Foodicted Fellow Food The Garage Dine-In, Ballupur, Dehradun

The Garage Dine-In, Ballupur, Dehradun


Garage dine in, Ballupur, Dehradun

A perfect day, sun-streaks peeping from the transparent window-panes, melodious yet, irritating sound of my neighbours and saliva dropping from my mighty tongue. Seems an imperfect day, right? Haha…. Yes, good guess! Its a Sunday, and as usual, this lazy fellow is yet again ready for his new food adventure.
Hence, I set out to fetch the cab, wearing my new jeans and a pink kurta. I landed at the Garage dine-in, which is situated in Ballupur (Dehradun). The interiors looked quite fascinating. It is like a revamped garage with beautiful posters as well as decor items hanging on the walls. The courteous staff members made me feel comfortable with their excellent service. The sofa made me relax with the wooden menu card, and I was surprised to see a great variety of delicacies.

What’s in the menu?

My starters included, Desi penne pasta and chicken burger. To be very honest, I am a fan of white sauce pasta and this one, grabbed my soul, indeed. The cheesy garlic bread proved itself as the best accompaniment ever. The chicken burger was served on a pan-shaped tray with lots of fries and dip. It was the best burger, I have ever had in my life, till now. The tender pieces of chicken, inside the soft and partly fried bun, had melt my heart indeed. I don’t know how I finished it in a minute or so.

And the main course too

After a five-mins break, I gorged on to have the main-course part. I ordered chicken chawal and raita. Believe me, at the very first sight, I fell in love with the smoke coming out of the rice. I must say, the presentation is something, that this eaterie boasts a lot. Perfectly garnished with saffron, herbs and other ingredients, this dish stood out. Oh yes! This was the very first time, when I gulped the whole of the raita. Surprisingly yes! Its true. They prepare everything, delicious. I went on to order, Tandoori Rotis, Dum ka Chaanp and Daaru wala meat curry, which were on my bucket list for several days.


Well, Dum ka chaanp is Mutton rack cooked in Dum with onion tomato and aromatic spices. This particular dish is, what my dad craves for, right after he arrives at Jolly Grant Airport. Daaru wala meat curry is, Bhuna style cooked mutton, infused with black rum. It tasted well, though the smell of rum didn’t make any clear difference.
A sweet ending is what my basic need is.

Sweety pie

The owner of this restaurant recommended me the innovative Garage flower pot. It looks just like soil kept inside a newly bought, flower-pot. Basically, it is a layered nutella cake and ice cream with oreo mud sprinkled on it. With cherries and tulsi leaves on the top, it looks like a cute flower-pot. It added as a pint of glam on the entire day. This is the best ever dessert I have ever had. Hats off! At last the journey ended with the Garage trio, which consists, one scoop of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, each with a waffle on the top.
Hence, the conclusion is, learn, how to wake up horribly and live your Sunday, greatly. Lol.

Garage dine in, Ballupur, Dehradun

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