them sometime as I love a good soupy noodles, similar to laksa 😍.

  15. I haven’t tried Koka noodles yet and yeah what’s popular in Dubai is Chinese noodles varieties and yeah will definitely check these out. Your description is making me desperate to try some

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