Foodicted Fellow Food Zen Panda: One stop destination for vegetarians #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa

Zen Panda: One stop destination for vegetarians #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa


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Doonites! There has always been a far cry from foodies that, why varieties lack when it comes to vegetarian food at Zen Panda. Somehow, we fail to experiment with vegetarian food and hence, less options arise due to that very reason. Well, you don’t have to worry for such a terrible situation, where going out with your vegan friends turns out to be curse. Zen Panda is the one stop destination for vegetarians and being in Dehradun, you cannot afford to miss their yummy delicacies. Lets see what all my tummy savoured, last week and quickly note it down.

Tortellini in burnt butter sauce: Zen Panda Vegetarian food

Tortellini in burnt butter sauce Zen Panda Dehradun
Tortellini in burnt butter sauce

These melted in my mouth and convinced me to have this again during my next visit. Tortellini is basically what I would call, “छुपा रुस्तम”. These are ring shaped pasta but one may confuse it with momos. Generally, they are called “Belly button” and here in Zen Panda, they have a stupendous filling of cheddar and cottage cheese which literally gives me “FoodGasm”. Ahh. Yes, that’s the feeling.

Dip it in their in-house  burnt butter sauce and forget about life.

Mushroom pot stickers in Chilli Oil

Mushroom pot stickers in Chilli Oil Zen Panda Dehradun
Mushroom pot stickers in Chilli Oil 

It is really a commendable effort by one of my favourite outlets in Dehradun named Zen Panda to give our tastebuds a new dimension for vegetarian food. Who knew that, vegetarian momos can be customised so well?

These are what you call in देसी ishtyle: “Kothey”. Probably, this is the only place where you can get the best pot stickers in Dehradun. The good news is you gotta be experiencing the filling of both, button mushroom and oyster mushroom. How cool is that? Dipped in oil, yet not oily. Covered with chilly flakes, yet not spicy? What magic is that? Well, these unusual games turn out to be boon for tastebuds when festive hangovers are on.

Apple momos with caramel twist: Zen Panda Vegetarian food




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Auspicious occasions like Shivaratri deserves some momotastic affair and Zen Panda offers exactly what my greedy appetite demands. Something sweet, with a little experiment is all we need in this season. Isn’t it?

Rose-shaped momos with a notorious filling of crunchy caramel and apple made my day, sinful to the core. The presentation is overwhelming enough to give me “Patakha vibes”.

Thanks for reading. Please give me your honest feedback regarding the discovery of great vegetarian food at Zen Panda, Dehradun. Thank you for supporting me as always and stay tuned for my next blog-post.

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20 thoughts on “Zen Panda: One stop destination for vegetarians #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa”

  1. Wonderful to know people experimenting with veg food. It’s always a struggle to get good innovative dishes. These seem different and unique. Especially the tortellini.

  2. All the food looks so tempting and seems like a must visit place .
    The exotic mushroom dish is something that I am looking forward to trying.

  3. Yeh!!!
    I love it

    I am vegetarian and I was not finding a place where I can have all meals, snacks only in veg restaurants. You given me the place where I can sit and have dishes of my choice. Thanks Aritro 😊😊

  4. Wow, these dishes look extremely yummy especially the mushroom in chilli oil. Vegetarian food can be tasty too!

  5. Rose-shaped momos with a notorious filling of crunchy caramel and apple looks so yummy and delicious.

  6. Tortellini in burnt butter sauce now that’s something to look forward to. Loved reading this post. Will try out this place if I am visiting soon.

  7. Mushroom pot stickers in chilli oil sounds really nice and yummy. This food joint looks really nice. Thanks for sharing xx

  8. The menu at zen panda sounds delightful and classic delicacies to vouch for . Would love to try Tortellini in burnt butter sauce

  9. Wow absolutely Tempting and Unique..Tortellini looked like Momos to me and was amazed to discover it to be Pasta..I would try them whenever in Doon.

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