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Dinner haul at Barbeque Nation, Dehradun


Barbeque Nation has a long legacy. They have more than hundred outlets across India. It is a blessing that Dehradun has an outlet as well, which is performing quite good, since a very long time. It is easy to locate this place. Barbeque Nation is situated on the first floor of Chaudhary Plaza, which is situated just opposite to that of your very favourite SilverCity cinemas.
They have amazing interiors with comfortable seating options. Live grill at every single table, makes it really comfortable for people to sit back and enjoy their hot favourite delicacies. They have decorated the place with flowers, guitar and other funky stuffs to make the atmosphere, a friendly one. Their impeccable management and commendable hospitality will keep on pulling customers every time. I would like to thank the Barbeque Nation management to curate me through the whole menu and making me feel comfortable every single moment.
When it comes to Barbeque Nation, people dream about their lavish buffet menu, but did you know that, the Dehradun outlet has recently launched their bar menu which includes, mocktails, cocktails and other hard drinks as well? Not only that, but they have also included new dishes on their menu, which curates the MOST ELABORATE BUFFET MENU in the town.
Let us have a comprehensive approach to what I had there in my recent visit to Barbeque Nation, Dehradun.
Starter is the backbone of any brunch scene and its responsible for building a crazy appetite to continue with main course dishes. Hence let us have a look at what I had in “Starters” and how was my overall experience.
Starting with the vegetarian options, I had Vegetable grilled Remoulade, which is a mixture of mayonnaise, mixed herbs, mainly parsley and chives, drained capers, diced cornichons and a few drops of anchovy essence. Remoulade sauce can also be confused with tartar sauce, but it’s very easy to distinguish between these two sauce. Tartar sauce generally uses sweet pickles whereas, remoulade is a bit savory on side. It was really a blessing to see this on their buffet menu and I liked it immensely.
When there is kasuri methi, heavy cream and Tandoori masala powder working together, it has to be none other than our very favourite Tandoori mushroom. The moment I ate it, immense pleasure can be felt from its succulence and freshness.
Khatta meetha pineapple was something what I generally call, “Out of the league”. Barbeque nation has introduced such a healthy option and I, being a foodie and a health conscious lad, gorged on it and found it really amazing. It was more like chat masala or Pineapple blast (just like you get in street) served in an elegant manner.
Mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers, onion and zucchini placed in a skewer and adorned with lemon juice oregano and basil. Vegetable kebab is not only a heaven for vegetarians, but also for every single foodies out there, who crave for such starters.
Cajun spiced potatoes were something which made me realize that even vegetarian dishes have great varieties. It was perfectly cooked with fresh cream and mayonnaise, which gave this dish, a great taste. How can I even live, without mayonnaise?
Ready made masala mix made this dish named, “Lahori Paneer tikka” a super hit one. The Lahori seasoning mix is available in almost every convenience stores hence, just pick it up and bring Barbeque Nation into your home.
A non vegetarian lover like me would definitely gorge into these grilled beauties.
Beginning with Chicken Shishtawook! It is a household name in Middle Eastern countries namely, Turkey, Lebanon, etc. I used to eat this being a mere 12 year old guy, and I got my childhood memories, back. Well, this is a Lebanese preparation which gives us a hint of yogurt, used for tenderizing the meat. All the ingredients were appropriately given and hence the taste had to be excellent. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Low fat fish fillets, well marinated and simmered to perfection did make my gloomy day a better one. How can a Bengali lad ignore fish, when he didn’t have it for a month or two. Well, I am kinda picky for fishes and this preparation (named, “Burnt Garlic fish”) is a perfect one, when you have been not into fishes for a long time. Good work! Barbeque nation.
Chermoula prawns were a boon for me. It reminded me of random prawn recipes which my mom cooks, literally every single day. These shrimps were absolutely fresh, marinated with parsley, turmeric and other ingredients which made it taste really yummy.
Grilled in oven sticks and marinated in pickle spices, this sour dish named, “Achari wings” will surely give you a groove on taste-buds. A must try for all the pickle lovers.
Dohra Seekh Kebab is a well known Awadhi cuisine and the end of starters section can’t be better than this. Grill it, fry it, barbeque it, whatever you do with it, remember it will leave a mark on your taste-buds. It has chicken and mutton both in it, so you can very well imagine what a non-vegetarian foodie will do after listening this.
Barbeque nation has really set a great menu which not only has varied options, but also every single dish, cooked and presented perfectly to everyone. Lets have a look at their amazing main course section.
After spending some time talking with chef about the ingredients and all, I gorged on these lip-smacking main course dishes.
Every occasion needs a comfort food. What can be better than a veg/chicken lentil soup served, right in front of you, which is not only tasty, but also fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins, which makes it a healthy option as well.
I started off with the non-veg section, because I am a hard-core non-vegetarian and I can even give up my life for chewing her leg. That was on a serious note. Buffet menu starts with a delectable Chicken biryani and whosoever is a “Bheto-Bangali” (It is referred to those sections of Bengali people, who are addicted to rice) or a Biryani lover cannot help himself/herself from gorging on it, greedily. I was one of those people who can literally die for Bengali-style Biryani and surprisingly, Barbeque Nation in Dehradun, serves exactly the way I want. Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, Biryani masala, Kewra water, Ghee and a lot of ingredients are intermingled with each other to bring out the Mother India of all dishes, i.e., Biryani. If you are a true Biryani fan, you can never finish it at one go. You have to indulge in its aura, and then eat it slowly to actually enjoy the taste.
A person, who is foodie to the core, can very well understand what goes well with Chicken Biryani. Yes! You guessed it right. Mutton Roganjosh (here, Mutton Rogani) compliments absolutely well with the Biryani. It is a Kashmiri delight, generally slow cooked to perfection with a blend of various spices. You can literally bend down your knees in front of its alluring aroma. Here, in Barbeque nation, the gravy is not so thick, but the succulent pieces of mutton spoke their heart out. Mind blowing! I personally recommend this particular dish to have it with Biryani.
I was also served with some assorted breads which went really great with the below-mentioned side dishes.
The mandatory tomato gravy of egg curry was really delicious. Murgh Awadhi Korma is an amalgamation of cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric, yogurt and other ingredients. The bony chicken tastes incredible with assorted breads like Garlic naan and Tandoori roti. It is a must try for every single non-vegetarian food lovers.
The awesome journey of main course ends with a delectable Fish in Red Thai curry. You can enjoy it with plain rice. Red curry paste, coconut milk, lemon grass, coriander and fresh veggies result in an ever delicious Red thai curry. For the fillets, I prefer it to be thin sliced, generally in the form of fillets, which can easily melt in your mouth and you can enjoy every inch of it.
Barbeque nation has a huge array of desserts, which can actually make your brunch plate look LIT as hell. I have a sweet tooth and people who know me very well, they do understand how much I love brownie and pastries. I can literally live in a bake-house, like seriously!
Their chocolate brownie is fair in taste. I could have eaten more brownies, if those were more dense and fudgy. It was eatable, though.  I liked their pineapple pastry. The toppings of pineapple with the cherry looked really cute and it was spongy as well. I loved every bit of it. Kiwi delight was not my cup of tea as I can only tolerate Kiwi in the form of shake or the fruit, itself. Maybe the idea of Kiwi cake didn’t go well; hence I would drop the idea of having it again. The same goes for the Strawberry cheesecake. It tasted more like a pastry than a cheesecake; hence I would like to draw their attention regarding this matter. This must be taken seriously to draw more customers and make the dessert options, a super-hit.  Sheer Khurma is basically, vermicelli pudding (generally prepared by Muslims in special occasions like Eid) which I generally have in breakfast at home and here, in Barbeque Nation, they prepared it absolutely amazing. Sufficient amount of milk, dates, cashew nuts and butter were evident from its taste. I would recommend it to all. Pro tip: Have some fresh cut fruits with it, I am pretty much sure you are going to love it. Phirni is also, worth every bite, hence this one is also highly recommended. I ended my sweet journey with their blockbuster Angoori Gulaab Jaamun. If you want to click some foodgasmic videos or Instagram-worthy pictures, take this as a PRO suggestion: Try to dip the gulaab jaamuns in vanilla cream and then take a spoon and reveal these spherical beauties partly. That’s what people call, “Treat to eyes and soul”. Did I just forget to mention the taste? WELL, I WILL LEAVE IT UPON YOU. Have it yourself and put it in the comment box. I am pretty much sure you will be spellbound.

The scrumptious dinner concluded with some quirky yet, elegant mocktails and drinks. Among all the drinks served, what I loved the most is, Citrus mint cooler. It is a mixture of orange juice, lemon juice, mint sprigs, chilled ginger ale and some ice cubes. I am a fruit fanatic person and when it comes in the liquefied form, I am the happiest person in this world. Also…Also… Also… they serve the BEST OREO SHAKE in the town. Go and grab it fast, before I snatch it away from you soon.

Worrying about the heavy bill? Well, probably you are on the wrong side. Let me help you out with this.

  • Are you a college student or school student? The best deal is waiting for you all. This lavish brunch with a choice of soft beverage would only cost you 419 INR. yes, you heard it right. Go and pamper yourselves. (Only available on weekdays)
  • The general price is 629 INR and 739 INR for vegetarians and non-vegetarians respectively.
  • Special prizes are waiting for those who dine with Barbeque Nation from 6:30 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Tempting enough? Let me know in the comments section, below.


An overall rating for BARBEQUE NATION-
Ambiance: 5/5
Hospitality: 5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Beverage: 5/5
You can always find the accurate direction of Barbeque Nation here:
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  1. How much I loved reading this post. Being a vegatarian, i crave for scrumptious grilled food, here in Europe, as they have hardly any options for vegans. bbq nation has been my super fav chain in India and its on my to dos list to drool over its delicacies, especially the starters once im in India. Great post.

  2. BBQ nation is one of the fav place to dine anytime….I am do happy to see it in Dehradun …want to visit this place again after 19 years also…

  3. I love Barbeque Nation and in fact visit it often. The hospitality, food, service and ambience everything is just awesome. Especially their live counters, love picking up dishes from live counters. Nice Post, in fact, yummy post.

  4. You got my taste buds dancing with all these yummy looking pictures! Barbeque nation is no doubt a favorite place for many food lovers, mine too. I will be checking this out when crossing Dehradun.

  5. I love visiting Barbeque nation in noise so when I’m in Dehradoon next, I will definitely stop by there. Thanks for sharing..I had no idea that there is BN in Dehradoon x

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