Foodicted Fellow Food Birthday brunch at Cafe Ivy Landour, Mussoorie

Birthday brunch at Cafe Ivy Landour, Mussoorie


I strongly believe that, certain things are just planned by the almighty to make your day, a pleasurable one. 19th October, 2018 was one of those days. My 20th birthday turned out to be really special in Mussoorie’s very own, Café Ivy. Yes, you heard it right. One of the most well-known cafes in Uttarakhand, jiska naam hi kaafi hain. What say? The hype of this Cafe Ivy, Landour, Mussoorie is worth every inch of it. Starting from the interior work to the exterior seating capacity and the exhilarating ambiance, every single thing is perfect to the core. Minimalist in theme and a well-planned setting made Café Ivy, the most popular café in Mussoorie. You may have heard people chirping around, “Arey Landour aaye aur Ivy mein nahi khaaye toh tum khaak Landour gaye ho.”

Café Ivy is managed by Mohit and Ashish, who excel in serving their customers with the best food in the town. It is three years old and the legacy has been kept intact since these three long years. Hats off to these people, who work really hard, not only to maintain the standard of their café, but also they make sure every single time, the customers leave happily.
I experienced an incredible gastronomical journey in Café Ivy and still can’t forget whatever I had there, witnessing a beautiful stretch of Himalayan range, right in front of me, while trying out their delicious delicacies.
Let’s have a look at what all I had in this quaint café to celebrate my 20th birthday.


Cafe Ivy Landour Mussoorie
As we all know, cumin contains a very high concentration of antioxidants, a mocktail which has cumin and mint is much needed , when you are about to start a sumptuous birthday brunch. Are you asking me the reason? You never know, what happens next? It is always better to be safe, than sorry.
Cumin Sin is more of a healthy drink than a sin. It rejuvenates you from the core, especially if you have trekked for a long time in nearby places and dropped in this beautiful café, for lunch.


Cafe Ivy Landour Mussoorie
What makes my Sunday a fun day, is something which has lots and lots of chocolate in it. What could it be? Yes, you guessed it right. One of the most traditional beverages which can warm you from bottom of the heart and make you feel the aura of nature. A cup of cappuccino brings the best curve of smile on your face, especially when it is your born day and you are sitting in front of the gigantic Himalayan range.
Very less cafes have successfully mastered the art of brewery and I am glad that Café Ivy falls in the same list too.


Cafe Ivy Landour Mussoorie

Bruschetta is the coolest experiment with your boring white bread, moved to and fro with garlic and topped with olive oil, veggies and oregano. But how did this boring stuff become way interesting than anything else? It is customized with cow-milk cheese (known as, brie) and sautéed mushroom. If you are in an impression of having it piping hot, then probably you are being fooled. It is served cold and it compliments very well with any kind of pasta (especially, penne).
The moment I had it, the crunch and munch took me back to the cheesy affair of childhood. I still remember my mom preparing this quirky snack for evening and packing it, while I used to go for school. Bruschetta is such a food, which you can have almost anytime. Did I just forget to tell you that, I am having it right now as well?

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Cafe Ivy Landour Mussoorie

England’s very own Fish and chips is ready to entice you in Mussoorie. This classic dish makes people salivate around the world and a Bengali guy like me can never ever leave this very dish, on his twentieth birthday. I love hearing the crunch every time I bite into the batter fried fish. Tartare dip, which is often used as a condiment with seafood dishes, plays a great role in giving the fish an excellent taste. Complimenting this extraordinary dish is the Lebanese salad, which is crunchy, leafy and delightful.
I adore the taste of fish and I was surprised and glad to find a perfect place in the lap of Himalayas, which has well-cooked fish. It is a tough job to find a café which serves good fish until I discovered Café Ivy.


Cafe Ivy Landour Mussoorie

Not even a single human being will deny this fact of having pizzas during weekend. A perfect weekend starts and ends, both with a yummy cheesy pizza. Well, this particular dish needs no introduction or big fat description as we already know that the only weapon, which is used to curb stress and depression is nothing, but just a slice of pizza. Café Ivy excels in preparing the best pizza in its vicinity. It consists of chicken sausage, grilled chicken meat balls, bacon and ham. Oh yes! You can customise your pizza according to your wish. This way-too-big pizza had lots and lots of cheese to prepare me for a bombastic week ahead. Believe me, a splendid view of Himachal range and a bite of this scrumptious pizza just makes the place, a heavenly abode for all the foodies.
I would recommend this to every single individual who is typically bored of Domino’s or Pizza hut (no offence, though) and want a little bit of oregano in life. Like, I really mean it. Perfect view, perfect interiors and perfect food matter a lot in life. Isn’t it?


Cafe Ivy Landour Mussoorie

It is one of the most quintessential variant of pasta which is very easy to prepare at home, but who cares? I will always be a lazy ass to prepare my own meal; hence these cafes come to the rescue. Tossed in garlic sauce, dressed in olive oil and topped with stupendous amount of Parmesan cheese and parsley, this dish is my favourite haunt during fall weeknights. I can still feel the warmth while penning down this review.
For all those who cannot leave penne or lasagna behind, this is your perfect solution to get out of the box and try some amazing dishes in the lap of Himalayas.


Everybody knows I have a sweet tooth, right? Hence, there is never a “NO” when it comes to pancakes. Like, who can miss the famous pancake of Char Dukaan? Not you? Ain’t me. A perfect blend of whisked flour, cocoa powder, sugar, eggs, milk and vanilla with extra chocolate sauce topped on it, makes this one the best pancake in North India. People from far-off places come to Char Dukaan for having its pancakes.
What are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Mussoorie and visit Café Ivy to relish your tastebuds.


An overall rating for CAFE IVY-

Ambiance: 5/5

Hospitality: 5/5

Food: 4.5/5

Beverage: 5/5

You can always find the accurate direction of Cafe Ivy Landour Mussoorie here:

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  1. Everything looks so tempting and irresistible…the place also looks cool…I wiĺl soon visit this place and check it out myself

  2. So you match Birthday with me:) and this cafe at Mussoorie sounds amazing. We have been planning Mussoorie trip in November and I’m certain to visit this cafe.

  3. Happy Birthday! what a wonderful way to spend your birthday!! this looks like a really pretty place with good food. I love the photographs you have shared here. Looking forward to visit here soon.

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  7. Lucky you, I didn’t get a place only when i went to Cafe Ivy, it’s really a beautiful place. Food looks yummy too. Next time I’ll make sure to dine there. Even when waiting is long

  8. Everything looks so tempting and irresistible…the place also looks cool…I wiĺl soon visit this place and check it out myself…

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  10. Happiest 20th birthday to you. I heard a lot about this particular cafe in Mussoorie. I really like the rustic ambiance and beautiful view of the valley and mountains. Food looks so yummy. I would love to visit this place for sure.

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