Foodicted Fellow North Bengal,Travel Top three best cafes in Darjeeling #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa

Top three best cafes in Darjeeling #SuperBloggerChallenge #InstaCuppa


Best cafes in Darjeeling Glenary's Keventers

Best cafes in Darjeeling Glenary's Keventers

Darjeeling is not just like any other city. It holds a myriad of charm and irresistible odour of enthusiasm. Be it the smell of tea or local market, one will get easily addicted to what the entire city has to offer. It feels incredible to be a resident of West Bengal; you get to enjoy sea at the bottom, city-life at the centre and snowfall at the top. We reign with diversity and our pride lies in the little things which make us feel contended. If you are an avid foodie, you can never stop yourself from binging the best cuisines in amazing places. This very place has been in my wish-list since a decade and how a voracious food blogger like me can, miss the best cafes in Darjeeling:

First Favourite: Glenary’s Bakery and Restaurant

Glenary’s Bakery and Restaurant
The beautiful entrance

Darjeeling’s signature café, Glenary has always been the buzz of the town since it was established. Surprisingly, this is the only bakery which exists in the prime location of Darjeeling, near Chowrasta. Their legacy is unparalleled and boy! My pictures say every single thing, wide aloud. As we entered the café, an alluring smell of roasted coffee beans and baked items, lured our appetite. The interiors are well-decorated with souvenirs, both upstairs and downstairs, giving it a royal look. What grabs more attention is their exterior seating capacity with cold air almost blowing your wits out (only when you are kinda sheet-kaature). Fresh plants with flowers bring positivity and lamps add an extra charm to the ambiance. The exterior part will still haunt me from within and push me to visit it yet again.

Glenary’s Bakery and Restaurant
What else can you expect from a foodie?

We started with a very minimal snacking option, i.e. a chicken quiche and molten lava. Quiches are always the best option for quick bites, especially when you are getting late for shopping or reaching your hotel (like us, of course). Molten lava deserves a special mention for its softness and rich chocolate. The icing on the top made it look instaworthy. Can you stop getting jealous after seeing the snapshot? The answer is always “NO”.

 Glenary’s Bakery and Restaurant Chocolate brownie
Chocolate brownie anyone?
Glenary’s Restaurant
Why do lights guide the way?

After a tremendous shopping session, our soul craved for a minimal yet, fulfilling dinner. The stairs took us to a lavish restaurant which happens to be the very second part of Glenary’s and it is surely one of the best cafes in Darjeeling. They offer Indian as well as Continental food, depending upon what you desire. We sat around a corner, clicked some photographs and gossiped for almost an hour. My mom wanted to try their chopsuey whereas I vouched for the double fried pork. Both the dishes came in no time and we literally ate it like greedy people, who had been abandoned to binge, since ages. Yes! It was all empty.  Well you can imagine how delicious both the dishes were. What I loved about the dishes is, they had put ample of sautéed veggies to give it a perfect balance of tasty and healthy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Glenary's special American Chopsuey and Double fried pork
(Left to right) Glenary’s special American Chopsuey and Double fried pork

Ek se bhaley do: Keventer’s

Keventers Darjeeling
The legend, itself: Keventers, Darjeeling
Keventers Darjeeling
My mom loves hot chocolate

Ever had American breakfast at 8 P.M.? Who dares to try that? I did that and I am quite unapologetic about it. It was my very last day in the town and all I could visualize while taking a ride at the ever popular steam engine is, people enjoying breakfast with a view in Keventer’s, which is one of the best cafes in Darjeeling. Before we actually gorged on shopping our favourite stuffs, I and my mom ticked off Keventer’s which was waiting in our bucket list. The doors were about to be closed, but due to God’s grace we stepped in with burning desire; for the desire of having the best breakfast in a place which created a notable legacy, hundred years ago.

American breakfast Meat platter sausage bacon ham Poach Egg Keventers Darjeeling
Keventer’s ever popular Meat platter

My mom loves hot chocolate and we didn’t shy away from ordering the ever popular meat platter with a mug of hot chocolate. Having breakfast at evening is probably the coolest thing, we tried. The meat platter consists of sausages; bacon, ham and a smart poach. I am a fan of mixing eggs with meat and this strategy worked really well at this 100 year old café. It didn’t take more than fifteen minutes to complete the platter hence, it is very easy to detect that we are big connoisseurs of quality food.

LAST, BUT NOT THE LEAST: Darjeeling Diner

Located at Chowrasta and cleverly put up near Mall Market and Mahakal Market, Darjeeling Diner is a sweet little eatery with interiors, minimalist in theme. I was on a solo date after a long walk and this place seemed like a hidden gem among the hyped ones. I sat around a corner and gazed down the menu to pick something delicious. I ended up ordering for myself, a plate full of chicken wontons and a stack of pancakes. Wontons did live up to my expectations and tempted me to the core but, the pancakes failed miserably. Its appearance convinced me of an utter failure and boy! I was absolutely correct. I also ordered a bowl of Chicken manchow soup for my mom and she loved it. Hence, if you want to try this out, I would strongly suggest you to go for savoury items.

Kindly view the slideshow to know what I savoured at the above mentioned place.

Although I visited many places including, Deykeling, Gatty’s and Fiesta, yet the above mentioned places seem to have caught my heart. What are you waiting for? Do give these places a shot and let me know your experiences under comments section. According to your opinion, which is one of the best cafes in Darjeeling ?

Thanks for reading. Please let me know your feedback . Thank you for supporting me as always and stay tuned for my next blog-post.

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  1. I’ve not visited Darjeeling but it’s on my list for very long ! this post will help a lot of travel lovers like me , the best is you’ve detailed it so thoroughly

  2. Never been to Darjeeling till now. Reason? Oh that’s a long story. But if we will visit Darjeeling soon, will definitely check out these 3 café for sure

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  5. You are doing such a great job by providing the information about food destinations of the smaller towns in India. When you know about where to eat and what at these hillstation, the trip become even more enjoyable.

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