Foodicted Fellow Dinner,Food Enhance your love for momos at Zen Panda #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa

Enhance your love for momos at Zen Panda #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa


Zen Panda Dehradun Fusion Momos Best Momos

Zen Panda has recently shifted their outlet from Karanpur to Pacific hills. Hence, it is easily accessible for residents of Dehradun to enjoy their delicacies at such a convenient place. The interiors are pretty minimalist in nature. You can easily see green plants and flowers decorating the space. Zen Panda Dehradun specialises in preparing different types of vegetarian momos. Abhishek, the owner and chef of Zen Panda Dehradun seems really talented. He experiments with momos and I, being a foodie love his work.





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Lets have a detailed approach about the momos, I had there:

Mix vegetarian momos:
The quintessential momo on every single menu comprises a filling of cabbage, carrot, capsicum, soya granules and onion.

Cheese momos:
A stupendous filling of not only cheese but paneer as well will surely wash off your midweek blues. 

Mushroom momos:
Button mushroom & spring onion are the key ingredients of this variant. It was fairly well, in taste.

Exotic momos:
Their exotic momos consist of broccoli, red & yellow bell peppers, red cabbage & mushrooms and you can actually see the streaks of onion from the exterior. The flavours were intermingling with each other, so did the taste. 

Exotic momos Zen Panda Dehradun
Exotic momos

Highly recommended variants of momo:

3 cheese momos:
Among all these varied momos, what grabbed my attention was the three cheese momos, where you can actually distinguish the three different types of cheese namely, smoked cheddar, processed cheese and Parmesan. Add a bit of oregano and parsley. It is going to be your solo date.

Afghani momos:
Mix vegetable momos coated in creamy sauce tastes really good, not because of its filling but that cream which mixes well with the veggies to bring out the best. 

Spinach momos:
The dough here, is made with spinach and filling of green peas, paneer and soya granules gives the momo a green texture which is quite appealing to eyes and tummy. 

Broccoli and crispy ginger momos:
Broccoli, ginger & garlic topped with with deep fried ginger tasted fairly well. Oregano and zucchini would have created wonders in it. 

Chi-Mex momos Zen Panda
Chi-Mex momos

Zen Panda signature momos:

Chi- Mex momos:
Their own creation, it is! Red & yellow bell pepper, green chilli & tomato salsa filled in these momos, wide open (so that you can actually see the ingredients while having). It felt as if something has been served, out of the world. Would recommend this one too. 

Dark chocolate mint momos and white chocolate orange momos:

I would like to recommend their dark chocolate mint momos and white chocolate orange momos. I really love when people do such experiments and those turn out to be fruitful. 😘

Just a pro tip: Dip your dark chocolate momos in their in-house spicy salted caramel dip. It will taste heavenly good. I swear on God! 😍

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  1. These momos look so tempting and irresistible..have never heard of such vast variation in momos..would love to taste them

  2. I am not a Momo Lover though but the pictures and the variations of Momo looks so tempting that a food lover is sure to fall in love with Momos

  3. I am A fan of momos and I’ve tried most of them the pictures are so tempting and I am yet to try the cheese and exotic momos which looks so tempting in your blog

  4. The descriptions you gave were so amazing I literally was salivating! I love momos, and this place looks like a must visit for me.

  5. I love eating momos and this restaurant looks just made for me with so many variants.. I would love to eat 3 cheese moms first and then exotic momos

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