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The soul of Dehradun- Kalsang Ama Cafe


American breakfast Kalsang Ama Cafe

Kalsang Ama Cafe Dehradun
Exteriors of the cafe

The melancholy strain, which causes a reverberation in my life can only fade away when I visit this cafe, every Sunday. A cafe which not only has the capacity to entice my taste buds with its delicious food, but also remarks an onset of new season. A season of self-love, food-love and pampering sessions. Well, this cafe has always been the “Talk-of-the-town” since it had been opened. With lit interiors, awesome food, soulful music and surrounded by books, this cafe has managed to engage a lot of customers, even during the rising “Cafe-culture” in Doon. Standing erect on 111, Rajpur Road, bang opposite to Osho Resorts, this café not only attracts people of Dehradun, but also from several parts of the world. Kalsang Ama Café is an extension of the ever-popular Kalsang Restaurant situated in Mussoorie. They also have a branch named as “Ama Café” in New Delhi.

Interiors of Ama Cafe
Kalsang Door
The door of hope and happiness
Seating capacity of Kalsang Ama Cafe
Seating options

The interiors will give you Tibetan vibes. It’s a different world in itself. With comfortable seating, great books, bakery items and music, Ama Cafe stands proudly, competing with newly opened cafes. Impeccable hospitality and courteous staff makes Kalsang the best cafe in the town. I still remember having a good conversation with one of the staffs of this cafe. He  The doors of Kalsang open lots of memories, be it with your friends or family or even your own self, it is more than just being a café. Wanna hangout with your friends? Kalsang is the solution. Wanna spend some time in solitude? Kalsang is the solution. Wanna lose yourself in the melody of rain and have a sip of coffee? Well, the answer is Kalsang. It has a surprising essence of attracting every single visitor, who urges to have quality food in the oldest cafe of Dehradun.

American breakfast Kalsang Ama Cafe
The best breakfast platter in Dehradun

One fine morning, I went to this place for breaking my fast with a typical American breakfast. I was craving for some good sausage and pancakes (believe me, I am not greedy, as I seem, but yeah, cravings do take place when you are a hostel-dweller). “Mussoorie Medley”, my forever companion played a great role while the order was being prepared. And then came, the platter of joy. Two divine sausages and bacon strips did wash away the sins of my life. Lol. I felt like I was on the stairs of heaven. This café is something, what we call in Hindi “Leek se baahar” or “Thoda hatke” (English: Out of the league or convention).


They don’t serve you so-called “Conventional-omelettes”. You have varied choices like, Plain Omelette, Spinach and Mushroom Omelette and Spinach and Cheese Oregano Omelette. I chose the last one and why not! Cheese and oregano are the main ingredients that gives us foodgasm. The moment I sliced my omelette, cheesy cheese oozed out with an essence of oregano. Aah! Sheer bliss. The best part is, it’s healthy as well as tasty. You have got spinach as well as your darling, cheese. Tell me, who can resist? Tell me! Haha. The pancakes were absolutely flawless. Delicate, soft, puffed with love, the divine

Cafe Mocha Kalsang Ama Cafe
Cafe Mocha (priced at ₹129 and taxes extra)

Pancakes and that dripping maple syrup did banish away my Monday hues. I still remember how I was licking the Whipped cream, greedily. They have varied choices of coffee, hence, I chose my favourite Café Mocha. Well, how was it? I felt like heaven poured in a single mug. Perfectly brewed and smearing with the aura of caffeine, yes, this is indeed the best Café Mocha in the town. Café Latte tastes delicious with its enriching cream hence, it’s a MUST TRY. Also try their Chocolate truffle cupcake. It not only looks beautiful, but it tastes delish. A whooping 5 out of 5 and why not? It deserves more than that.

Truffle cupcake
Chocolate truffle cupcake
Chicken sandwich Ama Cafe
Chicken club sandwiches

Searching for more breakfast options? Well, Kalsang is your place, man! I have heard about lunch dates and dinner dates but you know what, I am more into a sumptuous breakfast and why not! It is scientifically proven that the first meal of the day MUST be fulfilling. For a scrumptious meal, Kalsang is actually the best place. They have the best sandwiches in town, I swear. It’s not your regular cup of tea kinda stuff. The look will give you a pleasant feeling in itself. Whether it is a breakfast, lunch or dinner, this place excels in every sphere of our needs. Although the price may seem a little bit on higher side, but I bet you won’t regret spending on such delicacies because it’s worth every single penny. What I had here was, Grilled Chicken Cheese Sandwiches, served with french fries and tomato sauce.


As always, cheese with chicken acts as “Sone pe suhaga”. Grilled with perfection and blended with chicken and cheese, this sandwich deserves a standing ovation. There were four sandwiches and believe me, a single sandwich is enough for a single individual but anyways, I have to give utmost respect to my designation of being a foodie, hence, I had these four grilled sandwiches, guiltlessly. Papaya Honey Smoothie, being a great accompaniment with the sandwiches, amazed me a lot. I was really awestruck that how this thing, which I hated the most, has become my hot favourite. It was surprisingly thick (which is not generally thick in many places in Dehradun) and they do “No-Kanjoosi” in adding appropriate amount of honey to make it a delectable choice for breakfast. Isn’t it a healthy and tasty choice? I am sure you’re gonna love it.

Fruit beer Kalsang Ama Cafe
Fruit beer
Molten cheese fries Kalsang
Molten cheese fries

Ama Café is one of the most versatile cafes I have ever come across the town. It not only excels in pampering you with excellent breakfast, lunch or dinner options but also sumptuous evening snacks. I have tried their Molten Cheese Fries with Fruit Beer and believe me, I wanna have those fries now, while I am writing about it. Every single fried potato acts as a succulent bite with three kinds of dips: The Spiced Mayo with Indian Masala, Rancher cheese and Arizona cheese. They seemed more like three divine mother Goddesses sitting on the rays of Sun. Oh yes! I have pretty good imagination skills. Lol. The fruit beer is not that appealing as it looks. I think, they need improvement in this one. It tastes more like “Appy” than a fruit beer.

Pizza Kalsang Ama Cafe Dehradun
Meat lover’s pizza
Chocolate doughnut donut Kalsang Ama Cafe
Chocolate doughnut

A pizza a day, keeps ailments away. Well, this is what I believe in: Certain junkies, which keep ailments away. Ever heard of any doctor saying this? Absolutely not! Coz it’s in my prescription. Ama café has assorted pizzas on its ala-carte menu. Their gourmet, hand-rolled, thin crust 12” love is enough to make your boring day, an interesting one. I had their special Ultimate Meat Lover’s Pizza. As an ardent lover of meat, I couldn’t resist myself, trying my hands on this one. You have all the three musketeers ready to satiate your hunger: Chicken, Bacon and Pepperoni. I also tried their Chocolate Doughnut and guess what, it was soft, sweet, chocolaty and delectable. What else do you need in your life when you already have such delish delicacies in life?


Banoffee Pie Kalsang Ama Cafe Dehradun

Banoffee Pie is a pretty celebrated dessert in Kalsang Ama Cafe. With good bounty of calories and zero apologies, this very English dessert pie has stupendous amount of banana, cream and toffee. The base has a generous layer of biscuit and butter. Overall, it was an amazing experience and will definitely suggest all to try it, once.


An overall rating for KALSANG AMA CAFÉ-
Ambience: 5/5
Hospitality: 5/5
Food: 5/5
Beverage: 4.5/5

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  1. Such a lovely review and posts are simply fabulous would like to be there 😍😍

  2. I just wish something like this opens in delhi .
    This is my favourite kind of cuisine and I love what they are serving
    Thanks for introducing . I’ll surely have a visit when I go

  3. That’s my favourite type of cuisine wish if I can get in my city too , but no worries visiting Dehradun soon ,will surely gonna visit this place

  4. Your pics show that the ambience is good and foods price are quite affordable. Specially the American breakfast platter! cheese omelette, Pancakes these are my all time favorite.

  5. Living in hostel makes us crave for some good food! Totally understand you! 😀
    This cafe and the food looks absolutely amazing!

  6. Yet to visit the place specially for the pancakes and the banoffee pie 😍
    Have heard alot about its desserts though the other food items have been reported with mixed reviews!

  7. That looks like one place you shouldn’t miss out on your Dehradun trip.
    Great food and lovely ambience makes it a beautiful combination.

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