Foodicted Fellow Food Moti Mahal Restaurant, Rajpur, Dehradun

Moti Mahal Restaurant, Rajpur, Dehradun


Moti Mahal Dehradun Rajpur Road

“The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.”
Well, there’s a mild difference between good food and excellent food. Situated in the heart of Rajpur Road, Moti Mahal serves THE MOST AUTHENTIC INDIAN CUISINE and of course, it is an excellent one.
The first time when I came in Dehradun with my parents, this place has become an eye-candy for our luncheon. The ambiance of this palace-like hotel gives you a feeling of utmost comfort and the staff! Oh, so courteous. They have a perfect knowledge of handling irritating customers like, my father. Hahahaha….

Moti mahal menu

We had Chicken cream soup to start our lunch. The blended cream increased our appetite even more. We ordered mutton seekh kebab and to my surprise I could see my dad drooling over it and going nuts as well haha…. I had to snatch some pieces from his plate else I would’ve missed my part! Sorry! I know I’m mean hahaha….
We had garlic naan and tandoori roti which were conventional as always. Chicken tikka masala and chicken butter masala were some of the dishes about which I really feel, “This restaurant’s gonna pull me for sure… hahaha”.


And here comes the showstopper, “Rara Mutton” which left us awestruck. It was sexy as hell…. Imagine a food to be sexy like that…hahaha…. the way they have spiced it up really makes you feel proud to be an Indian. So many spices mixed together in a single dish results a wonderful dish like, Rara Mutton. Showstopper was indeed, the sexiest.
We ended the lunch with two bars of chocolate ice-cream which whispered us to visit, yet again to the venue.

Moti Mahal Dehradun Rajpur Road
Delicious food

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