Foodicted Fellow Fashion My Winter Closet- 13 ways to dazzle in this season

My Winter Closet- 13 ways to dazzle in this season


Here’s wishing a very happy and prosperous new year to all the readers, well-wishers and foes in disguise. 2018 has been a wonderful year throughout and you all are the reason to make it happen. I have been quite inactive on my blog-website due to a hectic schedule. But finally, my semesters are over and all I am doing currently is teaching my students and blogging. I feel “Blogging” is the best way to pen down your thoughts because there are a lot of different kinds of stuff dazzling in our brain and we need to churn it out. It becomes a herculean task when we voice our opinions one by one, because who knows, we may miss out a point and regret later. Hence, what comes into our mind, at an instant is a manuscript.

Winter fashion mens fashion

Winter has arrived and all I can do is, go head over heels after seeing my wardrobe. “ #WhatIWore “ is the most commonly used hashtag everywhere and ain’t you have a tendency to confuse over a huge bundle of outfits? In this era of Instagram, all we need is an Instagram post with “ #OOTD “, “ #WinterFashion “ as hashtags and millions of likes and comments. I can visualise that wide grin on your face because you guessed it absolutely right. Today’s blog post is all about styling tips, rare brands and more specifically, how to present yourself in fall.

First Outfit

Croft and Barrow FTC Sports Future of Fashion Cedarwood Mens Fashion Winter Fashion

Tee shirt= Croft and Barrow (Made in Jordan)
Trouser= FTC Sports Future of Fashion
Inner Tee= Cedarwood

I am wearing a classic fit cotton tee from Croft and Barrow, which features relaxed arm holes and easy-care fabric that resists wrinkles. The material displays a mixture of cotton and polyester in equal proportion. The product is imported from Jordan and is a soft-touch material with long sleeves and olive-green in colour with a picture of deer on it, giving you Christmas vibes all around.

As you can see clearly, I wore a tee inside it, from Cedarwood. Unlike the outer-wear, it is made of 100% cotton, giving me the utmost comfort. You can pair it up with an FTC Sportswear trouser. I would recommend, wearing this combination, when you want a quirky yet cool look and also when you are lazy to dress up for hours.

Second outfit

Calbary sweater Max Fashion Jeans
Sweater= Calbary
Jeans= Max fashion

I am wearing a full sleeve sweater from Calbary, a fashion brand in Jalandhar, which once introduced their firm as “S.D. Knitwears” later resulting to “San Jose”. They specialise in pullover, sweater, sweatshirt, etc. winterwear. My woollen chained sweater is slaty in colour with streaks of red and black cubes looking like pixels.

I paired it up with a quirky navy blue jeans from Max Fashion, which was comfortable enough and can be worn, while camping and related activities.

Calbary has not permitted its customers to iron on print or trims. It is advisable to wash separately in cold water. You can flat dry inside out in the shade and warm iron it, inside out.

Third outfit

Max Fashion Winter collection
Sweater: Max Fashion WINTER ESSENTIALS
Jeans: Max Fashion

Max Fashion Winter Essentials is an articulately curated collection for the Fall season. What am I wearing? A simple cotton sweater with black and blue stripes giving it a classy yet simple look. With a crew neck and long sleeves, this is one of my favourite outfits in winter. I chose to wear it for camping because it feels comfortable and warm. I paired it with Max Fashion jeans as well.

Fourth Outfit

Club Factory Trench coat Pilot Dragon Sweater
Trench coat: Club Factory
Sweater: Pilot Dragon P&D
Jeans: Max Fashion

I am a die-hard fan of the winter season, the reason being its immense variety of clothing and food. When it comes to showcasing my wardrobe, I am very picky. What do I wear for a cosy winter evening or shopping at a far-away mall? Something which captivates eyeballs and twitches others’ minds. Yes, you guessed it right. A trench coat fulfils the above-mentioned criteria and that’s what my fourth outfit is all about. I bought this very coat from “Club Factory” app. It is a double-breasted long coat which has a length of 80 cm or more. Being a Korean version, with a Khaki colour and a strong fabric component of polyester and cotton, this coat is comfortable and stylish, matching up the trends of this very century to help you, dazzle around. I am wearing a pure woollen sweater inside the trench coat, belonging to Pilot Dragon P&D. A-Max Fashion jeans is always the best option to pair with such amazing coats and sweaters.

Fifth outfit

Kotnox sweater Buffalo T sweater
Sweater: Kotnox
Tee: Buffalo
Jeans: Max Fashion

Well, well, well! Hands down! This one is my favourite and I can go head over heels to explain, what I am wearing. I am wearing a full-sleeve, non-hooded cotton sweatshirt from Buffalo. It looks quite elegant because it has smart strips of black and white, which not only makes me look good but also hides my tummy, which has a tendency to ooze out. I am wearing a chained sweater from Kotnox, which has shades of navy-blue, rightly complimenting with the colour of the sweatshirt, inside. The best part of styling it up is, it takes only five minutes to wear this combination and moreover, it can contrast well with any particular background, be it café or a movie hall or even amidst natural landscapes.

Sixth outfit

Number nine sweater Maler Menswear T shirt
Coat: Number Nine
T-shirt: Maler Menswear
Jeans: Max Fashion

What makes me feel so elated about this outfit is its interesting mashup between simplicity and antiquity. Flaunting my winter wardrobe from Number Nine fashion stores, this sober turquoise coloured woollen coat has been designed by Takahiro Miyashita. It is super comfortable and can be worn especially in parties. I wore it while having my turkey dinner on 31st night. The outfit caught several hearts, I must say that.

Seventh outfit

Max Athletics Sportswear
Outfit: Max Athletics authentic sportswear

Being dynamic is what I have made a pledge this winter and Max Athletic Authentic Sportswear brings me the simplest yet a rocking outfit for my hungry soul. It is a high neck, full-sleeve, hooded, t-shirt, made up of cotton (mostly) and polyester. Though it is meant to be worn, while in running track or playing outdoor games, I wore it in one of the bloggers’ meet and found it, pretty comfortable and sexy. It came really good in pictures as well and I plan to wear it in such meet and greet events in future.

Eighth outfit

Sweater: Kotnox
Kurta: Shreegopal Arpan Ethnic wear
Lower: FTC Sports

Visiting Gurudwara or temples are on a mandatory note when you are a religious person and grounded to your culture and myth. Being a fashion blogger, I have always tried to score outfits in a different, unique, and unconventional yet, a presentable manner. I decided to wear my Kotnox chained sweater over a cotton-based Kurta from Shree Gopal Arpan ethnic wear. Instead of wearing the white pyjama, I decided to pair it up with my trousers from FTC sportswear. It was not only appreciated by passers-by but also raised a level of contentment in myself.

Ninth outfit

Sweater: Max Winter essentials

Max Winter Essentials brings me this attractive sweater which is my all-time favourite. Its fabric is undoubted, woollen and the colour is bright and loving. Black is the new trend and green stripes on it, makes the outfit look smart on any individual.

Tenth outfit

Maler Menswear
Outfit: Maler Menswear

Max has introduced our generation with bomb ass outfits and this one is no lesser than the latter. A quirky green sweater with black and white non-uniform stripes on it makes this very outfit bright and contrasting with nature. It looks good, while you are camping or just loitering in the park, amidst lush green trees and mountains.

Eleventh outfit

Nuon Westside Sweater
Sweater and jeans: Nuon Westside

A serene venue calls for an elegant outfit. Isn’t it so? I am wearing a super-comfortable woollen chained sweater from NUON Menswear. I got this design, hung at a corner in Westside. There’s absolutely no doubt that Westside has the trendiest collection and I love shopping here almost every week. Besides being made in India, this very outfit has 57.8% viscose, 35.6% polyester and 6.6%  Elastane. It is being recommended that a machine wash at 40 degree Celsius in the gentle cycle is necessary. The dark colours are advised to be washed separately. Gentle ironing (a mild one) is suggested as well. The gorgeous white trousers are from Westside as well.

Twelfth outfit

Dangoon overcoat
Coat: Dangoon
T-shirt: Maler menswear
Jeans: Max fashion

Dangoon coats are imported from South Korea and are generally composed of 85% polyester and 15% acrylic. Slaty in colour and comfortable to wear on a shirt/t-shirt, this has been one of the most talked-about outfits, this year (at least for me). I prefer to wear it, while I organise any bloggers’ meet or over a quirky t-shirt from Maler menswear while working in the office.

Thirteenth outfit

Spoon Italy trench coat

Trench coat: Spoon Italy
Sweater: Nuon Westside
Muffler: Paltan Bazaar
Jeans: Max Fashion
Belt: Jack Klein

The world of Spoon is all about style, fashion and research. Scoring this khaki coloured double-breasted trench coat from Spoon Italy. It has a buttoned hoodie on the top. This would be my official bae or more precisely, the official outfit of Foodicted Fellow. From flaunting it in the streets of Mussoorie to carrying it well in cafes and restaurants, this outfit made me look “THE BEST” during the eve of New Year. Not only it gave a good contrast with the sweater from NUON, but also the brown shoes from Amazon complimented well with the trench coat.

The use of a trench coat faded away in this century and it is my quest to bring this tradition back with my blog post because, reigning with class, grace and elegance, is what our requirement urges. Isn’t it?

Thanks for reading. Please let me know your feedback. Thank you for supporting me as always and stay tuned for my next blog-post.

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  1. Fabulous Outfit Aritro. Just wondering if you have changed your blog layout/theme. I prefer the previous one as it was cross-platform friendly and easily readable via any device. I like the check scarf on the picture towards left side of the blog post.

  2. Oh nice, I must show this to my husband. He’s always struggling with styling his winter outfits. You have created really nice looks. Great post!

  3. That’s very chic and elegant looks worth trying this year 2019. you are giving high fashion goals in Trench coat look. There are so many style to choose for a day out. Would definitely recommend to my brother

  4. I love all these outfits and they all look very good on favourite though is trench coat with muffler..I find that classy..

  5. This is an interesting post. You look fabulous in all the look, my favorite is the last one. Loved the way you have dressed this winter season.

  6. That trenchcoat from club factory looks really good… I have never bought clothing from club factory… Seeing this gives me confidence… I get one for myself! 😀

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