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Sweet and savour your way with Silk Route Cafe


Silk Route Cafe

When it’s Dehradun, it has a certain magic embedded inside its arms. Hug and feel the warmth. Not only its atmosphere, but these beautiful cafes capture souls from every part of our country. Recently, I came across one such café named as, “Silk route cafe”, which is located in Birgirwali, Old Rajpur or briefly, Old Mussoorie Road. It is generally being said that, spices, condiments and other miscellaneous products were being sent through this route, in ancient times. “Silk Route Café” is more like a home than any other general cafes in the town. It has a beautiful terrace with a breathtaking view of the Shiwalik range of Himalayas. If you are passing by this quaint café at evening, never forget to have a candlelight dinner. Of course! Who can miss seeing those flickering lights and cold breeze!

Silk Route Cafe

Silk route café is owned by Anupama Mark and her brother Shashank Simon, one of the most humble person I have ever met in recent times. He left his job and came all the way from Lucknow to Dehradun to fulfil his dreams of creating a café. I admire his courage and dedication towards his job. His sister is the chef of this café and her efforts are truly commendable. She deserves a huge round of applause for doing the most tedious job, enthusiastically.

Silk Route Cafe

I liked the idea of more exteriors and less interiors where the primary importance has been given to Mother Nature. One can just stare at the beauty and sip a cup of coffee. How dreamy does that sound? With soulful music and several bollywood numbers, this café seems pretty much “Insta-worthy”. A lot of walk-ins have been noticed since they opened this café and this shows their consistency and sincerity in work.

Silk Route Cafe

I tried a couple of foods from their Ala carte menu and the thing which made me happiest is, I could actually feel that I am in home. Every single dish gave me homely vibes. This is what Silk route café specialises in: “Ghar ka khana”. They prepare all those fancy dishes you admire in a very homely manner (No artificial flavours, colours, preservatives). Meat lovers! You have a fair choice of “Halaal” and “Jhatkaa”, hence gorge into your favourite delicacies soon. Let’s know what all I savoured here for my greedy tummy.



  • Cranberry cooler

A quirky combination of pineapple, cranberry almond extract and chilled ginger ale creates a magic potion which cools your spine and prepares you for a wonderful brunch.

  • Nutella hot chocolate

You must be guessing it’s my personal favourite as I just can’t stay alive without chocolate. This cup of heaven is sinful during winters. A perfect whisk of milk and creamy nutella is all I need in this weather.

Silk Route Cafe

  • Peanut butter banana shake

As they say, “When life gives you milk, shake it.” A lip smacking blend of bananas, milk, peanut butter and honey creates this drink. This stood out of all the beverages served and the flavours could be well distinguished. This one would be my personal recommendation.



  • Honey chilly potato

It is one of the most well known Chinese snacks, which has a huge following in India, particularly among vegetarians. Deep fried potatoes wrapped with honey, garlic, pepper, salt and chilli sauce, are quick bites in many parties and get togethers or even while group-study session. It tasted crunchy and not too spicy, which convinced me to have it more.


  • Chicken grilled sandwich

It is one of the most quintessential dishes, which can be munched on, anytime. Be it breakfast, lunch, evening snacks or dinner, it will always be our most preferable option. Grilled to perfection, filled with chicken, cheese and some veggies, this one was absolutely yummy.

Silk Route Cafe

  • Chicken noodles

Your search for the best chicken noodles ends here at Silk route café. It is the ultimate destination to make you crave more for noodles. The reason why I prefer them is, they put less oil and more chunks of chicken which is not only worth the money spent for it, but it is also yummy to the level of infinity and healthy for my greedy appetite.


  • Spaghetti with minced chicken

This one is an Indo-Italian cuisine served at its best form. Life starts from this point. Spaghetti topped with chicken keema, literally staring at your tummy and all you could see is the mesmerizing Himalayan range in front of you. This is what I call, heavenly bliss. I totally loved the taste of chicken. It was slowly and perfectly cooked, with utmost love and care. Love is the most important ingredient one can ever add. I am glad that, Silk route café has that ingredient present in every single dish, they serve.

Silk Route Cafe

  • Grilled chicken breast with mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables

If it’s main course, it has to be something wild and groovy. This dish is a perfect example of the adjectives I mentioned in my previous sentence. Slowly cooked chicken with appropriate amount of spices (neither too over and nor too mild) and grilled to perfection, this dish tasted delectably good with mashed potatoes and lightly sautéed vegetables. This is one of the most wholesome meal I have had in recent times.


  • Silk route special omelette

Silk route special omelette is truly special in all its ways. It consists of salami, parsley, cheese and what not? The good news is, you can customise it according to your choice. I had it without the sauce, because I wanted to feel the food rather than just tasting it. This one, is my personal recommendation to everyone who visits Silk Route Cafe

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Exclusive dessert options from “Baked for you”

Silk route café has a separate dessert section which is named, “Baked for you”. It is owned by Swaroop Vidushi who is beautiful inside out. She used to work as a home baker before. Recently, she has joined hands with Silk route café and created an awestruck dessert section there itself, which will make you drool for hours. She is talented and boy! Her work shows it all.


We tried a lot of bakery items from an amazing array of desserts, displayed right in front of our nose. I went weak on my knees as you all know that, I have a sweet tooth. I couldn’t stop drooling for even once. Let’s see what all were served.

1. Vegetable Kathi roll

For every Doonite, a snacking option like Kathi roll is a MUST on list while returning home from college or school. A stupendous filling of paneer and sauteéd veggies with adequate amount of oil and pepper, made the kathi roll, tasty.


2. Nutella brownie

Chocolate fans can never say “NO” to brownies and this ain’t any exception. This is one of the thickest variant of brownies and believe me, if you are getting your orgasms high then hats off! That’s the best dessert in the world. This sweet chocolate hazelnut flavour and nutella spread diligently over the top is some next-level food. I am gonna be desserted today, I guess.


3. Dense chocolate walnut cake

The moment I had it, I realised why the name contains the word, “Dense”. It was dark dense chocolaty and the flavour of walnut had actually brought out the taste. Highly recommended.

Silk Route Cafe Baked for you

4. Eggless banana cake

This stood out from all the cakes I had so far in this collaboration. Banana infused in this cake, faded away my Monday hues so quickly that I was eagerly waiting to have one more. When banana is a fruit, you gotta tell your parents proudly, “See I am actually eating something healthy.” Quite legit, I guess.


5. Malta cake

If I hadn’t put the orange on top of the cake, I would have missed out the taste of it. It was one of the most popular cake among kiddos. A simple blend of flour, butter, caster sugar, flavour of orange and that’s it. This incredible blend speaks more than what we do. Summers are so not boring with this.


6. Coffee walnut cake

What happens when coffee meets walnut after ages? The sponge cake borrows the flavour from coffee and adds some walnut pieces. Butter icing plays the game throughout, as it is responsible for all the scrumptiousness you feel while having it.

7. Lemon almond cake

That utterly butterly essence is quite prevalent with the presence of the small almond pieces in the moist lemon cake. To appreciate the taste, your taste-buds must suit to the sourness of lemon. Flavour matters a lot, when it comes to dessert and Baked for you excels in these intricate things. 


8. Pineapple cake

Something which looks like a fairy are never meant to be bisected soon. I could have exaggerated even more but that would sound more like a daily soap. This perfectly baked delight has a great flavour from inside and the vanilla cream perfectly compliments with the taste of cut pineapple on the top of the cake.


6. Lemon tart

Unlike most of the places, Baked for you serves the most authentic lemon tart in the town. What else do you need when you can even understand the flavour of lemon, being a non-foodie?

7. Blueberry cheesecake

The crust of the cheesecake was pretty different than most of the places which are well known to serve cheesecakes. It was just like a brittle biscuit with the flavour of blueberry covering it on top.

8. Tea cupcakes

One of the most experimental cupcakes I have come across, till date. The frosting contains the flavour of tea which is very much overwhelming. The aroma made me go gaga over it, every single moment. Great work!

9. Chocolate cupcake, coffee and assorted cookies 

Just like any other bakery, they too have these quintessential things to engage you. The coffee smelt really strong and a caffeine addicted like me, would rely on it for the rest of his life. Complimented well with it, were the fudgy cookies and chocolate cupcakes, which tasted delectably good.

Silk Route Cafe Baked for you

If you have still not visited this very place in Dehradun, you are missing out a lot of things which our Doon valley has got to offer you.


An overall rating for Silk route cafe and Baked for You-

Ambiance: 5/5

Hospitality: 5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Beverage: 5/5

You can always find the accurate direction of Silk route cafe here:

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  1. Wow! What detailing. It takes a lot to run a restaurant like that. Superb variety of dishes. Adding to my list of things to do in Dehradun

  2. Mouthwatering dishes, fabulous scenic beauty… what else you need man!All are my favorites, grilled chicken, banana shake with peanut butter, sandwich and specially the omelette. The desert section is too good…I wish I could eat all! 🙂

  3. The exterior of silk route cafe take me close to nature. The ambiance and menu sounds good. Bookmarking this place on my visit to Dehradun for sure.

  4. Evwrythiñg looks so good at this cafe. Honey chicken potatoes and noodles have to be my absolute favourites. Thanks for sharing x

  5. What a beautiful view ….the array of dishes is splendid .i love how you wrote about how the owners set up the cafe as well.
    The pictures are making me super hungry now

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