Foodicted Fellow People and blogs A quest for giving life to my blog #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa

A quest for giving life to my blog #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa


SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa

SuperBloggerChallenge InstaCuppa Alexa Rank Moz Rank DA PA Domain Authority Current stats Statistics

How wonderful this world of blogging is! It involves a whole lot of creativity, emotions and learning. But did you know, creating amazing content just won’t help to reach you greater heights? One needs to know the tactics to make his/her blog (through several platforms like, SuperBloggerChallenge), rank well and being loved by readers. I started blogging at the age of fifteen or sixteen. I hardly knew about traffic, SEO, keywords and all such difficult terminologies. What I knew was “Quality content”. I used to write one blog post every month, which covered my daily activities, hidden desires, ray of hope and more. But due to lack of technical knowledge, I lost my site due to some serious technical attacks. Some told, my blog was hacked, some just laughed behind.

A minor breakthrough

I was seventeen, back then when I entered into the world of Instagram, as a food blogger. I used to visit restaurants around my vicinity and shared my experiences on Zomato, Google, TripAdvisor and also, on my newly constructed blog. You can very well differentiate the blog posts from 2016 till today and grasp the nuances of evolution. There was pretty good traffic on my Instagram and Facebook profile but later I understood that, I lacked on consistency. Why consistency? If you are consistent on writing blogs, it will prove to be the best weapon in ranking you high on Google. But how did I get enlightened, all of a sudden?

SuperBloggerChallenge InstaCuppa Alexa Rank Moz Rank DA PA Domain Authority Current stats Statistics
Current Statistics of my blog (

Major turning point: SuperBloggerChallenge 2019

These two superwomen, Dr. Amrita and Dr. Bushra enlightened me for a week or two regarding the challenge, mainly about, how it is going to prosper my blog for ages. Through this challenge, I improved immense level of consistency skills and surprisingly, I post twice/thrice a week whereas, earlier I used to post once in a month. How did it help me, though? My Alexa Rank was above 4 lac and now, my blog ranks 1 lac, globally. It used to rank more than 1 lac nationwide (India) and now, I am able to secure a rank of sixty four thousand. Isn’t it cool? Who knows! I may achieve greater hands with the help of such wonderful challenges. Now its your turn to give life to your blog.

Bringing my blog from “DEAD” to “ALIVE” with #SuperBloggerChallenge and #InstaCuppa. Dedicating this video to all the budding bloggers out there. Kindly check it out here:

Thanks for reading. Please lgive me your honest feedback . Thank you for supporting me as always and stay tuned for my next blog-post.

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