Foodicted Fellow Food,Lunch Diversify your choices with Pepperchino Kolkata

Diversify your choices with Pepperchino Kolkata


Sarat Bose Road is a hub of excellent restaurants and when you have Dug Out, My big fat belly, etc. around, it is pretty much difficult to rely on new eateries. Pepperchino Kolkata is indeed a tough competition for all these renowned places and I can swear you won’t get over it, once you pay a visit.

The interiors are a replica of what caged beauty is all about. Beautiful pictures of cages on walls and powerful quotes and abstracts made the place look lively. Brownie points go for the lighting part. It creates an excellent ambience overall. Pepperchino Kolkata boasts of a spacious family seating capacity with over 30 people. They also have a private seating capacity and why won’t they have that? Don’t you want to enjoy a romantic date with your “would be”?

Pepperchino Kolkata interiors

Lip-smacking starters of Pepperchino Kolkata

Alright! I know! You are eagerly waiting for this part and so am I! They have a delectable and elaborate Alá carté menu ranging from starters, appetizers, main course till desserts. Let us have a look at the items I munched on. 

Vegetable croquettes honk a perfect beginning for a lavish brunch. These crispy cylindrical beauties make a great snack and taste delicious as well. Filled with aubergine, carrot and other veggies, these golden fries croquettes stood out. 

Spiced marinated cottage cheese round beauties, pan-fried on a griddle stole my heart at a glance. Not ònly, it was good in taste, but the look itself gave me a smirk of positivity. How can a vegetarian dish be so delicious? Wait till you know more, what Pepperchino has got to offer.

Pepperchino Kolkata starters

Highlights of the brunch

Cheese raises the bars of happiness. Who else agrees with it? Well, everyone, I guess. These flour-based cylindrical beauties are filled with a stupendous amount of mozzarella and when you give it a bite, there’s only one word you’re gonna remember throughout your life: “FoodGasm”. 

Stuffed mushroom is what I generally adore in this winter. I love the idea of stuffing button mushrooms with lots and lots of cheese and minced garlic which actually brings the best taste out of the dish. A highly recommended one. 

A spicy kebab sets the mood of the week. Ain’t I am speaking sense? Fresh spices, cilantro, mint and cumin flavoured rightfully in the dish and the succulent pieces of chicken, coated with delectable marination of yoghurt. These grilled beauties mean everything right now. 

Main course dishes of Pepperchino Kolkata

The main course is a must and when it comes to a scrumptious spread, there’s no going back at all. Sabzi Miloni, Dal fry, Shahi Paneer, Chana Masala and Patiala Murgh created a resplendent buzz on our brunch table. Every single dish depicted how perfect this restaurant can be.

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Final verdict: Why would you visit this place? Who doesn’t want the perfect combination of quality and quantity? At least, when it comes to food, there shouldn’t be any compromise.

Main course Pepperchino

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  1. Food looks really delicious . The starters look mouth watering. I would love to visit when I get a chance. Thanks for sharing this Aritro.

  2. Amazing and beautiful post. The presentation of food is so tempting and mouthwatering. The ambience looks perfect to stay and enjoy. Great thoughts.

  3. The place and the food looks really inviting..I think I should plan my valentine eve date here with my would be a nice experience

  4. There was a time when people visit a restaurant just gor a dinner or lunch but now things are changed. The market is high competitive and you have to come up with not only best food with a best ambience as well. Will definitely explore this new one.

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